Homemade mosquito killer racket

How to Make Mosquito Killer Racket at Home – Step by Step Guide For 2020


Mosquitoes, this tiny blood-sucking insect that is hated by everyone. This insect is so irritating and also responsible for different life taking diseases. The itchy bumps that cause by the bites are sometimes allergic for some skin.

In summary, I hate mosquito. But the thing is, this irritating insect is tiny but comes to attack you in large number. From decades we, the people are inventing and applying so many kinds of the invention to eliminate this insect but all in vain. They adapt themselves to any situation.

Still, there are so many kinds of killer techniques to get rid of this flying insect. You can use sprays, coils and killer mats to kill the mosquito.

Maximum are chemical based and sorry to say they are not suitable for human health. There is one technique that doesn’t need any chemical; it is a mosquito-killing racket.

Here I will talk about how to make mosquito killer racket at home. Just follow the steps correctly and make a mosquito killer racket at home.

With this bat, you can kill the mosquito by electrocution them as the bat has the electric circuit. By this, you will not face any mess and health problem for any chemical related issue.

As this weapon comes in the form of a racket, you can fight with these insects playfully by swinging the racket and kill them by electrocuting them.

There are many kinds of mosquito killer racket in the market.  I am not going to tell about those; here I will show you the process of making one in the home.  It is not a complicated one, follow the process carefully.


The Things You Will Need To Make This Homemade Racket:

  • Toroid core
  • 2N3055 Transistor
  • 1000uf 25v capacitor
  • 1N4007 diode
  • 1.5v battery


You have to take a ferrite toroid core, and there are four cables in the toroid core. Join the two wires together with a soldering iron. By this, the wire will stick together. Then take the transistor and attach one cable end to the B port and the other cable end to the C port.

Remember all the attachment should be done with a soldering iron. Now take the diode and attach with the C port of the transistor. Attach one end of capacitor with E port of the transistor and other one with the diode.  

Take a battery, attach the joint toroid core end with the positive side of the cell and the negative side to the E port that is connected with a capacitor. Check the electric force with the multi meter machine and probe. 

If the reading is okay then your device is almost ready. Now take two net and attach red cable, orange cable and black cable on the nets. Now make a racket with plastic frames.

Attach the orange and black cable end together. Take the battery socket which has a pink color cable on the positive one and black wire on the negative side. Now attach the red wire with the toroid cables that are connected and the black cable with the transistor E port.

Now take the red cable from the net and connect it with the diode and capacitor joint. And join the both black and orange cable to the E port of the transistor. Your killer racket is ready to electrocute the mosquito.

Now give the killer racket an actual look. Take a pipe and cut it on one side to fit it through the net and plastic frame. Take pipe where you can put the circuits you made can be placed quickly.

Make a hole in the tube to install a switch that allows electricity to go on or off. Make sure to keep all the cables attached correctly and in place. Your mosquito killer racket is ready.

Benefits of Mosquito Killer Racket

  1.   The output electric power is low; it is not any harm to any pets or human body. But when the flying insect comes near the electrical contact, it gets killed.
  2. The mosquito killer racket has no poison, smell, or unsafe materials. It is entirely safe to use.
  3.  As it is similar to a tennis racket, you can carry it any place you want. Like camping, fishing or any outdoor activity.
  4.  This mosquito killer racket is safe; it leaves no mark or mess anywhere.

I think you are amazed that how to make mosquito killer racket at home is so easy. You have to make sure you have connected the wires correctly. When you are done with making this electric racket, now go and take care of those bloodsucker irritating insects.

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