How to Open a Four Digit Combination Lock – Step by Step Guide For 2021

A combination lock is a practical and smart way to keep your belongings secure in a security lock box or another kind of locker. Combination locks are usually used for gym, school, and library lockers or other varieties of purposes to securing items within your house.

Typically, most of the combination locks are designed to be three digits long, but there is some particular kind of combination locks who have four numbers.

It is usually done to make them more difficult to break it. You need to know all four digits to open the lock in order. It will be going to be very irritating if you ever lose the combination of the combination lock because you will be unable to gather access to your essential belongings. There are some different methods which you can try if you are not interested in cutting open the combination lock roughly.

Here in this content, we are giving you some practical steps which will be very much helpful to open a 4-digit combination lock without placing a code.

Make sure that these steps which have provided in this content should use only on your lock.  Strictly avoid following these steps to open locks which do not belongs to you.

You can follow two different methods to open a 4-digit combination lock.


Method 1: You Have to Crack The Code to Open The Lock.

Step 1:

You have to familiarize yourself with your require combination lock. A combination lock usually provides three main components. There is the U-shaped piece called shackle in the combination lock like all others which attached the central clamp to an object.

There is another portion called dial which contains the digits that turn. The other part of the lock is the body of it. If the compass of the bolt is facing you while you hold the combination lock with the shackle, it is confirm that the mechanism of the particular combination lock is designed on the left side of the restraint.

Step 2:

Practice the pressure of the lock. You need to pull up the bolt gently on the shackle of it if you are trying to find the required combination of the lock. Make sure to avoid too much pressure on the chain. It will be very much difficult even impossible to turn the lock dial if you give too much trouble on it.

On the other hand, too low pressure will also create problems. The compass will freely spin if you give too little pressure. For the perfect result, you must exert the ideal or gentle pressure to the shackle. You may need to practice it several times for the classic move.

Step 3:

You need to find the first number of the combination lock. Hold the shackle in the right place when you have done to pull up the restraint gently. Be aware when you are turning the dial or the compass clockwise.

You might hear a slide click of the lock. You can let up the lock smoothly by starting with a good deal of pressure on it as you spin it around. You have to continue it in only one place until you meet resistance.

If you are pulling the shackle too hard, the dial will catch every few numbers. On the other side, if you are not pulling the restraint enough, the compass will not catch any number at all. The dial should make a click by catching in only one right place.

Round up to the top higher number when the dial of the combination lock is between two numbers. It will happen if your lock click happens.If you get one number, add 5 to that and note down the number. You can allow it as the first number in the lock combination.

As your starting point, you can set the first number that you have found of the lock combination. It may be beneficial to reset the lock before doing this to spin the lock dial a few times.

Step 4:

To find the 2nd number you might need to turn the compass counterclockwise. Turn the lock dial slowly by maintaining perfect pressure on the restraint of the combination. Before reaching to the 2nd number of the mixture, you will need to pass all the way around the lock mechanism.

The lock will bump with the dial, and the dial will catch as your turn. The lock will remain stopped, or eventually, it will hit a point where it will face many difficulties to turn clockwise. You should carefully note this click point on the same paper as the second number of the combination.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to try the lock combinations. You can try every possible number combination as the useful method of finding the third number of the combination. If you are ready to unlock the combination, set the first two numbers which you have discovered last.

Then test every possible mixture by turning the compass very slowly in clockwise. There you also need to find the fourth number of the combination. You can apply the same method to find the fourth one. Try all possible combination to match the third and fourth number of your combination lock.

At this point, there should be more than eighty possible combinations. You do not need to reset the first two number which you have found already. What you need to do turn one number then tug. Until the lock open you need to repeat the whole process.

This method might be required quality amount of time, but it is also the easiest way to open the lock after finding first two numbers.

how to unlock 4 digit lock

Method 2: You Can Also Make a Shim Which Is Another Good Idea

Step 1:

Here you need to consider your combination lock. Though most of the newly designed combination locks are made with shim-proof technology by the manufacturers but is it still possible to cut them by following the shim method in some cases.

In the cases of old locks, this typical shim method will work like a miracle sometimes.

Step 2:

Check the whole locking mechanism to identify it. You need to be working and gather information about the place where the shackle locks to create and use the created shim properly. The hinge of the compass will not established anything properly as working on it.

If the dial of the lock is facing you while you hold the combination lock with the shackle, it is confirmed that the mechanism of the particular combination lock is designed on the left side of the shackle.

Step 3:

Choose a high-grade aluminum can and cut it down. You can choose a soda can for creating a shim by cutting it for yourself. To cut off the top of the soda can you can use scissors because it can give you the finest cut. Cut off the bottom of the can after down the length.

When you have done your cutting, you will find a leveled single piece of aluminum which is one of the parts of the body of your aluminum can. And now the only piece is a wide strip of metal.

Step 4:

Cut the strip of the aluminum can. If you want to cut the shorter side of the can material, you need to turn the aluminum strip horizontally.

This horizontal aluminum piece will be used to make the required shim to open the lock. Cut a little one-inch wide metal strip. Trim all the edges finely if you find them.


Step 5:

Make two incisions of the curve-shaped. Cut two curve shaped incisions by holding the small aluminum strip horizontally.  When you have done your cutting, the incision must resemble the letter U.

Place the U shaped incision as the center in the middle of your metal strip. Must avoid cutting the way to the top of the piece.

Step 6:

Now make two more diagonal incisions. Here you need to cut two more U shaped metal strips to make two diagonal incisions. You need to cut the quarter of an inch of the metal strip from the base of the U.

Remove the triangle of the can material to the insect with the top by cutting it diagonally upwards.

 The result of cutting of the metal strip will look like the letter M if you have done the perfect cutting. You can carefully point out the middle area of the M. This central area will be your required shim to unlock the combination.

Step 7:

Now fold the sides of the metal piece to make the handle of the shim. You need to make a little-curved handle to operate the shim. Turn the top of the strip for an eighth of an inch downward. Then carefully fold the sides or the edges of the metal strip so that you can find a perfect handle for your shim.

This folding will help you to find the handle of the shim very easily. And after that, your shim will be ready to operate to open the combination locks. Trim the edges of the metal handle carefully so that it could not harm your hands.

Step 8:

Now fold the metal shim gently around the lock shackle. Place the U shaped portion of the shim as it faces downward. As far as the shackle of the lock will go, press it up and hold the shackle with your finger. Let the shim work into the crack using your other hand between the lock and the restraint.

Step 9:

Now pop the combination lock. Use your one hand to pinch the shim. Press the shackle down with your other hand and then pull it up. If you have done this correctly, the lock combination should open.

These methods will help you to open the combination lock.

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