How To Pick Bike Lock – Here’s How You Pick!

Picking a bike lock is something you would do when you forget the combination of lock or have forgotten to bring your key with you. However, you should never do it for stealing it. I use the bike for moving, and it becomes very frustrating if I lose my keys.

Once I was in a rush and forgot keys, and from there, I learned the art of picking lock all by myself. This guide for picking the lock of a bike is informational and has been presented to you to assist you when you are in a problem. Each of the techniques works very smoothly, but before that, you need to look at other things as well.

Suppose, the hacking technique of combination lock and key lock are not same, and both require a different method. Most of the people ask me how easily they can open the key lock. Well, the hacking of a bike key lock is tough, and you need to know the proper technique for doing it efficiently. I realized most of our readers might looking for the best way of hacking the bike, and that is why I decided to come up with the best solution.

Types of Bike Locks

No matter what kind of lock of bike you are handling, we have covered you. From the oldlocks of the bikes to the latest combination bike, you will get the solution for each of them. As you already know that there are different types of locks for bikes. Most of the locks these days are dependent on the strength and thickness of the lock that secures the bike. However, no matter how strong your lock is, it is not unpickable. The owners of the bike are always worried about people stealing their bike by cutting the lock. Here are the types of locks that are available on the market for your bike.

Types of Bike Locks

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1. Combination lock:

This is the most used bike lock of this current time. Although there are many types of combination locks, these all work in the similar mechanical way. The most common one comes with the four-digit standard lock combination. Some of the locks come with numbers and some with letters. I have even some of both the numbers and letters. In addition to these, there are other cheaper locks which have three digits, whereas the expensive ones have five to six combination digits. No matter how many digits are there, most of them work in the same way. If you know how to deal with the cheap ones, you will be able to open the ones with 5 or 6 digits as well.


2. Key-based lock:

The lock that is most prone to picking is the key-based one because these ones are relatively inexpensive e for the people to buy. The key-based locks are small in size and if you know the right process then, you can open the lock in 3 minutes. In comparison to the padlocks, these are very easy to open. Most of the people, who complain about their lost bikes, use the key based locks.


3. The unpickable lock:

Well, this one is the best of all. No matter which bike you have, you should always choose this one. If you want your bike to be secure in every humanly way then this is the solution. However, it has some lacking as well and does not always protect your bike. These locks feature an inside mechanism that prevents the traditional way of lock picking. If you want to know the mystery of solving the unpickable lock then you have the details below.


Cracking the lock with the combination:

Like, I already said, this one is used mostly by the bike users, and it comes in the combination of a set of numbers of words. Here are a few steps which you need to follow to open the bike lock with the combination:

The step 1 is to set all the numbers of the lock #1

In step 2, give the lock a very hard tug on each of the sides at a time.

Then on step 3, you will get to see a gap in between the column and the hole. There will be agap if the number is right.

On step 4, now tug at the lock and check the first column if there is any gap. Do not stop turning the number and tugging at the same time to see the gap between the column 1 and 2. Once you pull, you will get the gap and the right number.

Later in step 5, move to the next number and keep repeating step 4 until you get the gap between the columns. So, if you have four rows then you have to do first for the column 1 and 2, then for 2 and 3 and lastly for 3 and 4.

On step 6, just keep rotating the lock and try to open it until and unless you have the rightnumber lined up.

This sounds a bit tough but, once you will do it, this is simple like a glass of water. I havepicked the lock of my combination key of the cycle a lot of times. This works the best when Iforget the combination of the lock. You can use this technique in case you have forgotten thecombination of the key lock.


How to pick the traditional key-based lock

The method is similar to most of the pin tumbler locks available. This is quite easy, andthose who steal bikes on a daily basis use this technique to take bikes from the stands.

On step 1, you need to insert the torsion wrench in the hole of the lock at the bottom.Then on step 2, you need another pin or wire that will on the top hole of the lock.

On step 3, you need to put maximum tension on the torsion wrench in the direction the lock turns.

On step 4, while doing this; rake the pick from the back of the key lock to the front On step 5, keep repeating the step 4 until the lock of the bike opens.

This process is very easy and has been followed for many years by the successful opening ofthe key based locks. If you are someone who is looking for a way to open such locks, thenthis method can be applied to any lock system. All you need is to know the right time anddirection.


Picking of the unpickable lock:

Trust me; this is the hardest one. But, if you have the right tool, then it is the easiest to pickthe unpickable lock. This is very funny that with the appropriate usage of the tools you canor pick any unpickable lock. Let’s see how much safe you are while using these locks on your bikes. Tools that you are going to need: Bump key and hard fist size object Surprise much? Well, don’t be. 

You might be wondering how they actually open the popular unpickable. So, here is it. This is how the locked is opened.

On step 1, you need to insert the bump key on the hole of the lock. Then, on step 2, take the hard-fisted sized object and with it hit the bump key in the direction of the key in the lock and you are done. If you have done the [process right, then the cylinder will turn, and the lock will open in a few seconds. Was it too hard? Was it stressful? Nope. It was easier than the other two on this least, while the other two needs a lot of practice, but you can do it without any problem.


Some pro tips:

1. Do not use the upper given techniques in harming other because karma is there and the same thing can happen to you. This article is solely for those who need assistance in picking their own bike lock in case of leaving the key behind.

2. Do not rush, take your time and do it with proper care. It will not happen for the first time, and that’s why you need to be patient.

3. You need to be careful with the tools that you are using for opening the locks because you might get hurt while using them to open the bike lock.

Are you safe?

Now the question of the century, are you safe with any of these popular locks? Is your bike safe on the road? Well, nope. All the locks are breakable, and people can steal in even matter of seconds. These techniques are quite simple to master. 

But, the good thing is, from now on if you ever get your bike locked or face any problem you know what to do. You do not even need any lock opening company to help you in opening the locks for you. You are enough for yourself.

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