Step By Step Guide For How To Reset A Bike Lock With Letters In 2021

WordLock maintains the top standard of security for commercial and personal locks, without requiring any arbitrary number or key combinations. Generally, the process of WordLock is that it uses the natural preference for the alphabet and keyboard of your memory.

It changes your own combination and allows you to set your own key according to your choice of thousands of letter and word combinations. You can easily choose one keyword for your comfort.

Traditional locks generally want the setting of some confusing sentences of arbitrary numbers which you have to remind every time. They also require keys most of the time.

Thanks to WordLock for bringing new technologic lock system which can easily save our time in an advanced and automated way. Creativity, security, and usability come together in one package of WordLock bike locks, padlocks, cable lock and travel locks.

Now people generally set their bike locks with letters with the help of Wordlock technology. Resetting your bike lock with letters may have many steps which you need to follow. This content will describe you the steps about how to reset a bike lock with letters.

It will also bring you to some meaningful discussions about resetting your bike lock with the help of Wordlock.

The setting of a bike lock combination:

A bike lock is a thing of peace and freedom of mind for the bike riders when they leave their bikes for a while from them. Combination bike locks don’t require any keys to keep up with, and also they are very much easy to use.


As they only need a word or some letters which are stuck just in your mind, so the possibility to unlock the lock without you is probably zero.

It is possible that you are pissed off from the same lock combination for a while, or you have bought a new lock, and you need to set your personal letter combination which will be uncommon to the buyer, then you need to reset your word lock combination.

Resetting the bike lock is effortless.  To set a bike lock combination with the help of wordlock or with letters you should have to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Release the cable to unlock

First, you need to check the lock housing and need to release the cable so that you can able to unlock and reset the cable with the current key or letter combination. The present letter combination can be in two different forms. It can be the specific combination that you set for yourself.

Or there can be another combination which is designed by the factory and which will come with the original packaging of the product. You can easily unlock the previous combination and reset a very new combination according to your comfort.

Step 2: Determine the equipment

Make sure whether a reset tool will need your lock or whether the lock that you have chosen will be equipped with a reset lever. There is a small lever location which usually called reset lever which located next to the dials.

A reset tool will come with your lock package. This tool will be valid for you if ever you fail to manage the lever. Try to be determined the equipment of the certain lock that you are going to set to keep your bike secure.


Step 3: Check out the reset lever to unlock the current lock

You might need to reset the lever down so that you can able to turn the lock head and flat against it. Check out if you find a reset tool with your lock package. This additional reset tool is very much crucial for setting up the lock once again.

Insert the extra reset tool which you have purchased with your letter lock. Put the reset tool in the corresponding holes of the lever to unlock the current lock.

You might have to push the reset tool into the hole until you hear a noise of unlocking or clicking the lock. Once you hear the clicking notice, you can unlock the previous common lock and can go through the step to set the new lock according to your mind.


Step 4: Set the four- digit combination code

Now it is the certain time to rote the dials according to your choice. It must be the most enjoyable part from through the beginning because you are now just into the main part of your task. You need to set a new four digit set of combination. Make sure that the number should be simple to remember to you which you are going to set the upcoming lock key for your bike.

Though you can select a tricky code for better security, it will also provide difficulties to you as you can also forget that uncommon one. So choose a specific code which will be familiar to you and much more hard to others.


Step 5: Remove the reset tool after setting up the combination

When you finish the task to set the combinational code for your lock, remove the reset tool. You can also flip the reset lever to the actual position that it belongs to. Take the lock cable to re-insert it back into the specific housing of the lock. Make sure to secure the lock by turning the dials. It will also help to ensure the lock by scrambling the digit combinations.

Once you turn over the lock cable into the original housing of the lock when you are done with your work. Your combinational digits will remain secure in you. These technologies can help you effectively about removing the old code of your bike lock and setting up the new one according to your demand.

To Unlock:
  • Select the 4- digit combinational key which you have chosen personally and then turn the dial into it.
  • Check out the lock housing which you have purchased and pull the lock cable out from the housing.
  • Always check the reset lever of the current lock digit which came from the factory.
To Lock:
  • Again select the 4- digit combinational key which you have chosen personally and then turn the dial into it.
  • Check out the lock housing which you have purchased and then insert the lock cable out from the house.
  • To keep your lock secure, must turn the lock dials to scramble the numbers.

There are many other locks are available on the market to keep secure your bike. Among them, Kryptonite locks are remaining best for your bikes. After the word locks, these kryptonite locks can provide you better performance from all the other locks to give your bikes the best security and protection.

There are many reasons that many people use these kryptonite locks which is also called the U- shaped lock. These locks are mostly made of thick metal which is very much tough to cut through for thieves.

To make sure about the correctness of the kryptonite brand U lock that you have purchased, you first need to take some precautions. These precautions are including placing the U-lock in the accurate placement and also choosing the best location for it on your bike.

Setting up the kryptonite locks for your bike:


  • Take the help of the chainring and then lean your bike against the pole wherever you want to park it on the outside.
  • Try to pull up the quick- release lever of your bike lock by touching the axel of the front wheel. If you want to loosen the wheel from the perfect frame, you have to flip the wheel to the opposite side from the starting point of the wheel. It will be more accessible to you from pulling the wheel up to change the lever. You can quickly lose the wheel from the accurate point of the frame.
  • Follow the back wheel and now set the front wheel leaning against it. Make sure to avoid any loop while placing the front wheel.
  • You need to slide the key of your lock into U lock. Then hold the crossbar by turning the key. Until the portion of the U lock released, pull the U portion of the lock to the right and left and away from the locking crossbar.
  • Check the vertical portion of the frame which is under the seat and then slides the specific U portion of your lock around it. Slide the U portion around both tires of the wheels after sliding it around the lock pole. To get the tires into the right part in which both tires fit into the lock, you may need to lose the front tires by moving it around.
  • You have to take the U shaped portion of your bike lock and slide the crossbar of the U lock into the angled post. Allow the side to fall in vertically and to slide in horizontally the rest of the way. Pay your attention to the snap shut for the lock. To make sure about the secured tightness of the U portion, just pull the U-shaped portion correctly.


Taking care of your bike is essential, but also it is vital to secure your bike from being stolen. Choosing a perfect lock for your bike can give it better security and save it from the harmful situation. The resettable word locks are super easy to use, and it manages the task to lock your bike very quickly and easily. This content will be beneficial to you to reset the word lock of your bike.

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