How to Set Up a Trampoline?

Funny incidents happen randomly, and it doesn’t happen by telling you. Well folks today, I will share with you a funny story. It was a warm summer of 2002.

Some of the cousins of mine and I went to our farmhouse to spend our summer holiday. We were setting up our house together. One of my elder cousins was setting up the trampoline.

He was working and saying us that any structure needs a strong base to hold that. After sometimes he finished the setup and jumped on it to test the trampoline.

However, at the first attempt, he felt with the entire trampoline, funny enough huh!

Actually, at first, you need to have proper knowledge about something to set up. Without an adequate guideline, it is impossible to set anything.

Suppose you want to set up the trampoline for your children and if you don’t have the knowledge to do that, you surely will mess up. Maybe your children will hurt themselves during playing on it.

Today, I will tell you about the setting up a trampoline step by step. After going along with this article, you will gain sufficient knowledge of how to set the trampoline up properly.

Safety First

For completing any task, you need to take some kinds of precaution. Like other jobs set up a trampoline is not an exception to accept the caution. Always, you should take some of the necessary warnings.


To set up a trampoline, you need unbuttoned space. So you need to go outside your house. You will be in the world of a bug in the outside of your home.

So a bug spray is must required thing around you for safety reason. Inevitably you don’t want to be attacked by the bloody bug of your lawn.

In my opinion, you always need to keep a first aid box near you during any task. It seems anything possibly can beat hack out of you anytime. It is possible you might injure or hurt yourself.

Just think, what could happen if you would scratch a mark on your hand. A first aid box kit can make a bandage on it quickly.

It can stop blood spilling immediately to save our hand from getting an infection from any germ attack.

A painkilling spray of your first aid box can reduce your pain immediately. So in various short kinds of kit from the fir aid box can anytime make a move to save your fatality.

So always keep one with you anytime you want to handle a new project like setting up a trampoline.

OK, enough of safety precaution. Let’s hop on to the action. Step by step I will tour you to the path of how to set up a trampoline. So let’s face the challenge.

Here is The Thing You Need First Place to Set Up a Trampoline

Again the safety is behind us, sorry we cannot fall the safety behind from us now. Still, we need to give our hand extra protection by wearing a glove on it.

The gloves can save your hand before any further incident happens with your hand.


It is not only some bug spray and gloves will protect you from any incident. You should wear a boot. A boot can save your feet from any heavy metal falling on to your feet.

You should wear jeans and full sleeve shirt to protect your whole body. I swear on a trampoline that’s enough of precaution.

  • From the toolbox, we need a screwdriver first for tightening the screws.
  • A wrench needs to tighten the bolt and nuts.
  • Knob stick made from rubber for striking.

Check Out the Box of Trampoline

At first, you should check and double check for the equipment you need for completing a job. It could be any job when you should check them.

It may be possible in the middle of any task you may realize that you are missing any parts you need for your work. So don’t be lazy to check the instrument again and again before starting the job.

Most of the trampoline comes in multiple boxes. So make sure, you have checked them all. When you are sure to have every part in the box, now place them on the ground randomly.

Bars, legs, jump pads, springs are the most critical parts of the trampoline so double check them to make sure that any of them is not missing from the boxes.

After checking the parts, now you can jump to the next steps of setting up the trampoline.

Read The Manual Of How to Set Up a Trampoline

You may follow that there is always a user guide with any gadget. You can find the user manual of the how to set up a trampoline in any of the boxes. Usually, a user manual is the paper made book with the instruction. 

Though I will help you to set up a trampoline in this article, I will recommend you first to read the user guide carefully.

You can find some details information in the manual book. You will find something new and necessary on the instruction book.

Start With the Frame

Generally, you need two or more men to set up a trampoline. However, you might face trouble to find more men for help. It is difficult to set the trampoline up for a single person, but it is not entirely impossible.


You may have to do more work alone for setting up the trampoline by yourself own. However, don’t be worry I will tell you the easiest way to do it.

Just chill with the headphone of your iPod in your ear and beat it up and follow me.

The shape of the frame of your trampoline depends on the trampoline you are having. It could be round, square, oval or other shapes. Just like the instruction says to link the base pipe of your trampoline.

Put the pipe according to their position and tight them using a screw. Don’t let the pipes loose. Always make them tight to make reliable. This frame will work as the base of your trampoline.

Moreover, a strong support system is essential for any construction work. So the frame of the trampoline needs to be sturdy. I know you don’t want to see your children falling by breaking the trampoline frame.

Insert the Spring

Here is the most challenging part comes in front of you. Installing the spring to the frame and attach to them with the trampoline clothing is the most challenging task in the entire process. For this time I recommended you, two people, to do this task.


You can hear of some different method of installing the spring of the trampoline. Some might recommend you the clockwise or anti-clockwise installation of the spring. Sometimes it could be difficult for you to understand.

So I have researched to make a solution to that problem. Just take the springs and attach them all to the frame. Oh! Sorry to forget one thing; wear gloves while installing the springs. The extreme sharp end of the spring can hurt your finger.

However, now take the mat of the trampoline and attach the separate spring with the hole of the trampoline. Don’t do hurry to connect them.

At first, attach one side of the mat to the frame. Make sure gradually you would have finished all the attachment.

You are pretty much done now for setting up the trampoline of your children’s dream. Now you can let your children jump on the trampoline.

Time to Install Spring Protector and Protection Net

The spring protector is one of the vital instrument uses to protect your skin scratching from the sharp spring end. Eventually, all the companies use the same kinds of rubber as the spring protector.

I think you have finished reading your manual book, so install the protective rubber pad as the manual book says.

Don’t forget to tie the pad after every 23- inches with the frame to stable them on their position.

Occasionally, your trampoline can throw you down to the ground. You can sometimes see the trampoline can throw your children on the sharp object or hard ground.

So, you don’t want to see this incident. After considering these facts, a safety net is must for a trampoline to keep you and your family safe.

Just install the net around the pipe, and pretty much you are done with setting up a trampoline.


With the help of the article now you can install the trampoline. So set the trampoline up of your children’s fancy. If you wish, you can also go to your childhood by jumping on it.

Do whatever you want with the installed trampoline. Just remember the last thing, always read the instruction book carefully and take the precaution to be safe.

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