How to Trap Mosquitoes In The House?

​Ever thought of intentionally trapping mosquitos in the house, rather than desperately trying to get rid of them? Well, the idea itself is fairly unique on its own and fetches rave benefits.

Mosquitos are a constant menace in our day-to-day lives due to the fact that they are dangerous to our health (well, at least some of them are), they cause itchiness and temporary rashes on the skin after a quick blood-suction session, and they are a cause of constant irritation.

Many products starting with the likes of mosquito repellants in the form of creams and ointments, to electrical devices, are in use in most homes.

However, this here is a review of ways regarding the attraction and eventual entrapment of these little insects, rather than repelling them off.

Mosquitoes Bite People

The key focus here is to provide notions that involve the use of electronic devices, but that does not exclude ointments and other more traditional and mundane methods, such as merely snapping at the mosquitos.

Provided the fact that, these devices are more or less of a similar nature, and are bound to home environments, rather than being able to be carried while on the go. You set these up, and wait for the device to work its magic.

Finally, before going into a full-scale review of the methods to utilize them, it is to be noted that the efficiency of usage of all these devices and methods will eventually be determined based on the user and the environment they are being used in.

Lesser efficient ways with a highly reasonable cost of setting up might end up higher in the rank, but may not be very useful in places which are absolutely buzzing with mosquitos. It all depends on the environment, usage, and expectation of the users.

Here Is The Techniques Of How To Trap Mosquitoes In The House

  • The normal use of bare hands.
  • Homemade DIY appliances.
  • Mosquito sprays and creams.
  • Destroying the habitats.
  • The supreme power of electronic appliances.

The use of bare hands

Since ancient times, the one quick reaction to the low humming of a mosquito nearby is to have a quick, breakneck snap at it. This is, by far, the most inefficient form of mosquito entrapment, and the mosquito usually escapes the onslaught and becomes twice as cautious.

Even in the event of a successful slap, an unhygienic situation persists, as the washing of the hands becomes a necessity.

However, if rubber gloves are worn, such an issue may be avoided; although it is a concern if the mosquito will allow that much of a time for the gloves to be worn.

The use of plastic brooms or simply books may also be advised. Although these do increase the likelihood of the mosquito to be killed, the efficiency is still stuck at a low point; so is the hygiene.

In such cases, all we can advise increasing the efficiency is to be more creative. Try taking a longer object. Rather than using a book, try using a rolled-up newspaper.

This increases the leverage and the power of the snap, which makes it difficult for the mosquito to fly away. Furthermore, wait for the mosquito to land on a surface.

Swiping at an airborne insect is far more error-prone and inaccurate than a stagnant one; especially on contrasting surfaces.

All in all, although these mundane methods are arguably the least efficient, they are absolutely of no cost and available at all times.

Homemade DIY appliances

A great variety of homemade mosquito traps and repellants are feasible to create. The best feature of these appliances is undoubtedly the low cost, the joy of execution and the relatively high efficiency.

The only requirement is the ability to create some of the fun equipment required for the appliance to work.

One such appliance is the bottle trap. All you need is a plastic, renewable, bottle (maybe a 1 liter Coca-Cola bottle), some brown sugar, a little amount of yeast, and about a cupful of water.

To begin with, cut the bottle in half; an exact half is not necessary, but do not throw away any of the pieces, apart from the cork maybe.

Mix some brown sugar in hot water, and let the solution cool down. Pour the mixture in the bottom half of the now split bottle.

Add the yeast to the solution. The idea is to create carbon dioxide, which is the attractant for the mosquitos. It is to be noted that any other source of carbon dioxide is also perfectly practicable.

We can recommend dry ice, which in this would not require you to wait for the solution to cool down, but a straight addition to the warm mixture will force it to lose the heat.

As for the alternatives to the brown sugar, any amongst the likes of balsamic vinegar, flat soda, fruit juice, wine or beer may be used.

In anyways, the creation of carbon dioxide is the principal aim here. The funnel, or the top half, of the bottle, should now be placed into the other half containing the solution.

You might wish to tape these up, but that is entirely a personal choice. Finally, wrap the equipment in something opaque, and you are good to go. Place it anywhere you feel mosquitos are at their peak availability and see what happens. 

This is an extremely low cost, low hassle, and smart solution to the mosquito problem, and it is entirely free of cost, other than the cost of purchasing the bottle of cola maybe.

We do recommend that you change the solution every week, as it would swarm with dead mosquitos within a very short span of time.

Mosquito sprays and creams

Any form of medicinal solutions to real-life problems are the most welcome by the masses. A prescribed medicine is wholeheartedly accepted compared to herbal ointments.

Such is the case even in this situation. A number of greatly effective creams are available in the markets worldwide. The mechanism is as simple as it gets.

Mosquitos recognize human beings distinctly by the scent emitted by their bodies. All the creams do is to put that undercover.

Upon usage, the odor is masked, and mosquitos fail to recognize the smell and do not come close.

This is a staggering protection from mosquito bites, as it hypothetically makes the person invisible to these bugs.

We can recommend any top brands would be brilliant in repelling mosquitos and are available in most outlets. Additionally, high-quality sprays are equally valid, although in a very different way.

What these sprays do is, they kill off any such bugs within their radii in a concise time. And although these are adequate solutions, the downsides are pretty heavy as well.

These sprays are not always very healthy, and sprayers usually have to leave the spot once the spraying has been implemented.

Our recommendation would be to check the dates, manufacturers and the governing bodies at work to clarify if the product is safe to use amongst homes and families without grave life risks. 

The same precautions should be taken when applying the aforementioned creams, as although they are manufactured in a way that will not irritate the skin, you never know what little ingredients you may be allergic to.

Our group is always focused on recommending you the best possible solutions to any problems you face with absolutely minimal damage to health and finance.

Mosquito sprays and creams

Destroying the habitats

The most difficult, yet probably the most efficient, the solution to the mosquito problem might be to kill off their roots. If a problem arises, be it any random problem, our sole focus is always to clear it out from the root level.

A similar solution might be derived even in this case. We all know mosquitos emerge from damp places containing still water for a considerable amount of time.

Take steps to locate and either empty those places or merely treat and purify the water to eradicate the existence of the pesky little bugs.

Mosquitos lay incredible amount of eggs in such places; and although a tiny amount of these get to live and irritate, it is still a staggering number. 

Washing those places greatly reduces the number of mosquitos available, say, in your backyard. As for what we mean when we say “treat” the stagnant water, we basically mean adding chemicals to it.

Any form of insecticide should do the trick; even the sprays mentioned in the point above. Again, health hazards should strictly be avoided, and we would recommend keeping children away while in the groove of treating the puddles.

Using electronic appliances

And finally, we come down to the most powerful solution in this series of solutions: electronic appliances. After a torrent of reviews and recommendations, we give you the final piece of advice: why go through the hassle of creating DIY instruments, or maybe cleaning the backyard pool now and then, when you can purchase immensely dominant equipment and sleep in peace.


An array of mosquito traps and repellants are available in the market that is easy to set up, easy to carry, and greatly efficient. To name a few, the Flowtron FC-8800, the Flowtron PV-440, the Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger, the Flowtron BK-40D, the Mosquito Magnet MM4100, etc. are all great appliances that can be purchased from shops or online with a reasonable price.

The mechanism in most of these is almost identical to the DIY equipment we recommended earlier in this article, as these too emit carbon dioxide to attract these insects. It is to be mentioned, the specifics of each equipment might vary from one another, but at the end of the day, the eventual result is expected to be similar.

It should also be noted that safety of the usage of these devices are beyond any form of doubt, as these are engineered as not to harm even bugs like bees or moths, so the instance of these harming live human beings or pets are far-fetched. Keep in mind, the choosing of a particular device, again, falls under the choice of specific users. We only recommend the safety and efficiency of the devices.

Final Verdict

The BOTTOM LINE of this article is relatively simple. All we did was to try and get you the form of information regarding this current household issue that persists in most homes worldwide. The aim was to merely point out the wide range of solutions available to this enigma.

Amongst all the proposed solutions, we mentioned the effectiveness, the potential side effects associated, and also the ways to avoid such situations. We are only trying to cause awareness. 

At the end of the day, it is up to the user to choose and decide which path to choose, and what efficiency to extract.

Potentially lethal mosquitos can be of immense harm to innocent lives; we wish to inform the masses that that should not be the case, with all these easily attainable solutions close at hand.

Please give feedback if this post “How To Trap Mosquitoes In The House” help you.

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