How to Use a Camping Stove?

Even for the easiest thing on earth that can be done, you must have some knowledge about how to do it. We all love to spend some time with our family and friends in some nice and beautiful place, fill with trees and flowers, somewhere in the mountains, where the air is fresh, where you can have some fun, maybe do some sports and such similar activities, or just lay down and relax, feel the good vibe from the mother earth and enjoy the life.

That is the best way to escape from the boring and rushing everyday life, where all you do is work and care for every little thing. Leaving your home and taking some vacation has been the most beautiful thing since forever.

Going in the nature for a few days is so refreshing and will help to get rid of daily routine life, your attitude and your mood. Camping is one of those activities that gives the needed “food” and energy to your spirit.

How to use a camping stove?

In this stressful times where we live, it is very important to have the opportunity to leave the home for a few days, go camping with the people you love and give yourself the rest that you need.

Although it is a nice and cheerful thing to do, still there are some preparations that have to be done, so that you will be feeling good and safe all the time while you stay there.

You will have to bring some supplies and equipment so that there will not be any problem or unexpected issue.

The best thing to do the preparations is to make a list of the basic thing that you know that you will need.

There are some essentials that you must bring with yourself, no matter how much days you are planning to stay abroad.

If you go for a longer period of time, you will need the same thing as if you were going for the short period of time, only the amount of the essentials will be bigger.

So, if you made that list and took all the things that you will need while you are away from home, you are all packed, then you must think that you are 1 hundred percent ready to start your journey. But there is just one little thing.

Do you know how to use all of the items that you will need? Would you like to eat a nice and warm meal in the nature?

Maybe cook some soup or tea or coffee? You surely took a camping stove, but do you know how to use it properly?


How to use a camping stove?

In the right and proper way so that you will not have some trouble times or unexpected injuries. First thing you need to know about the camping stoves is that they come in a several of sizes and forms, they look like they do not have similarities, but the reality is that they work with the same method.

The only camping stove that maybe working different or let us say – more manual – is the homemade one. It is an undeveloped version of the modern camping stoves that is very useful if you do not have an original one.

Why is it important to know how to use it? Because it works with gasses and flames, and only a small carelessness can be really harmful and can make a huge damage. Knowing this can protect you and your closest friends or family.


First Step

The first step is preparing the cylinder of fuel. It is the place where fuel should be placed. Make sure that the regulator knobs of the cylinder with the fuel are off. Also, the other knobs that has to be in off position are the burner control knobs.

On the gas stove there should be a regulator valve attachment where you should place and attach the cylinder with the fuel. There are some stoves where these two come to one piece so you will not have to do the attaching part.

Anyway, once you attach them, make sure that the cylinder is upright. By hand – tightening, you should attach the other part of the regulator valve assembly. Its end should be also attached to the stove.

Second Step

In this step you will learn the most interesting tip about camping stoves. Just continue reading. So, the first thing you need to do in this step is checking the gas leak.

Check again and make sure that the burner control and the regulator knobs are in the position off.

Then, check if the regulator attachment and the fuel cylinder are good secured to the gas stove.

Here is the fun part. Now, you will have to make a mixture of a liquid dish-washing (one part) and some water (three parts).

This mixture you will have to apply to the stove and cylinder fittings, also along the attachment. The mixture should be soapy.

After you are done doing that, you will have to open the regulator valve in the opposite direction of the clockwise, you should do the turning two times.

You are doing this to check if there are any bubbles at both of the ends of the hose. But be careful, the gas should not be left linger that ten seconds.

So, if there are any bubbles, you should turn the regulator knob to its off position and again tighten the connections. Retest the bubble thing and repeat the whole process until you are a hundred percent sire that these connections are secure.

When you make these few things from the first and second step and you ensured yourself that everything is prepared to be used, you should move on to the next step.

Third Step

Lighting the gas stove. This is the easiest thing to be done, but for this one you will have to be the most careful.

So, just take the lighter, place it near the fireplace after you are done with the opening the regulator knob really slowly to the cylinder with fuel. This should be turned once or twice. Once you ignite the gas, take the regulator knob to adjust.

How to use a camping stove 2

Forth Step

Finally, the last step that is the most wanted and that gives the whole meaning of everything written till now. Cooking the food on the camping stove. If you know how to cook, you will really quickly get used to the new alternative stove.

This stove can provide the amount of heat that provides a gas kitchen stove. A stove such as 2 – burner stove is one of the best because it can allow you to cook not only one, but two meals. So you can have two traditional meal.

In this step, you will just have to place the pot on the camping stove, get all the ingredients that you will need to make your meal, adjust the heat and start with the cooking.

One thing you have to remember that the fuel from this stove is burning quicker that from the regular one.

So make sure to take another back – up container of propane, if you are planning to stay longer or just want to use the camping stove more often than you usually do.


Even now you can say that you are well prepared and equipped to go camping. It sounds like a great idea every time, nothing more beautiful and good for your health than going outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, catching the fresh air.

Everything is great, but you really need to take some advices and learn some tricks and tips about everything that you are planning to do while you are out of home.

You must not leave it to the coincidence. Knowing how to use the camping stove is one of the essentials, it seem really simple but if something go wrong, the consequences could be catastrophic.

We hope that this article was useful and also, that you will really follow these few steps of how to use it in the proper way. That will help you and the people who are with you to be safe.

Also, knowing how to use it will keep safe the environment too. Making a mistake is not allowed that is why you have to be just a little more careful and everything will be fine and you will have the best time.

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