How to Use Fire Pit Under Gazebo or Pergola -Safety Tips

If you are wondering about the safety of using a fire pit under a gazebo or pergola, this article will provide detailed instructions. Wood burning fire pits are not recommended to operate under a gazebo or pergola, while a propane gas fire pit or natural gas fire pit will be a perfect choice.


Yes, you can use any fire pit under a gazebo or pergola; however, a wood-burning fire is not recommended to operate under a gazebo. In addition, a gazebo or pergola tends to have a shade on the top, which will block the passage of smoke and lead to disaster situations. Therefore, a propane fire pit is the most suitable type under a gazebo.

Can you use/enjoy a fire pit under a pergola?

You can use or enjoy a fire pit under a pergola by maintaining proper safety instructions and other factors. Unlike gazebos, pergolas tend to be quite well ventilated and made of wood often, so avoiding a wood-burning fire pit is better. A propane fire pit is recommended as it is portable, well controlled, and very easy to control


Is it safe to enjoy the fire pit on a covered patio?

A fire pit can be used under a covered patio. However, a wood-burning fire pit can not be used under a covered patio. A wood-burning fire pit produces toxic smoke, which may create health problems. A propane gas fire pit is more suitable for an enclosed space, but maintaining low heat is a safer option.

It would be best to take safety measurements for a covered patio, whether a propane fire pit or natural gas fire pit.

We have covered a detailed article on this topic here.

How to Have a Firepit in a Gazebo or Pergola?


For having a fire pit in the gazebo or pergola, you must check the city regulations; a portable propane fire pit can be used by placing it in the center place. Remember to put it by maintaining a minimum 10 feet distance from any flammable structure. As a gazebo or pergola is covered on top, ventilation is necessary for safety purposes. So, to install a fire pit in a gazebo or pergola, you must ensure good ventilation and keep fire extinguishers, water, sand, etc., nearby. Also, using a smoke screen for wood-burning fires is a must.

Safety Tips to Use a Fire Pit Under a Gazebo or Pergola

Here are some tips to keep your fire pit safe under a gazebo or pergola

  1. Keep a fire extinguisher, sand, water, etc. nearby
  2. Keep children away from the fire area
  3. Always pay attention to the fire, do not leave the fire when it is sending embers.
  4. Check the city regulations regarding using the fire pits.
  5. Do not place the fire pit near tree branches or flammable substances.
  6. Put your fire pit on a level and surface level.
  7. Use a fire screen; if you use a wood-burning fire pit.

FAQ Section:

How much is overhead clearance needed for establishing a fire pit?

For a fire pit, you need a 21 feet clearance from the wall, room, flammable substance, overhanging branches, etc. 21 feet is a standard clearance for many states; however, you should check your city regulations.

How much closer can a fire pit be to a pergola?

The standard clearance is 10 feet away from a fire pit to a pergola. However, if the minimum clearance distance is unavailable, try changing the pergola pillar’s position.

Can you put a fire pit under a hard-top gazebo?

No, because a hard-top gazebo is very dangerous to have a fire pit. A hard-top pavilion has a solid top, which lacks sound- ventilation. And without proper ventilation, a fire pit can not be used, which may lead to a fire disaster.

Final Verdict:

A propane fire pit is recommended if you prefer to enjoy a warm fire under a gazebo or pergola. Also, portable fire pits are a good option in case of enjoying a warm evening in a gazebo. However, safety measures and proper ventilation must be ensured in case of using a fire pit under a gazebo or pergola.


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