How to use foam roller for back?

How To Use Foam Roller For Back – Step By Step Guide For 2020


Are you one of those people who constantly feel pain in the back? It is really exhausting to live like that, feeling aches all the time and not be able to get a good sleep because you can’t take the best position for your back and still, because of that you will feel that pain in the future. It is like going around in a circle, the first issue depends on the second that depends on the first… And that can never end.

It is tiring, draining and devastating.  Have you tried to find the best solution? Of course you did. You are the one that suffers that pain and you probably tried everything to help yourself and feel relieved from the back aches.

There are a tons of ways that is believed that could help you, but you have to be honest and admit that none of them worked for you. Tried going to a massage? This could be really helpful, but there is one problem.

You have to find someone to do the massage who is a professional and will do it in the proper way, otherwise it can make your condition even worse. There are many cases where people give their trust to unprofessional people who do massages and had some side effects like feeling more pain, sore muscles, etc.

What should you do to help yourself? Well, there is one more thing that you should try and this would be the least because it is a problem solver. It is called a foam roller. It can help you only if you exercise with it and if you are kind of physical active person.

It is a device that helps your muscles feel better, not in the moment or temporary, but for a longer period of time. It can be in different shapes and sizes and in variety of textures. The process of foam rolling is also called myofascial release.

If you continue to use the foam roller or better, it will change your life because you will not fell that pain anymore. It is revolutionary, having it is a must. Also, rolling it is a must. 

How To Use a Massage Roller

Here is the explanation: All the muscles in the body are connected by a fascia, which surrounds the tissue, nerves, organs and all other structures in the body.

But fascia can become unhealthy by overuse, injury or even by everyday repetitive movements. Foam rolling serves to keep the fascia healthy by circulating fresh oxygenated blood through it. The healthier the fascia, the better you move. 

Ultimately foam roller can help you diminish aches and pains, increase flexibility, increase range of motion enhance performance, accelerate recovery whether you are a weekend warrior, an endurance athlete or simply looking to alleviate the wear and tear of everyday living – you will benefit from foam rolling.

This is the most affordable way to give yourself a massage that is a deep tissue. By only rolling the foam roller over different areas of your body, you will help yourself with breaking up adhesion and other scar tissues. So this roller is also helpful with faster healing if you have any kind of injury and also will make your recovery process quicker, after you do the work out.

How do you use the foam roller for back

You just lay down and roll, as easy as it sounds. So, take your foam roller and the first step, as we said is to lay down with your back on the floor. You foam roller should be placed under your upper back and your arms should be in front of you in a crossed position.


That will help protect your shoulder blades. Next step is raising the hips which will lead to placing all of your body weight onto the foam roller. Start making motions like back and forth, rolling the foam roller helping your raised hips.

Continue with this movement from the upper to the mid back.In general, that is it. But to do it as it should, we will give you a more detailed explanation.

So, to be more precise, here are some useful steps that you will need to follow, so that you work out be successful and properly done. Foam rolling does not need to be complicated or elaborate.

In fact, it can be as easy as one, two and three. Remembering that will help you a lot in the beginning of your workout.


ONE minute is better than none. Simply taking the time to address one area for one minute will improve your movement and it is better than not rolling at all. That is why you should start do it today, it will take you one minute and you will be feeling much better as the time goes by. So take the roller and do not make excuses.


TWO zones. When selecting a muscle to roll, divide the area into two zones. Apply techniques to each zone slowly, while remembering to breathe. This is very important, as in any other work out. Breathing the right way is a half work out done.


THREE motions for quick results. The three general techniques are rolling, spans and stretching. So remember that and you will do your work out in the most simply and easy way.

  • Rolling – roll back and forth a few inches at a time while working across the two zones.
  • Spans – when you hit a tender area, wave. Wave the area side to side until you feel relief.
  • Stretching – compress a spot while stretching the muscle to a full range of motions. This pin and stretch motion increases circulation and mobility.
How To Use A Foam Roller For Calves

When you are done with remembering the one, two three, the next thing you will have to remember when rolling is to remember your ABCs. Sounds silly, but it is not. You will see.

  • Always start from a ground up.

Start with rolling the calves, quads, glutes, then back as you get more experienced, trigger point offers guidance on additional spots to work, or specific problem areas.

  • Breathe to recover and relax.

The key to rolling is to breathe deeply. This will remind you to move slowly and to relax the muscles you roll.

  • Consistency

Consistency is better than intensity. We recommend rolling out three to five times a week, preferably before and after a physical activity.

How often should you roll your foam roller

Rolling on a regular basis is the key. Do not just roll when you ache. Why does it hurt at times? People new to foam rolling may notice some initial discomfort.

This is similar to the pain that occurs at times during a massage. Most of us have experienced some soreness when pressure is put on tender muscles and tense areas. You can think of foam rolling the same way.

When you compress sensory receptors, they can feel uncomfortable, but do not worry. This is completely normal and with a little practice, the process becomes enjoyable.

Is it okay to use a foam roller on the lower back

Well, using it directly on the lower back may be difficult and may cause some future problems. On the internet there are many guides of how to use it and using it on the lower back is not recommended.

But not all of the articles on the internet are true. The best thing is to take some advice from a professional. We said that in general, it is healthy and really good for you, only if you know how to use it properly, and if you use it as often as it should.

The thing is, when you use it on the upper back, the shoulder blades and muscles that are located there are protecting the spine.

But if you use it in wrong way, it can cause you bigger back pain and that is not your aim and desire at all. Foam roller is used not only for back aches, it is also good for other parts of the body and its usage is all the same.

You just place the foam roller under the part of the body where you feel the pain, and you roll over it. You can buy it from the nearest sport store, or you can search the internet and order it from some sites such as Amazon, EBay, etc. Remember, foam rolling is not causing the pain, the foam rolling is removing the pain.

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