How to Use Gears on a Mountain Bike in Six Different Ways in 2021

Bike riding is an outdoor activity that is loved by all.  There are two types of a bike ride – ride a bike and a mountain bike. Mountain bike is mainly for the ride for them who loves to go up to the hill or in mountain areas. But in the mountain hill, it is tough to ride the bike.

All the time you cannot push the bike up there. This is the time when you need gears for the bike. If you get gears for your bike, your mount climbing gets easy and comfortable. Yes, the gears make your mountain ride adventurous and comfortable. All you have to know is how to use gears on a mountain bike.

The basics you should know about the bike gear

Before identifying the ways of using gears, you have to understand the basics of the gears. Here let me help you, go through the points below, and you will get a clear concept:


  • Most of the bikes have chain rings. They work together with cogs. If you move the chain from the small one to large ones than your pedaling will get more comfortable.  Check which gear changing helps you in easy pedaling.
  • If your bike has the shifter on your bike, then you have to know which shifter works for which one. The left one works with the front gears, and the right one controls the back gear.
  • For just bike ride, you have to use a rear cog and small front chainring. You can shift it per your riding preference.
  • The gears are there on your bike is for helping you to pedal smoothly in any land. When you are climbing with your bike, or it is a windy day, then you have to shift in the comfortable gear. The hard gear is for riding on a flat surface or wind is blowing behind. Make sure to shift the gear when you are going to different terrain. Go easy with your pedal when you are on the hills, or else you will have a broken chain.
  • Don’t make cross chain; it blocks the gear shift options.

Uses of the gear

Mountain bike has all the gears that help the rider to ride on any rough surface. If you are new with a mountain bike or not riding bike for a long time, then read up the ways of playing with gears when you are on your mountain bike:


  • When you are on bike start cycling until you are on comfortable rhythm. When you are riding on a flat surface, you have to use large chainring. The handlebar shifter will work as shifter. The right shifter controls the front ring and left shifter controls the rear ring. Remember to shift gears when you are pedaling.
  • When you want to shift the chain to middle chainring, you have to click the front shift to move into middle gear. This gear helps rider to ride through climbing, wind and soft land.
  • Try to keep your front gear in the last gear and keep shifting your gear up and down. Shift-click will help to move the chainring. Shifting gear makes change in the resistance.
  • To change in the high gear, you have to shift rear cassette in the middle gear and click the right shift to switch from front gear to large chainring. The top gear is for riding on flat and coming down from the hills.
  • When you are near the mountain, and you are ready to go up then keep the gear down. If you shift gears at that time, it will do harm on chain and it will cause chain fall.
  • Practice of riding will help you to learn the ways to use different gears. Try to ride in different surfaces whenever you can. By time, you will get used to shifting gears naturally.

Tips to follow when you are on a mountain bike

  •  You have to use the front brakes in a mountain bike. This brake helps to control your ride.
  • When you want to have a mountain bike, make sure you have the right type mountain bike.
  • There is no need to install extra gear if you don’t need. Research and learn what gear will work for you.
  • Be relaxed when you are going for a ride. Because it is essential to stay calm and comfortable when you are on a rough surface with your bike.
  • Don’t put up heavy or extra cloth when you are riding.

Riding with a mountain bike is an adventurous ride. Those who love to have a fun ride on hill areas they go up there with their mountain bike. But before going for a trip, you have to know how to use gears on a mountain bike. Because gears are main parts that help riders to ride with grace. Get gears for your mountain bike and make your bike ride an adventurous one.

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