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So, you are preparing to fight the distress that comes with a cold season. Or, your physician asked you to add a cold and flu remedy to your home. You may begin to question, what device can be your perfect weapon. Then, you are hinted to find a humidifier or a vaporizer yet you have no idea what they are or what if you walk into a store and find both of them, which one will you take home?

Well, it’s time you put all your questions aside because you have found the right post with the right answers. To begin with, you will learn what humidifiers and vaporizers are, get to know how they work, what they do, their strengths and weaknesses and how to pick the best one. Buckle-up and let us weigh this situation together.

What are the humidifiers?

A humidifier is a device that is used in homes to increase the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. In simple terms, it is used to humidify. You may need to humidify the whole house or a single room. Either can be done with a large humidifier or a small one respectively.


In case you are wondering why you need to humidify, here is why. You need to do so when the amount of moisture in your home decreases. Moisture decreases in cold weather like winter. This is because the air is too heavy and it cannot hold moisture.

As living organisms, moisture is quite essential when it comes to our existence. Humidifiers also work differently. Basically, they emit water vapor into the atmosphere so that they can be enough water in the air. This way, you will be able to avoid your skin from drying, nose bleeding, dry lips or any other problems cold weather brings about.

   Pros of Humidifiers

The following are not just simple advantages but are also good reasons to help you determine if you may need a humidifier or not.

  • Durable furnishings:  Just imagine a time when your expensive wall paint starts to peel off because the air is too cold to hold moisture that will help keep the paint nicely. So, when winter comes, or you live in a semi-arid region, if you really need to maintain your paint on the wall for a more extended period, then a humidifier will come in handy.
  • Healthy plants: Humidifiers keep in houseplants in good shape. Especially if the temperatures go below zero something that most indoor plants are not used to, they would be better when you introduce a humidifier at home. Remember, not only providing enough water to your plants works the magic of enabling them to grow healthy but adding moisture into the plants’ environment as well.
  • Safe from static electricity: When you have the most valuable electronics in the house like computers, TVs, Speakers, DVDs or any other electronic appliances, then when that cold weather finally sets in, these items are a very high risk of damaging. As much as excessive moisture hurts them, but moderate humidity gives them life as well.
  • Enhanced health and comfort:When it’s super cold, your home may be prone to germs and bacteria which in turn bring about unnecessary diseases like airborne infections. That is why a humidifier will balance the moisture conditions in your home, making it safer hence keeping you healthy. Besides that, you will be safe from clingy skirts, dry hair, bloody noses, itchy skin, and chapped lips


   Cons of Humidifiers

  • Bacteria and Fungus: As much as they are designed to prevent the thriving of bacteria, well there are those that cannot be stopped by the power of a humidifier.
  • More cleaning: Maintaining this device clean is a distinct job. Just like any other thing in your house or office. This is because there is dust in the air and it drops on anything stagnant and piles.
  • Noise: when it comes to producing sound, humidifiers vary. There those that make noise and some don’t.
  • Excess moisture: Sometimes the humidifiers can be a little faulty and produce excess humidity. It happens when you over set or if the device is defective.
  • White dust: have you ever wondered why condensed droplets of moisture fall on couches and look like white dust? It is because the minerals in the water come together and form a cloudy droplet.

How to Choose The Right Humidifier

It is quite common that, when buying an item for the house or office, there are specific features or elements we tend to look at like their style. In the case of humidifiers, the style does not matter, what you should really put in mind is a model that can accommodate the size of your room or intended space. Other elements that you can consider and include the following.


You need safe and clean air for breathing. Therefore, the right humidifier should be easy to clean and disinfect according to the creator’s instructions.

  • You also do not want a complicated humidifier. The right humidifier should be easy to use with economic replacement parts.
  • Look for a humidifier that has a hygrometer so that you can be able to optimize humidity levels. If you get one that does not bear a hygrometer, you can purchase a hygrometer separately for convenience.
  • The right humidifier has a correctly working timer to help you control humidity levels. You do not want excess moisture in your home.

What are Vaporizers?

Vaporizers are devices that are designed to emit moisture into the air just to increase the level of humidity in a dry living space. Vaporizers have a unique heating element that enables them to heat water and release steam to your environment. This steam, in turn, protects you from colds and coughs. If you are growing indoor plants, they also benefit from the vaporizer which helps them grow healthier.


Just like humidifiers, vaporizers too come in handy when the temperatures of your environment and that of your plants are lower than usual. You know dry air can be harmful. Low temperatures render air dry. So, vaporizers add warm moisture into our air making it comfortable for us to breathe.

   Pros of Vaporizers

In case you are wondering how important a vaporizer can be to you then, here is how,Thanks to science, we can trust the water that has boiled beyond the boiling point because germs cannot survive to that point. Since vaporizers heat water until optimum before emitting it, there is a meager chance of bacteria finding its way into your air through a vaporizer. This way you will be safe from infections.

  • For family members or friends who are asthmatic or have other inhalation problems, can also be used vaporizers to enhance their breathing.
  • Since a vaporizer allows warm air into our environment, this means that when it is cold, it will aid in heating up your room. This way, you can save on air conditioning as well.


   Cons of Vaporizers

Where there is heat, there is a danger. Someone could get burnt especially kids who may find a vaporizer amusing and lose their way to it. So, when you get it, and you have children around, make sure to keep it somewhere they cannot reach.

  • Water has minerals and salts. When it heats, there are unnecessary accumulations that can occur in your vaporizer. Cleaning such accumulations can be costly. Besides, overheating may also damage the device calling for an expensive repair. Also feeding the vaporizer with dirty water could also compel you to expensive maintenance. In short, vaporizers need high maintenance.
  • Vaporizers are designed with complicated mechanisms that allow them to work effectively. Because of that, they are not cheap.

How to Choose The Right Vaporizer

Looking for the right vaporizer is not that hard. There are many models out there. They vary in design and model. Style though, shouldn’t be a fuss. What matters is the effective functionality of the vaporizer. The following are the most basic elements found in the right vaporizer.


The best vaporizer is easy to clean. Let us just say that its general maintenance is affordable. Just make sure you will be able to frequently clean and disinfect it so that you may be at a lower risk of getting sick.

The best vaporizer is also user-friendly. Even though how they work is a bit complicated, using it shouldn’t be involved as well. There should be nothing hard in adding water and setting it right.

In another way, the vaporizer may also contain a mechanism that brings it to a stop once there is enough moisture in the air. For example, a timer. It will enable you to program it when to turn on and off automatically.

Which One is The Best!

To this point, you have seen how best a humidifier or a vaporizer can serve you, especially in cold times. As much as humidifiers are mostly recommended for kids because of their safety, it still up for competition against vaporizers. Both of them aid quick healing from flu and cold or prevent you from getting them. A vaporizer goes a mile ahead to allow you to introduce medicinal remedies into your air.

When you look at how they cost, humidifiers tend to be more expensive than vaporizers, yet humidifiers make cool moisture while the later produces warm moisture. Both have advantages and disadvantages. They may out-way one another at some point. What really matters is what you want for your environment or what your doctor recommended for you.

Final Words

Finally, you know what humidifiers and vaporizers are, you know how they work, what they can do, their benefits and drawbacks. On that note, you also know the key things that will let you identify the right device for your home. The only task remaining is for you to decide which one of them will be able to bring quality air to your environment.

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