Is cooking in a fire pit healthy?

Cooking over a wood-burning fire pit may be healthier than cooking over a charcoal grill. According to a Men’sHealth article charcoal fires emit high levels of carcinogenic chemicals known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). 

And about gas or propane fire pits, it is entirely safe to grill marshmallows or hot dogs over them. The pungent smell of gas will not come, which is the same gas used in professional gas grilling. However, cooking in a fire pit can cause severe wood smoke and harm the lungs and heart. Adults, children, lungs, and heart disease patients are at greater risk while facing wood or coal smoke. 

Also, When solid fuels like coal or wood are burned in fire pits, they emit a large amount of air pollution, including high amounts of delicate particulate matter (tiny particles that can enter the lungs) and carbon monoxide, as well as other harmful compounds. Therefore, the smoke produced by fire pits might be dangerous.


Does Fire Pit Make Your Life Active, Fun, and Healthy?

Lighting a fire is a natural method to establish a focal point during an outdoor gathering. People gravitate around the fire for various reasons, including captivating dancing flames or some form of primeval memory. Fire pits create the center of the backyard or patio, and people find it exciting to gather around a fire pit. 

If there is a fire pit, you can invite guests for parties in the backyard, and portable fire pits can be used in the backyard or on the deck. Also, enjoying a movie night and a scary story session with friends, families, and loved ones are very enjoyable with the warmth of a fire pit.

Moreover, you can enjoy a relaxing time or meditation in front of a fire pit if you are a yoga lover. But, from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fine particles (also known as particulate matter) are the most damaging components of wood smoke in terms of health since they “may penetrate the eyes and respiration system, where they may cause health problems such as watery eyes, nasal congestion, and coughing.” 

So, fire pits do make life more active, social, enjoyable, and fun! In addition, a wood fire can lower blood pressure, generate a soothing effect, and encourage social behaviors. However, regular usage of wood-burning fire pits causes environmental pollution and health risks. So, if you are concerned with health problems using a propane or gas fire pit is fine.

Are Fire Pit Grilled Meats Safe?

Meat cooked on a wood-burning fire pit is always tastier, and it has been a practice from the ancient people to grill or roast food over a wood fire. Cooking over a wood-burning fire pit may be healthier than cooking over a charcoal grill. There are no health issues regarding cooking on a fire pit, whether a wood-burning one or a gas type. There are no health issues regarding cooking on a fire pit, whether a wood-burning one or a gas type. 

But remember, meat can only be grilled in a wood-burning fire pit. Gas fire pits are not made for heavy cooking. Cooking or grilling on fire pits has shown no health side effects till now. However, eating grilled and smoked food more often is unsuitable for your health. Grilled meats are tasty and lower in fat and calories, but they may contribute to cancer risk. So, avoiding regular grilled meat is preferable if you are health concerned.

(Grilling Meat on Fire Pit)


Wood Fire or Gas, Which is Healthy for Cooking?

Before answering the question, remember that meat and fish can be cooked only in a wood-burning fire pit. Only limited cooking in a gas fire pit, such as roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, is possible. Because wood fires cook food faster, specific nutrients and antioxidants are kept in the food that would otherwise be lost through traditional, slower cooking methods. The longer an item cooks, the less flavor and nutrients it retains.

Is it Safe/Healthy to Cook Over a Smokeless Fire pit?

Maximum gas fire pits tend to be smokeless and do not produce harmful carbon fine particles, which are the leading cause of air pollution and health injuries. Keep in mind that no fire pit is ever wholly smoke-free. But, the good news is that a smokeless fire pit can burn off most of the toxic creosote by allowing the fire to burn more completely. The hot ash fire pit uses a process known as “gasification” to deliver extra oxygen to the fire, allowing it to burn its fuel more fully. Also, smokeless fire pits are healthy as they emit less carbon, which is good for health.

Tips for Healthy Cooking Over Firepit

Cooking healthy over a fire pit is necessary for own betterment. Some recommendations may be helpful for our safety and better experience while cooking on a fire pit;

  1. Build the fire correctly and do not burn anything but firewood. Use only dry wood for the fire pit and avoid softwood.
  1. Use a smokeless fire pit or smokescreen to avoid carbon emissions.
  1. Do not grill or cook directly over open flames. Cook on the ember, not on fire directly; it may ruin the overall taste of the food.
  1. Put fire extinguishers, water, or sand nearby to ensure that you are always ready in case any accident occurs.
  1. Do not cook for a long time on an open fire because it will harm your lungs and respiratory system. Also, overcooking food is harmful to health.
  1. Always keep the fire pit clean from debris and other wastes because remaining debris, plastics, etc., may get burned in the fire, resulting in a foul smell on the food.

(One of the Best Smokeless Fire Pits)


Final Thoughts

Meal grilled or roasted in a fire pit is delicious, and the taste increases when the food is cooked in a wood-burning fire pit. Eating food cooked in fire pits has no direct health threats; exposure to a wood-burning fire pit for a long time harms the lungs, respiratory system, and heart. Also, it pollutes the air and environment. Nonetheless, eating grilled food more often is not suitable for your health. It is better to keep gaps in consuming fire pit cooking. Do not stop enjoying fire pit cooking, and do not overdo it.


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