Ka Bar Kukri Review | One of the Most Popular Machete In 2021

Tired of using different metallic and garden implements for a host of outdoor activities? Does it exhaust you to clean and carefully store all your garden equipment? If “yes” is your answer, this ka bar kukri review will show you how you can confidently use lesser number of equipment and still get your gardening and other such heavy works right.

The ka bar combat kukri review will show you how useful a kukri machete is, and how you can save time and get the job done quite efficiently.

Made in Taiwan, reputed for its sturdy and durable products, this machete is just for you and your multiple outdoor needs.

Whether you take it for a campsite or to clear the wild greens covering your garden, once you’re done reading this review, you won’t ever be able to look at a machete the same way again.

After all, who wouldn’t like using everyday equipment for multiple purposes?

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High-Grade Carbon Steel Blade

Every steel implement has some amount of carbon in it. Carbon has different grades and each when combined with different kinds of steel produces machinery of high versatility and varying degrees of durability and toughness.


The review provides you details about how this machete is more effective over others in terms of its carbon content, and how that affects the whole make of the implement.

Used mainly for fixed blade knives and other such implements, carbon steel blades are known to last several years. Unlike steel blades, these blades sharper and requires less effort for cutting, thereby reducing your workload.

Doesn’t it feel smooth to finish chopping off a cedar in lesser whacks than it usually takes you?

With this machete, you don’t have to waste too much time on sharpening. Because these machetes are harder than steel, their edge stays sharper for a longer time and can, therefore, be used better for precision cutting.

You can position the blade any way you want and get perfectly chopped wood or cleared vines. The multipurpose nature of a machete gets enhanced due to the composition of carbon steel.

Blade length and curvature

The 17” long, durable blade is curved to give a sharper and better edge at cutting. Not just that, these kukri blades have three distinct parts- a large curvature in the middle for chopping, a pointed tip for stabbing and, finally, the narrow area near the handle is used for carving.

The carbon steel blade allows you to carry out many activities such as clearing vines, coppicing, hunting game, making agricultural compost, clearing any kind of woody vegetation and even for tasks like splitting nuts.

You read that right. This versatile machete can be used for a wide range of outdoor as well as indoor activities. You don’t have to put your walnuts in door hinges anymore!

With a durable and robust blade that serves multifunctional purposes, you can’t go wrong with your kukri machete!

Features and specifications of the kukri style machete

  • This machete is multipurpose and can be used for extreme outdoor activities like coppicing and everyday benign activities like breaking nuts.
  • It has a very user-friendly ergonomic handle that fits in well within the curvature of your hand and doesn’t slip or fall off.
  • It has effortless cleaning and maintenance procedures that allow you to waste less time on its upkeep.
  • This kukri machete comes with a corduroy-leather combination sheath guard for the handle and can protect your weapon from unwanted damage.
  • It weighs 1.7lbs and is not too heavy, but neither is it for the faint-hearted.
  • The carbon-steel blade ensures durability, sharp edges and strength that makes it tough even in rough weather thereby giving you an all-rounder to play with.
  • Having a thermoplastic and ergonomically shaped handle ensures that this implement stays lightweight and is resistant to high impact. The design also enables you to use it comfortably without fearing it slipping off.
  • Carbon steel items make them wear-resistant, and so your kukri style machete would last longer if you keep it dry.
  • Taiwan is a leader in world-class consumer durables. This kukri style machete will also be one of their top of the class products.


Customer reviews and score

This kukri machete is one of the most versatile garden implements that you can ever procure, and what’s more?

You can even carry it strapped to your back and travel with your hands-free. It’s a great way to hold other types of equipment or swing along your hands.

I’m not the only one who finds it comfortable to hold and carry, at least 870 more customers on Amazon have found this kukri style machete easy to handle and use.

This knife can cut through all kinds of hardwood and tree limbs. Be it red cedar or oak; this knife’s got you covered.

Its sturdiness is so incredible that you can use it for heavy outdoor chopping and grinding without worrying about it getting damaged.

It works much better than other axes of its size, or those more specialized for purposes such as these.

It works much better than other axes of its size, or those more specialized for purposes such as these. Not sure of which angle to cut or chop from?

Don’t worry anymore! This knife will cut through some of the hardest woods and in a very short time.

It doesn’t matter if you cut low or high, this whopper will get your job done in 5 whacks instead of 8.

No matter how great and hunky-dory this sturdy machete sounds, not everything is as perfect as you might expect.

The thing with carbon steel implements is that though they are resistant and highly durable, their resistance to damage from rust and moisture is pretty low.

Unless you keep rubbing off the moisture droplets and keep it completely dry, your blade is going to rust away soon.

While big stuff can be chopped away with other types of equipment, for the lesser ones, try a hatchet maybe.

However, it also depends on how you handle your them. If you’re not careful and try to use your stuff way too roughly than it is made to withstand, it’s going to be troublesome.

How to use Ka Bar Kukri Machete?

  • Is it entirely made of metal?

No, it is not. Only its curved part and the tip is made of carbon steel while the handle is made of thermoplastic elastometer.

  • How to maintain and take care of this machete?

The best way to take care of this kukri machete is always to keep it away from moisture and water. Even if it does get exposed to moisture and water for too long, keep rubbing it off and pack it away into a dry space. Avoid keeping fingerprints on the blade and wash your sheath as well. Use petrol or gasoline to rub off rust deposits. 


Always use oil to rub off your blade at least once a month or if you prefer, each time you use your kukri machete to work on something.

Cleaning the sheath cover is also essential as dust and grime can affect your machete’s handle and ultimately cause it to wear off and even cause an imbalance in your machete.

To clean it, use shoe polish or Brasso or Silvo depending on the kind of material that makes the sheath.

  • ​Is it too heavy to carry?

It doesn’t weigh much, only 1.7lbs; in fact, and so it is lightweight. The material of the handle makes it even more lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Can I use this kukri machete for all kinds of outdoor chopping and cutting activities?

Mostly yes. This unique machete is designed in a way to allow for expansion of maximum potential.

You have to be a little careful in how you apply your strokes and whether you are continually using it. Temperature also affects the performance of your kukri machete.

If it remains exposed to the sun for too long, the blade might shrink. Also, never use your kukri on stone or steel, and most definitely do not throw it. It’s not meant to be thrown away.

Try not to use your kukri machete too much around and water-related purposes. If possible, avoid using it around or in water-related spaces at all.


This detailed ka bar kukri machete review provides you with not just the basics of what this equipment can do, but also on how to handle and take care of it.

For the price and materials, this little beast is made up of, you are getting some serious high-quality equipment that is meant to last long.

A little bit of care while maintaining your garden and work equipment can go a long way in preserving your prized machetes and knives that tend to rust quickly. Take my word for it, and you won’t be disappointed.

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