Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Lock Review For 2021

Nowadays the most frequently asked questions from the biker, which bike lock will be best and which brand can provide the superior safety?

Regarding this issue, this post will help you to find out the best bike lock on the market and also demonstrate all of its remarkable features.

Yes! Kryptonite fahgettaboudit is the best one. We select it for you from the vast of bike locks collection. Now the question, why we choose it for you, and why we make this bike lock the number one safety master for your fancy bike?

Well, Kryptonite is one of the best bike locks, containing the most amazing features and achieving the nationwide trend, containing the title of best bike lock on the market.

Below is the comprehensive kryptonite fahgettaboudit review regarding its features and customers reviews, which will help you to gather lots of information abbot this safety master before purchasing. Let’s start!

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Frame Material and U bar Reinforcements

In this Kryptonite New York lock review, we ought to share with you about its excellent frame and dimensions details as well.


First of all, kryptonite uses the extreme steel material. The foreign matter is that this steel has the latest quality MAX- performance. For this reason, it has excellent strength and the reliance ability against the natural dust and water.

Besides, this unique bike lock includes thievery techniques, called sawing. As a result, it is so much durable than others.

Another noteworthy matter is that its weight is about 4.4 pounds. As a result, it seems more cumbersome than any other models on the market.

But remember, its frame is made from latest quality steel material. Its general dimensions are about 2” in general width, measuring 5.7” in length and 9.2” in height.

At the same time, kryptonite fahgettaboudit provides more safety due to its latest quality. Its steel shackle is about 18 mm thick. For this reason, it is tough to cut through while stealing.

Besides, its small size makes it the best small U shaped bike lock on the market. It is about 3.2 inches wide and approximately 6-inch in length, which makes it the smallest U bike lock on the market.

The interesting matter is that this smallest U-shackle coated provides extreme quality. At the same time, the quality full rubber sleeve over the whole steel gives it extra protection.

For this reason, it is so much durable. Besides, the jacket also helps you to carry this lock and also help you to handle it easily.

Finally, it allows adjustment to the frame of the bike without scratching the paint. It is designed to offer further protection by deterring efforts to gain forced access by cutting through the shackle.

The sleeve also makes the lock easy to handle and allows attachment to the bike frame without scratching or chipping the paint.

High-Security Keys with Vinyl Coating

This kryptonite fahgettaboudit chain review contains the every parts detail for you. Surprisingly, this mini bike lock includes three unique stainless steel locks. As a result, this material serves as good resistant against the rust.


At the same time, it provides long-term durability without changing the cylinder and using the lubricant. Besides, one key comes with a blue color LED light, which you may use at dark.

Moreover, it also offers replaceable battery for using the light long time.

Meanwhile, its coating is best. For this reason, it can tackle the harmful natural elements and gives extra protection.

At the same time, it includes vinyl coating, which provides additional stability and ensures more safety. Finally be, the lock contains more powerful strength.

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit mini U-lock situated at the center position. Besides, it provides deter forced. For this reason, this leverage technique contributes to great security.

Moreover, it has the pick proof quality cylinder, which can protect lock picking. Besides, the Kryptonite uses extreme Security Key way on this min U lock.

As far as safety concerned, this first kryptonite bike lock is one of the must-have items for bikers, which has the impressive record on the market for its security level.

For this reason, the cops are recommended this safety guard in the high-risk area for ensuring extra safety.

This mini shaped U lock is compatible with multiple bonus accessories. Not only that, these access stories are made based on the design, how much effect a user can use it.

But remember, you have to pay for it. It offers Velcro wraps which are the best utility for the attachment to the frame. For this reason, it performs better while cycling.

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Features and Specifications

From this kryptonite fahgettaboudit chain review, you will know how durable it is! You already get some ideas about this u mini shaped bike lock, but, it also contains lots of sophisticated features, which are not available on the other bike locks.


  • Kryptonite bike lock contains 18mm hardened steel.
  • Comprising max performance based steel shackle.
  • Prevent leverage attacks and bolt cutters.
  • For double security provides painted extreme steel sleeve.
  • Ensuring extensive holding power by the double deadbolt.
  • Offers extreme security disc cylinder.
  • Its Center keyway performs well against the leverage attacks.
  • Also contains the vinyl coating.
  • The unique sliding dustcover efficiently protects the natural dust and extends the cylinder life.
  • Provides three steel keys, one of them is high intensity led bulb.
  • Also contains the replaceable battery.
  • Amazing Key Safe function.
  • Lightweight Product dimensions.
  • 18mm hardened steel with max protection provides fantastic shackle bolt cutters which can protect leverage attacks.
  • Extreme durability.
  • Cheaper than other bands.
  • The best security guard for the high-risk area.
  • Certified by the author.
  • Long lasting life.
  • Awesome warranty.
  • Partial utilities are also available.

Customer Reviews and Score

From the kryptonite fahgettaboudit chain review, we already get some idea about it. Now we discuss few of its high positive sides, why people love to buy this and entirely dependent with this safety guard.

The first possible side is its effective security. This is the high-security provider for its sophisticated features. Most of its features are entirely different from other brands.

Not only that its frame, coating, cylinder, keys and all the parts are checked by the safety authority. For this reason, it is the best safety lock in town.

Most of the cops suggest this bike lock into the high-risk area because this durable bike lock can provide excellent protection against the thief. So, purchase it and give your bike more safety.

 The second possible side is, it has incredible Resilient against the natural elements. The second possible side is, it has incredible Resilient against the natural elements.

For this reason, this bike is so much durable than any other bike on the market. It can protect the dust and the water quickly. Its cylinder provides extra protection.

It has fantastic steel resistance that’s why you don’t need to use the lubricants or other raw materials for cleaning it.

Your lock is 100% safe from the leverage attacks. For this reason, most of the fancy bikers love to purchase this quite costly lock for their bike protection.

The possible downtrend is, it is cumbersome to carry. But remember, you should always be conscious of the quality.

So, undoubtedly, you should purchase this excellent bike lock. Its weight is not to matter; I think whether it contains lots of unique features.

How to use kryptonite fahgettaboudit

How to clean kryptonite fahgettaboudit?

You can clean this u mini lock with WD-40. First of all, turn u mini lock. For this reason, the keyhole will be upwards, then carefully squirt the liquid.

Remember, you need to squirt it into the cylinder, and wait until it streams out. It would displace the water, also dirt and debris. Finally, the lock will be gunked up. You need to repeat this procedure several times.

How to use kryptonite fahgettaboudit lock?

This u mini bike lock will provide you more safety, but you need to use it the proper way. First of all, you need to lock your bike with a solid object and ensures it cannot move.

You should also select a lit area for keeping your bike. You can also use the alarm tools. Lock the wheels or frames properly with the hardy object.


Finally, this kryptonite fahgettaboudit review described all of its pros and cons, hope you really enjoy it and also generate some ideas about this safety master.

This kryptonite cable lock review illustrated that u lock mini is the remarkable combination of security, strength & durability which can’t be compromised with others.

We highly recommend this bike lock for your bike if you already lost your bike or you are in a high-risk theft area.

This u shaped mini bike lock would be ideal equipment for the people who usually commute daily basis in their bikes.

Also, it is offering extreme security, at the same time this bike lock is easy to carry into your backpack.

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