La Sportiva Spantik Review For 2021

Want to explore the hill hiking experience this winter? Then, the first and foremost thing you need to do, grab this excellent footwear into your staff list and makes your mountaineering journey safe and more accessible.

Surprisingly, La Sportiva Spantik is a double insulated boot, which is mainly designed for freezing weather, even it performs excellently on the mountaineering peaks which may 6000 meters above.

Meanwhile, this double insulated boot is might be only used for rescuing, ice and rock climbing, crevasse traverse.

At the same time, The LA Sportiva Spantik Boots are also worn by the snow drivers. Operator of cable cars, rescue paramedics, mountain ranges and the lift operators of snowcat who also wear these boots.

So, keep a squint in this LA Sportiva Spantik Boot Review and finally decide to add it to your favorite list. Let’s start!

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Keeps the Feet a Lot Warm

The full shoe is made up of leather, which helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the boots.

The leather also avoids the feet to get hurt with any sharp or coned objects. This beautiful leather of the La Sportiva Spantik Boot gives the boot an impressive look.


It has a carbon fiber sole which keeps the feet warm while traveling on ice. This carbon fiber sole also protects the feet from tearing off your feet skin due to friction.

These shoes are also known as the best climbing shoes for beginners. Because, with the help of these shoes the climber can quickly climb up the hills

The external part of the booth is made up of the PU- coated, PU-Tech transparent, embossed CeraCom of PUR Bene, cake Leatherette, Vibram and rubber, repellent Lorica which prevents the water, ankle backstay reinforcement which is Molded TPU, the thermal insulator of PE micro-cellular.

The thermal insulation closed the foam lined cell made up of thermos-reflective face coating of aluminum.

The Inner part of the boot is specially made up of the Micro-perforated thermo-formable PE, anti-water coating which prevents the water.

The unique part of these boots is the sole part of the boot.

And that sole is built with 5mm carbon fiber of thermal structured as well as insulation of aluminum. The MIDSOLE of the boots is given TPU and Micropore EVA which provides the Dual-Density.

The La Sportiva Spantik Boot is heavy, but not heavy at all. It weighs just 44.48oz which stands for 1261 gram.

Comfort in Moving or Walking

These boots are mostly chosen to travel on the cold weather climbing the world’s risky mountains ranges such as the Aconcagua as well as the Denali.

This boot is manufactured for the cold weather mountaineering on peaks about 6000 meters.

Check out this LA Sportiva Spantik Boots Review; you are going to love the boots if you like to do such sports I mentioned above.

Talking about the double insulate boot, the Spantik Boot wins the flagship. This boot became the most common in usage whole around the world.

Lots of people are there, who struggles hard to climb the dry rocks like the Alaskan Ruth Gorge wearing usual climbing boots.

But I would suggest you try the Spantik boots once. You will love to climb the rocks wearing the shoes.

Unlike the other boots, these boots have more friction on the ground and grips you more with various types of surfaces.

Thus, wearing these boots, you can step fast and climb the hardest rock or the slippery icy layers comfortably.

This boot is very good at rock climbing, ice climbing, even hiking is also perfect for this boot. The second boot facility, as well as the rigid sole, gives an ideal climbing experience with this boot.

The double boot part contains two sets of laces which is cranked tight.


These support the boot to stand correctly even while you are wearing a pack. This boot is a bit costly.

But according to its quality and the service it will give, that cost is cheap. But still, people who love climbing, hiking, you must go for these boots.

Features and Specifications of the LA Sportiva Spantik Boot

  • The La Sportiva Spantik Boot is best used for climbing or mountaineering
  • The out part of the boot is coated with the polyurethane-leather coats, urethane of the thermoplastic and leather or synthetic.
  • The lining of the shoes are done by the closed-cell foam, nylon as well as membrane of the aluminum
  • The outsole is wholly made up of clean rubber
  • Gives Step-in Compatibility of crampon
  • The LA Sportiva Spantik Boot is only for men.
  • The both out liner boots are featured with 1-pull lacing which is quick and very easy to operate.
  • The high-rise Vibram which is sticky rubber rands which will stand up to crampon wear and rock abrasion.
  • For the fantastic tractions, the remarkably durable Vibram Montagna rubber is there. The boots are too compatible with the crampons step-in.

These are all the features and the specifications of the La Sportiva Spantik Boots Review. Check the elements to have a complete idea about these boots.

Customer reviews and score

The La Sportiva Spantik Boot is the best boot for double mountaineering. Wearing this boots makes it easier to climb the hill.

Feel a lot comfortable to wear the shoes. Perfect boots for hiking, climbing, trekking. Gives a lot of friction with the ground and does not sleep on the slippery surfaces.

This boot is hot and very fit the feet. So wearing these boots and walking won’t give any lousy impact also provides no Frankenstein with a feeling of the shank boots.

This book gives no shin bang, no discomfort or no hot spots, etc. The La Sportiva Spantik Boot will be worthy of your money.

The boot is also known as the best warm and comfortable boot for the cold water as I mentioned above.

Perfect kick for having the best Mountaineering or climbing. Maintain Long lasting capability if this boot is taken care of very well.

Lots of people love the boot a lot. Even 80% came with five stars for this product.

The hardest part of these are the sizes. This is most irritating part of the La Sportiva Spantik Boots. Naturally causal thin peoples will find it easy to enter their feet in the boot.

But people whose legs are bit thick, they will find it a bit tough to settle down their paws on the kick.

Even if they can fit, they can’t walk comfortably. Finding the size of these boots are tough. But maybe you can be the luckiest one.

So do not take more time. If you are mountaineering lover, order it as soon as possible. And eventually, you will get the best mountaineering shoe ever!

How to Use the LA Sportiva Spantik Boots?

How to clean LA Sportiva Spantik Boots at home?

First of all, you need to Wipe-out boots insoles carefully. Then erase the dust from the linings with the help of a damp cloth.

Then you need to dry it by air about 4 hours and make sure there is no water into the inner surface.

We, recommend you to avoid the direct sunlight as it may cause damage to the sole.

Next, you need to clean the upper portion with the cleaning alcohol, but you should use some water and use the mixture for getting better output. Finally, dry out it. That done!

Can I spray Lysol on LA Sportiva Spantik Boots?

You may know that Lysol is a disinfectant spray which is responsible for eradicating bacteria. But note that, if you spry it into the inner surface then you should wait some time to allow it dry.

Even, this liquid works excellent for spantik boots due to its UV cleaning protection, which can clean this shoe deeply.

So, you can use Lysol for cleaning purpose, but we recommend you to use it once in a month but never for daily purpose!

Would It Be Appropriate For Walking?

Lots of people are wearing these boots even wearing these boots they are climbing the hills taking 50 kilos of gear along with them. Some people are walking about 8 to 10 mile everyday wearing these boots.

No people ever faced any problem while wearing these boots and walking up and down.

No matter your walk on track or breaking trail, this boot will always give great feedback. This boot will always keep your legs warm thus no matter how far you travel on the too much cold water. Your feet will still be warm. And you can walk very fluently.

What Are the Functionality of the LA Sportiva Spantik Boots?

The design of the Spantik boots is very friendly to the climber. The best feature of this book is that this boot can use the outer boots comfortably.

If you need to go to the toilet at night out of your house or need to dig the earth to make a tent, this book will help you for a better movement. The lacing thing of this boots is awe-inspiring.

Once you use it, you will get the fun of it. You will find a significant improvement in the lacing system, better than the traditional lacing system.


Well! To be honest. As a writer, I am not flowering the boots. I use the shoes even at 4 degrees C.

These boots are the only thing which is keeping my feet warm or else I would face the diseases of the cold.

Walking and climbing is the work I do here, but days before buying the boots. My leg became white; even the blood stopped pumping.

But now I can quickly climb the icy hills and also lets me feel the nature over here without distracting.

People who were searching for these boots, you can have these boots. Read the article I have written about the LA Sportiva Spantik Boot Review and have the complete idea about the products of these boots.

You don’t need to search any more LA Sportiva Boots Review. Just use this product once. I can assure you that you are going to buy some more boots like these.

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