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Fitness trackers are a kind of useful gadget that helps you to monitor your everyday fitness activities. Now a day’s fitness trackers can be seen in the hands of every second person who performs any gymnastic exercise to maintain his, her physique. That is one of the most necessary machinery in the gym.

Abraham Louis Perrelet did the invention of the fitness tracker in the early 90s. These trackers were surfaced to the market in 1965 with the help of Manpo-Kei, which was able to measure 10000 steps Dr. Yoshiro Hantano assembled it.

He was a Japanese professor who was teaching at Kyushu University of Health and Welfare. That was a massive invention of that era and was a significant relief to the sportsman and physical workers of that time.

Later on, this tracker was created in too many shapes the most reliable of them is wrist wearable. Today numerous companies manufacture this inventory some of them are Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Oculus Rift and Go pro.

It helps you to gain fitness and physique of your own choice. If you are looking for a treadmill for measuring your usual jog and the calories burnt by yourself, then you must take a look at this epic gadget. With the help of this, you can have all these fitness reports on your wrist.

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For whom the letscom fitness tracker is?


This appliance has an auspicious feature that it is very easily affordable. There is no need to pay piles of money to buy this contrivance. Every person who is getting the average salary can easily afford it.

Moreover, it is very easy to use even a beginner can easily handle it. This appliance has an excellent texture and design. You have to tie it among your wrist, and then you can do a confidential walk or jog.

If you are a sportsman and you want to develop yourself, that this is the perfect tool for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying

While buying a fitness tracker you must see some things in it. These things are very relative to the point that either you are buying a tracker of your need or it is just a waste of bucks that you are doing.

Following are some things that must be kept in mind while buying a tracker.

Size : The most important thing that matters the most while buying is the size of the fitness tracker. It should be of your size and must perfectly fit on your wrist otherwise.

It will cause you tension rather than comfort. If the tracker is small in format, it will stop the blood flow to your hands and will leave the nasty marks on your wrist, and if you have bought a big one then you need, then it can just slip off your wrist to any place.

So, it is vital to purchase the items like these of your exact size.

Precise and Accurate Measurement : A good quality fitness tracker should give the hundred percent accurate details of your work out.

When you are buying a tracker, repeatedly measure the walking distance with it. If there is any difference between the readings, then there is an error in the tracker.

Even a minor distinction between the scrutiny is not expectable. For instance, you go for a walk of 10000 steps daily, and your tracker counts a hundred steps more than the all.

So, this can shorten your walk up to 30000 steps which are a vast distance for being ignored. Accuracy in the measurement should be your priority while buying.

Battery Timing : Fitness tracker should have a long-lasting battery timing. It is an essential need of the customer. If one is dealing with a very tight schedule that he is hardly getting time for eating and taking a nap, then how will he charge it after a few hours?

Also, if there is a power shortage or electricity crisis, a quality fitness tracker should be able to overcome the situations like these. Battery timing is a significant feature of every electrical appliance.

If your tracker is just ready to work for few hours than this, you are just wasting your money over a useless steel crap.

User-Friendly : That must be kept under consideration that It is effortless to use. There should be no complexity in its use, and one can comfortably handle.

It is necessary that the way in which its features are assembles are that easy to monitor that even an amateur can easily understand those. It must have a touch screen that consists of quite good quality heat sensors in it so there will be no trouble of button failure in it.

It should be able to directly connected to your phone. If its structure and framework are complicated, then this gadget is only for the peoples whom can understand its complicated features.

Strong Metallic Body : When you are engaged in buying the best fitness tracker. You should wisely examine the whole body of the fitness tracker. It should not have any scar or discolor on it.

It should have a shiny and stainless-steel body. Any sign of rust is not acceptable. It should have a waterproof body. So, you will be able to use it on a rainy day.

Also, the body should be strong enough that if the strip of your tracker breaks out and your tracker falls to the floor, it should be strong enough to bear the strike of the floor. There is no place for a volatile and fragile fitness tracker.


  • This tracker has the ability of elasticity so a person no matter how much fat or slim can wear it.
  • This tracker is very cheap and one can easily afford it.
  • Letscom fitness tracker easy to use and also has fantastic features.
  • This gadget is wireless and can be connected to your phone.


  • They need to wear all the time.
  • They are not always accurate
  • Their accuracy can be challenged because they do not give the accurate results all the time.
  • They are not with the fashion they look like an ordinary watch.

Features and Benefits

The gadget is available in many online shopping websites. It is also available on Amazon for 25.99 $, with five colures. More similar products of Lescom company are available which are identical in use, but they have extra features.

The customer can choose a suitable gadget, according to his requirement. Lescom Fitness tracker counts your steps and activities on it. Some promising features of this tracker are described below.


Water Proof

One of the eminent features of this fitness tracker is that it is waterproof. So, if you are a professional swimmer or engaged with the swimming as the exercise this will be the best tool for you.

Because you can use it for under-water.  Also, there is no time limit for being waterproof. As being a diver, you can take it beneath the water for long terms.

Its metallic and shiny body and the outclass looks make it one of the best fitness trackers. For a man having sportsman spirit, this is one of the best supreme items.

Medically Stable

Unlike smartphones and other gadgets of this categories. These trackers cannot harm the users in any way. They are thermally stable and they do not produce any kind of waves that are a harm to eyes and other body parts.

Fitness trackers help you to attain a better body by monitoring your sleep and other physical activities. These trackers have a significant role in our good health.

Even the physicians and doctors their self-use this equipment. With the help of a fitness tracker, you can have all of your physical activity report on the wrist of your watch. So, you can easily monitor yourself by a fitness tracker.

Motivation to Goal

The most helping feature of a fitness tracker is that it motivates you to attain a certain goal set by you. Motivation is a very big need if one wonders to live a handsome life.

A life without a goal is just a waste of precious time. Being motivated will just not only help you in reshaping your body but also it will play a vital role in your practical life.

When you are using this tracker, you set a goal of some thousands of steps each day when you achieve your goal you will have a pleasant feeling. This will boost your thirst for working hard and gain more and more.


Fitness trackers are a kind of useful gadget that helps you to monitor your everyday fitness activities. It is a water-resistant watch, and it also tracks your burnt calories and monitors the sleep.

The device has a led touch screen which makes it more attractive. Abraham Louis Perrelet did the invention of the fitness tracker in the early 90s. They do not take much space. 

You can wear it on your wrist and place it in your pocket or bag. It does not have much space consuming structure. More advance Lescom device can also track the position of your mobile phone too.

It can help the sportsman and athletes to play a role of their virtual assistant. With the help of this, you can have all these fitness reports on your wrist.

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