Levoit Salt Lamp Reviews For 2021

Did you know about the Levoit Salt lamps or Himalayan salt lamp before? Recently Amazon is providing excellent reviews of this product.

This is efficiently capturing the attention of people as a beautiful showpiece. People who usually carried many excitements to gather beautiful and uncommon objects to keep them in their living rooms.

This is quite and unique product which can quickly blow the mind of the observer. According to most of the reviews of customers, they even don’t know about the existence of a fantastic product like this before the Amazon advertised for this.

Most of the customer reviews for the levoit salt crystal lamp says that the levoit salt lamp has helped them to reduce their insomnia, anxiety, and other mental health conditions which is very much beneficial to them.

So the iconic crystal salt lamp reviews say that it is not just a beautiful object, but also an iconic natural lamp with healing and smoothing benefits.

The Himalayan iconic natural salt lamp reviews provide us with some fantastic facilities of the levoit salt lamp. Which can describe for the customers need?

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Stainless steel base:

The base of the levoit salt lamp is the most highly rated facility or feature that the product has gained from the customers.

You can easily find other salt lamps on the market, but they won’t provide you the stainless steel base. All the other salt lamps come with the wooden base.


You can also find the ordinary steel based lights. But the levoit salt lamps are only providing you the stainless steel base. This stainless steel base gives this lamp an allegiant look from others.

This base is too much unique and provides this lamp with a stylish and chic look which can efficiently enhance its beauty.

Healthier object:

These iconic lamps are not just an object of beauty, and they are beneficial too. We might know that the salt comes from Himalaya has a fantastic power to heat the atmosphere at the same time as lighting the room. It won’t hamper your sleep like other dimmer lights so if you like to use it as so.

The best thing about these lamps is they are too much healthier with all the other amazing features. We know that the mountain salt which ides in the lights have specific qualities to clear the air.

It makes all the spores, dust, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens. Isn’t this amazing?

Tall 25W bulb:

Another fantastic facility of the salt lamp is that it comes with a 25W long powerful bulb which will generally give you long-lasting performance. You will also find an extra bulb of 15W with the lamp box.

So, you won’t have to worry about buying an additional bulb to light it up. No other salt lamp will provide you a 25W bulb with them. These bulbs are more potent than the 15W bulbs.

So these bulbs generally create a warmer atmosphere and have many capabilities to clear the air.

This specific facility makes the levoit iconic salt lamp better from all the other salt lamps and makes popular and well affordable to the people of worldwide.

Levoit salt lamp Features and Specifications:

The levoit iconic crystal salt lamp has the following features and specifications:

  • Levoit iconic salt lamps have designed with modern features. From the outside looks to the internal capacity, these lamps are modern.
  • For the salt lamps, the darker color they carry on, the better quality they provide. These levoit lamps provide crystal dark orange color.
  • Provide an amazing box with one salt light. These lamps are capable of providing a maximum of 15 watts.
  • This Company is providing the finest Crystal salt rocks for the lamps which comes from the Himalaya.
  • The finishing of the levoit lamps completed with a nice base made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • A 25w long bulb included with the lamp. Creates 120 volts.
  • You will find a fixture feature commented as a natural air purifier, a nice dimmer light, improve breathing, reduce stress, prevent allergies, improve sleep, reduce insomnia, increase energy, create natural heat, reduce virus and harmful bacteria.
  • It specifically used as a light or a good dimmer. The light generally provides Crystal orange shade. The light is adjustable. You can change the light and adjust a new one according to your demand.
  • These levoit light usually provides a stone shade. The mountain rock salt provides the look of stone, and it looks amazing.
  • Provides Push button or touch button. And a 4 inches length bulb.
  • The plug format of these lamp designed as a Plug-in method. You will find a 2m power cord with this.
  • Product Weight is 8.9 pounds. Base Diameter is 4 inches. Product Dimension is 11.3 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches
  • Provides 2x 15 watt light bulbs, 1x user guide as additional.
  • These modern levoit lamps come with a stainless steel base which gives that a modern look, and it creates product lifespan and maximum safety. The salt which uses for the lamp generally collects from the Himalaya which are best in quality. They provide the best shape, clarity, and color purity.
  • The salt lamps have the imitation power which fights against sluggishness and fatigue and also electromagnetic radiation. It purifies air and doesn’t harm your sleep like other dimmers. Levoit crystal lamps include a touch controller with it. You can need to touch a button to switch it on and off as you need.
  • It is UL certified and can control light brightness. You can quickly adjust the dimmer lighting according to your wish. It might be the first brand which gained the CE, FCC, ROHS approval for this product. It has an extra replacement bulb included with it.
  • The natural hand curved design and bold crystal orange color and the stainless steel base make the design of the lamp more allegiant for your living room.


Customer reviews and score

Here we are also giving some customer reviews for your need. It can be beneficial to you before purchasing the lamp.

The reviews from most of the users of the lamp defines that, this salt lamp is not just an object of beauty but also a highly beneficial product. Many of the customers observed that, the lamp is reducing their insomnia and other allergies.

According to their reviews, the limp is a fantastic dimmer, which helps to have sound sleep. On the other hand, many of them loves the look of the lamp, they love it as an amazing beautiful object which increases the decency of their living room.

The touch control button formula of the levoit iconic salt lamp attracts the customers most.

Many of them commented that, it is incredible technic along with the other amazing features of the light.

They have purchased the lamp without having any past experiences.

Firstly people used to fall in love with the crystal shade of the fire.

Most of them planned to buy it just as a beautiful object, but after having this, they became shocked to see that it has a lot of benefits and features.

The levoit Himalayan lamps are goods in looking. But the adjustment process of the bulb into the light is quite annoying.

Though they provide an extra 15w bulb with the box, it is difficult to adjust such a long bulb through the narrow space into the lamp.

Some customers complained as they are really disappointed with the system of changing the bulb on the fire. Maybe, they were unable to follow the user guide perfectly and have faced these problems.

How to use the levoit crystal salt lamp (FAQ)

1. What items will you find in the whole lamp box?

Ans: You will find a levoit salt lamp, 2x adjustable 15w bulb, and a user guide (which will profoundly help you in the fitting) with the box of the salt lamp.


2. How to adjust the bulb?

Ans: it will be a little challenging to fit the long bulb through the narrow space. Don’t make rush while installing it, keep calm and take the help from the guide to adjust the bulb into the lamp.

3. How to switch the light?

Ans: Switching the lamp is a very much natural process. The levoit lamps are providing you a touch switch controller for switching it on. Just touch the on button and you are done.

You can also adjust the brightness of the lamp with the touch controlling process.

4. In which purposes this lamp is used?

Various people use this particular iconic lamp in different ways. Some use this to read books, and they say reading under the light of this lamp gives them natural healing benefits.

Some people say they have kept this lamp for its attractive color which probably comes from the natural salt. Some say that the dimmer light of this lamp won’t affect their sleep and even provide them a smoother rest.


Following these iconic crystal lamp reviews, we can say that it is quite a unique and fantastic product which provides both beauties with benefits.

Customers from worldwide have highly recommended it as a unique beneficial product. The steel base, the bold color, and the adjustable dimmer features make it as the best salt lamp for the customers.

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