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Our lives have become so hectic that it is quite impossible to go to the gym and shade some sweat just to keep in shape. However, millions of people around the world have found a way around to stay in shape in the form of Yoga.

As it turns out, this ancient art of exercise is not only good for improving strength, but it can also help relieve body aches and pains when done correctly and can help you meditate and reduce stress.

And the best part is, Yoga can be done anywhere as you do not require any heavy, bulky and expensive equipment.

All you need is the best yoga mat right beneath your body while you’re doing your yoga poses.

Now, I know, the big question is which yoga mat is the best yoga mat? Everyone will have their own opinion, and they are all right as they all have different perspectives about their best mat.

But the one I consider the best is the Liforme Yoga mat. And most of the experts will agree with me as this is undoubtedly a great mat.

Especially, when you consider the price tag, you know this packs some firepower. And in the Liforme yoga mat review, we will find out what it has to offer and what makes it the fan favorite.

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For Whom The Product Is?

As you already got the hint, the Liforme yoga mat isn’t the most affordable mat in the market. It is slightly on the expensive side.

Therefore, true yogis can appreciate the comfort it has to offer. The grip, the texture, everything is exceptional, and for someone who has just started yoga, it is the dream stuff to work out on.

They might not appreciate the details like the experienced users; however, if they had the chance to use any beginner level yoga mat, the huge upgrade is something that even the amateur eyes can notice.


Things To Consider Before You Buy One:

There are indeed some things every yoga mat buyer should know about. These things are some simple tips which will help them to pick the right yoga mat for their workout.

Just give them a quick look and get a clear idea of the things you need to keep an eye out while looking for the best mat.

Mat thickness: The large thickness of gym mats ain’t the thing you want in your yoga mat. This could be counterproductive to your muscles and may not allow you to perform the exercises well.

But it is also advised not to use an extremely thin mat as it could have adverse effects on the body.

You need a yoga mat with enough thickness to provide support to your body meantime giving you the flexibility to do all your asanas properly.

Therefore, a maximum depth of 1cm is enough as it gives you the right balance.

Anti-slip: The most important feature that you need to ensure is the comfort and safety. The material should be soft to the touch so that you do not scratch or feel discomfort in your feet when working on it.

So, for that, the best thing is the eco-friendly yoga mats or natural rubber as they are quite comfortable to work on. And as for the anti-slip effect, this will allow you to perform the exercises without slipping, avoiding muscle aches and accidental bumps.

Stickiness: While the anti-slip effect of the mat makes sure, you don’t slip while working out. The stickiness feature of the mat does the same thing as it helps you to do your poses without losing your balance.

Therefore, you can maintain strenuous yoga poses on the carpet for several seconds with ease as the mat sticks right with the yogi’s body.

However, the stickiness of the mat gets reduced over time if it isn’t cleaned properly. So, make sure to clean the mat to maintain the sticky factor.

Eco-friendly: If you want to do your fair share for the mother nature, then obviously you should look for an eco-friendly yoga mat. In that case, the traditional sticky mats made from PVC aren’t for you.

Instead, go for eco-friendly rubber or cotton mats. They do the job just fine as the best yoga mat while making sure they don’t harm the environment after they get dumped.

Price Range: Depending on your budget, you need to find the best yoga mat for yourself. If you got money to spend, then you can get all the features like textures, right thickness from the mat.

Especially, the money factor comes into play if you want eco-friendly stuff for yourself as they don’t come cheap.

Liforme The YOGA Mat : The liforme yoga mat is a gift from expert yogis to all those other yogis around the world. This one is the Yoga Mat that put Liforme in the map as a brand.

Before this, the brand wasn’t that well known to the world. But once the original yoga mat was introduced with all its unique feature and strengths, the brand took off like a rocket and never had to look back.


This is the original yoga mat that helped the manufacturer Liforme to establish as the market leader when it comes to manufacturing Yoga mats.

And I have fallen in love with it like all the other users due to its exceptional attributes. Yes, it isn’t the cheapest thing you can find, but it is worth the money.

  • It is quite durable.
  • It provides exceptional grip.
  • It isn’t slippery.
  • An environment-friendly option.
  • Carrying around is easy.
  • The alignment system is helpful.
  • The rubber smell is offensive.
  • It isn’t cheap.

Liforme Yoga Mat  Features and Benefits:

In this part of the Liforme Yoga Mat review, we will be looking at some of the critical traits of the mat and the benefits of those traits.


Unique Desing: 

The first thing that really makes the Liforme a unique is its design. By design, I mean the alignment system drawn on the mat.

Most, yoga mats have a plain design and give no alignment instructions on them to help find the correct form while doing the asanas. But this one has some very clear marker system that aids the yogis.

Also, the longer mat design is something people can get behind. Compared to the most yoga mat, this is quite wide and long. And the thickness of the mat is just the right kind.

Not too thick which can sometimes restrict your movements and not too thin therefore you get comfortable support from the mat.


For the environmentalist, this is the perfect thing as this avoids the use of PVC. Even they don’t use glue while making the mat.

The key material in the Liforme mat is the sustainable rubber which is safe for the environment. The manufacturers even avoided ink to etch those alignment markers as ink can cause harm to the environment.

So, the attention to detail to ensure to do the part for the mother nature is something everyone can appreciate.


While using the mat, you can see this is worth every penny as thing feels so soft against your skin. No scratches, no itchy feeling like those cheaper yoga mats.

And the support it provides while doing the yoga poses is rare. It offers excellent grip and traction to help you hold your poses for a more extended period.

Even if you sweat a lot, there is no way you will side due to the moisture on the mat as this thing gives the right amount of stickiness to help you hold your ground.


People take Yoga as an exercise because it can be performed anywhere. But to do this, you need to have your yoga mat with you at all times. And carrying can be an issue with most yoga mats use heavy materials which make them a real nightmare.

But the Liforme weighs only about 3 pounds which means it is easy to carry. And the best part, it comes with a carry case. So, now you can move with your equipment anywhere.


As you can see from the Liforme yoga mat review, this is a higher end yoga mat for both beginners and experts alike.

Yes, you need to pay big bucks to own one, but for the best yoga mat, it isn’t that big of a price you ask me. Especially, when the mat provides such exceptional comfort and safety features.

So, if you are serious about going all in to become a true yogi then get this mat right now.

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