Magnetic Bike Vs Spin Bike Step By Step Guide

Magnetic Bike Vs Spin Bike – Best Comparison For 2020


Khloe’ Alexandra Kardashian, an American television personality, once said, Fitness is not about being better than someone else… It’s about being better than you used to be.” Who does not want to keep his or her body and mind fit?

As the answer is affirmative, so to keep oneself fit, exercise is a prerequisite. Among all of the physical exercises, indoor cycling is one of the fabulous forms of challenging exercises for a cycling enthusiast.

Indoor cycling is a demanding high cardio exercise done by using stationary bikes.

Of course, the number of calories one will burn, largely depends on the persons’ sex, age, height, weight as well as how much effort someone investing for brushing-up, though, some studios assert per session one will be able to burn 400 to 600 calories or more! At the very first place, why do not we check out the welfares of indoor cycling?

Previously I have stated, indoor cycling is a cardio workout, boosts cardiovascular fitness along with enhancing lower body muscular stamina. It also helps to:

  • Alleviate lingering medical illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes type two, and osteoarthritis
  • Enhance memory and cognition
  • Leading to greater work productivity
  • Contribute to weight loss
  • Happiness and boost mood
  • Stimulate persons’ conjugal life

In brief, if you can find merriment in this workout and can continue it for a long time, indoor cycling will be worthwhile for your body and mind. According to WHO (World Health Organization), every person should take exercise for 75 minutes in a week.

Preferably, you may go for indoor cycling and perform cycling for two to three throughout a week, the duration of each workout can be 30 to 40 minutes.

But keep in mind, there is a bit difference lies in between indoor cycling and spinning. Indoor cycling is a high cardio difficult exercises done by using stationary bikes, whether, spinning is a particular feature of indoor cycling and Johnny G Goldberg introduced this format in the early 1990s.

Whether to Purchase a Bike Or to Go Cycling Studios

For beginner cycling enthusiast, my personal recommendation will be to visit nearby cycle studios or gym and to be trained up under professional trainer.

But if you have already experienced few sessions, gym or studios and most importantly, know the ins and outs of your good and bad at cycling, can go for a bike by your own self.

Yes! Working out in a group is a more fun, though, on your own home you can jump on your own bike at any time you want. Moreover, you don’t have to return home being sweatiest.

What else can be better than that? Rather, you can use computer television, fitness DVDs, YouTube videos on fitness, instead of gym, studios, mentors or membership! I bet that will be pretty much cost consuming.


Learning About Exercise Bikes

In this article, we are going to discuss spin bike, one of the three sorts of exercise bikes. And the other two formats are the recumbent and upright. And every one of them provides diverse feelings of riding. However, all of them have the same goal to stipulate its’ users good health.

The upright bike provides the vibe of a standard road bike, and the recumbent bike offers a semi-recumbent riding position and full back support We have learned intensity and resistance of an indoor cycling bike can be controlled. Depending on resistance we can classify spin bike into terms. They are:

  • Spin Bike
  • Magnetic Bike

Spin Bike

Spin bike, familiarly, known as a stationary bicycle, exercise bike, exercise cycle, etc. It is also recognized as an indoor cycling bike. In the 1980s, the spin bike was first introduced. Spin bike consists of saddle, pedals and various type pf handlebars.  It’s a proto type of an outdoor bike, the difference is outdoor bicycle is used for transportation and the spin bike is used for fitness.

Working And Using Process of Spin Bike

Before starting cycling, you sit on the comfortable seat of the bike, then, lean forward to its handlebars like you are in an outdoor bike.

When you stroke the pedals, it morphs a heavy flywheel which is situated at the front of the bike and thus spin bike provides its clientele similar taste of pedaling an outdoor bike.

The gear of spin bike is fixed, so, even when you’ve stopped pushing the pedals, the pedals keep turning from the weight of the flywheel. You can manually increase or decrease the resistance of a spin bike.

So, by hard pedaling, you will be able to experience like going uphill riding. The crankshaft and the pedals of the spin bike are similar to outdoor bike.  Apparently, we can say, spin bike is an outdoor bike without true wheels. Here, belts and strap are liable for creating resistance.


Magnetic bike

All exercise can be customized with different level of pedal tension. More specifically, we use two types of mechanism to change the level of pedal tension. One is magnetic resistance and the other is strap or belt resistance.

Technologically, using magnetic resistance is more radical than using strap or belt resistance. And when we use magnetic resistance in the spin bike, to change the level of pedal tension, is known as the magnetic bike.

Working And Using Process of Magnetic Bike

By setting up two magnets on each side of the flywheel, manufacturer companies create magnetic resistance. When you intensify pedal resistant, it creates tension, and for which, the magnets move nearer to the flywheel.

On the other hand, when you reduce pedal resistance, it becomes easier to pedal, and the magnets go further from the flywheel. We can use magnetic resistance both manually and digitally.

A tension button regulates the magnet through the wire in manually adjustable magnetic strength and digitally adjustable magnetic resistance, an electronic indicator governor the magnets.

Magnetic Bike

Magnetic Bike Vs Spin Bike

Buying an appropriate exercise bike needs astuteness. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out from the puzzle. Here, we have pointed out some terms in regards to magnetic and spin, using them, you will be able to figure out your type of bike.


Magnetic bike

Spin Bike

As in magnetic bike, magnets, located in the flywheel, never touch each other, magnetic bike is noise free. So it’s good news for you if you want silence.  The operation of magnetic resistance bike is quiet and smooth, as the environment remains noise free, you can use this in the sound restricted residential area. You can watch a movie, go to a magazine and even can listen to your favorite music with low volume, without facing a noise problem. It is also favorable for mother with a newborn baby. While the baby is taking a nap, she can do cycling without creating any disturbance.

As Friction Resistance based spin bike uses felt wool pads that rest on the flywheel, it makes shushing type of noise, and it turns into a loud whisper, when, it is rightly greased. On the contrary, the sound turns into loud noisy sound, if it is not properly lubricated. Extreme mechanical abuse occurs in friction based spin bike, as this kinds of exercise bike use direct contact resistance system. You will be disturbed during your work out because of this unwanted dissonance. This is the central downside in comparison of the magnetic bike. This may disrupt the tranquil life of your family and neighbors.

Expense to Bear:

Magnetic bike

Spin Bike

Magnetic resistance exercise bike is more expensive than those with friction resistance bike. Here, in the magnetic bike, the production cost is high. Eventually, this production cost affects magnetic bikes’ market price and the price goes higher than the spin bike. Though the advantages you will derive from the magnetic bike will make your investment worthwhile. Due to its’ magnetic resistance performance, the magnetic bike is most applauded bike. A magnetic bike is more comfortable to handle

Friction Resistance based spin bikes are more economic to the magnetic bike. If you are in a dilemma with money, you may go for the spin bike. It will save your few dollars. But, if you want unbeatable resistance, friction Resistance based spin bike will be the right choice. The resistance a spin bike can is too tough to overcome.  It is not so easy to get accustomed with spin bike. Besides, the fly wheel may rip up, which, may cost you much.


Magnetic bike

Spin Bike

In magnetic bike, there is no dust problem or lubricant problem. As a minimal maintenance, all it needs, just, tighten up screws and wire after a few years.

As spin bike use wool pad to gear up friction, the pads get fatigue, by the time being. After every 6 to 12 months, those wool pads need to change, routinely. It also creates wool dust. It needs silicon based lubricated oil, to keep them from fending too hard against the flywheel. Due to oil drop and dust, floor goes messy. So, the bike and floor needs regular cleansing

Marked Level:

Magnetic bike

Spin Bike

In magnetic bike, you have to calculate your required amount of resistance too. But magnetic bike keeps the records in which level of resistance you were before. Since you know your previous level therefore you can return effortlessly at later time. Magnetic bike follows the Eddy Currents- the faster the metal object going through the magnetic field the greater the resistance. If you pedal faster, the level of resistance will change and the resistance is greater speed.

In spin bike, there are no distinct levels for resistance. The actual amount of resistant depend on you that how much resistance you want and how far you can turn the tension knob to get your required level of resistance. Moreover, you need to measure where to turn the tension switch to assist you back to an amount you were before. As there is no marking, you will not get help in this regard. The resistance remains persistent in irrespective of your cycling RPM and beat


To keep your bike smooth ride after ride, it needs daily maintenance, weekly maintenance and monthly maintenance. 

1) Cleansing After Every Ride:

Use damp cloth swayback in soap water to wipe out your bike. And most importantly, don’t forget to dry your bike instantly. If you don’t wash out your bike regularly, it could be harmful for your health. But be careful, avoid using any kinds of petroleum based solvent.

2) Maintenance Checkup:

Maintenance check means checking up the moving parts and components of your bike. You need to ensure those parts are working properly and rightly connected to the bike. Note that, don’t go too hard on tightening up parts, it may break the plastic components.

3) Greasing And Changing The Components:

There some corners in your bike, you may forget to checking them regularly (as for example the condition of mainframe). Either you need to use proper oil in some of those areas or may need to replace some parts. Note that a tiny negligence can cos t you much. Alternatively, you may consult with some expertise sometimes.

Some Bonus Tips

  • Before any kinds of exercises, do not dress tight, wear the proper exercise outfit.
  • Don’t forget to take water bottle and drink water. It will save you from dehydration.
  • Besides indoor cycling exercise, you may add yoga, strength training or other sorts of group exercise classes to your routine schedule. It will ease your injuries as well as it will enhance other areas of fitness like flexibility of body and muscular stamina.
  • Before starting every session, make sure you completed your protein rich breakfast. For example, you may take a banana, protein bar.
  • If you are new, ask your instructor for necessary requirement.


At first be ready and prepare yourself to cycling. Then start. Wait! Wait! Check the carefulness tips given bellow, surely it will help you to make proper gym with cycling

  • Indoor cycling is highly intensive and sweaty work out. So, people who are disinclined of getting sweaty, they may avoid this.
  • The sessions are designed to provide you the experience of hilly ride.  Eventually your coach will modify bikes’ intensity and resistance. Such type of combination in challenge and excitement may cause pain in your leg and turn you extremely sweaty. So being a beginner you may have to face those bruised feelings for few classes.
  • Sometimes maintaining session in studios can be expensive. In that case you can go for gym, some large gym offers memberships.
  • Another problem arises with posture. In a broad sense, it might not be a big issue to you. But, a wrong posture can create a chronic damage to your health. Like, stooping to a great extent on your bike will reduce muscle engagement and this will burn your calories. Consequently, you will not be able to breathe properly. For the avoidance of unexpected situation like this, I strongly suggest you-  please do listen to your instructor.
  • Since all human bodies are not alike, you may get confused how to set up your bike in respect to your body. Just chill! Here, I am going to tell you a simple trick. Before jumping on your bike, stand right next to your bike, now, balance the height of your bike seat and hip bone. And this is the exact set up for you. Now you can stroke bikes’ paddle, using your leg with full extension.
  • Now, we see so many studios are available, though, their methods of teaching are not similar. As for example, some studios prefer melodious, some studio focus on beat based loud music, almost suitable for dancing choreography, some rely on traditional cycling related to RPM (rotations per minute) I will say which studio you are going to choose is only and only your personal inclination. Every studios offers “a first free class”. You can take that chance while choosing your own type of studio.
  • There is a sayings excessive anything is harmful. To reduce weight or to get fit body, you have to be patient. As cycling is highly intensive exercise, overexertion can lead anyone to injury. Have patience, take adequate rest and pay heed to your body.

If you are careful and keep brushing up yourself during every session, there is nothing to be worried about. I hope, by this time, you have already made the decision to buy an indoor cycling bike or some of are thinking, whether to buy or not. Right?

Just, wait for a few seconds, finish up the article, then, you will find your answer, whether to buy or not and if you buy, which one you should buy.       

Ending Note

Undoubtedly, both type of bikes will help you to get your desirable fitness. If you prioritize advantage over cost, you may go for magnetic bikes, as it is silent, dust free, minimal upkeep, don’t have to change pads often.

But you are in shortage of cash, spin bikes win on the expense. So what are you waiting for? Lace your pair of quality indoor bike shoes and start cycling.

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