How to Make a Camping Stove?

Don’t you feel a little exhausted of your everyday busy life in the town or city where everything is in a rush and you are racing with the time, trying to do your best? Don’t you need some rest in your free time? Don’t you just love spending some time in nature, enjoy in its beauty, feel the peace and just relax? There is no better way of doing it than camping.

Camping is a nice and enjoyable activity that will fill your “batteries” and will make you feel as good as possible. Being in nature gives a good, refreshing vibe and energy, so that you will not feel bored and drained when you get back to your everyday life with busy schedule, full of work. It is the best, no matter if you do it all alone on your own, with your beloved half or with your family or friends.

If you are a loner, this is a good way to just escape from everyone and relax every piece of you, hearing the beautiful sound of the breathing nature. If you are an extrovert person, there is no better idea of spending time with the people you love. It is interesting and fun thing to do.

Things You Need Before Going to a Camping

Going and doing such activity like camping need some preparation. You can’t just decide to go and just go. No matter how long you are planning to stay in nature, you will have to get some essential thing that you will need during your stay.


If you plan to stay a short period of time, you will need all the things that you would be needed if you stayed longer, only in shorter amount. So, making a list of things and purchase those is the best preparation before going.

One of the basic things, of course is food and water, and some preparation for a hygienic care.

There are some groceries and parts of the equipment that you can find in your nearest stores, but for some of them, you will have to try harder to get. Searching and shopping online is always a good option.

Nowadays, almost everything you can imagine can be found and ordered from a number of internet websites. It is an easy and simple process, but there is one little problem about it and that is its quality.

You can’t be a hundred percent sure if the item that you have ordered will work, or will you deliver it safe, with the all needed parts on it. If you are not an online shopping lover, we will recommend something more fun.

Have you ever think of and tried of doing something yourself? We will recommend you to start doing such activities because they are fun, cost less money and you will get the item that you will need, designed and adjusted just the way you like it to be.

How to make a camping stove

When camping, you will surely need a camping stove. It is mobile and transportable stove that works with the help of butane gas canisters. With this stove, you will be able to cook while in nature. It is nice to have one if you would like to have a warm meal such as soup or any other kind of meal you would like to eat.

Also you can make your favorite tea or coffee. There are many camping stoves on the market, but not all of their kinds are allowed everywhere. So there are some of them that cannot be used in a particular places, because there is a risk of fire or else.

So, why would you buy a camping stove that you will not be allowed to use it? Spending money for nothing. Isn’t it a better idea of making your own stove that you can be using wherever you will go? Of course it is.

How to Make a camping stove?

We are here to explain you and if you follow all the steps, you will make the perfect camping stove that will satisfy your needs.

The tools that you will need for making a homemade camping stoves are:

  • Drill
  • Dermal
  • Alcohol
  • A sand piece of sandpaper
  • Two inch piece of wood and a water battle

First Step

So the process for this is barely very simple, it just takes a couple of hours. The first thing you need to do is to do the good measurement. Measure two inches and cut the top and the bottom off. You can use a piece of 2 inch wood, place a marker on it and just move around with the bottle so that you will mark the place where it reaches the two inch part.

Do the same thing on the bottom of the bottle, only this part could be a 16 inch taller than the top one. Once you do the measuring and the marking, take the dremel and cut on the places that are marked.

You can do this step with a regular hacksaw, tin snips or else, but a dremel is the best because you can make a nice and neat straight line, which is very important in putting everything together in the next following steps and because you want to make the best camping stove for you. The bottom is 16 inch taller because there has to be a little gap that will allow the alcohol to kind of swirl around in there.

Second Step

Next step is taking a hammer and taking a piece of wood. Then just mash these two pieces together. It may be a little hard to do it, but be patient and you will make it. After that you will have to mark a line that is right below where the two pieces meet.

So, there is a little bit earful in between the inner sleeve in the outer sleeve. Then take the drill and on the new marked line, drill around 15 holes. You do not have to be that precise, you can drill few less or more.

Be careful while you are doing this because you do not want to break your drill or make any other mistake like drilling the holes too close to each other. After that, sand everything down, be patient, take your time so that everything looks nice, neat and perfect.

Then put about two ounces of 70 percent rubbing alcohol in there and swirl that around, making sure that it got through the whole bottom where the outside and the inside meet.


Third Step

The next thing you need to do is the most simple, but you have to be the most careful because it could be dangerous. So, now you will have to try if everything is fine and if this homemade camping stove is working. All you need to do is take a lighter and just light up a fire in the bottle.

Let it heat up a little bit, so you will just have to wait around 30 or 40 seconds. You will see that the flames from the inside are going outside from the little holes that you previously made.

Now that you are sure that your homemade camping stove is working, you can try to cook something on it, or just leave it and wait for the right moment to use it. You must remember that it is very important in the beginning when you were lighting the fire that you must wait about half a minute for the whole surface to heat up.

If you miss this step, there may be a problem to light the fire. So, when you see that the flames form the inside are going on the outer side through the holes – then you can be sure that you did it the right way.


There are plenty of ways of how to make your own homemade camping stove, but this is the most useful and the easiest one. Even if you are one of those people that are not keen on doing items or other similar things at home, still this is something that is really simple and you can do it even if you have only the basic tools in your tool case.

Knowing how it is done is very helpful for many other situations other than just camping and having fun. So, follow these few easy steps, make your own stove and you are ready to go and have a wonderful time in your favorite outdoor place.

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