How to Make A Fish Trap For Big Fish?

As you already know that Fish Traps primarily used for fishing. But there are forms of Fish traps, like a lobster trap or fishing weir. Fyke nets are a type of fishing nets which is also known as fish traps.

Fish Trap is usually a frame with steel wire which is very thick. The cable has a shape like a heart along with chicken wire which stretched around the frame.

Inside of the trap the mesh wraps the frame around it and it then tapers. That is why when a fish swims and get inside of it through the whole opening.

The fish gets stuck, and they cannot get out. And this happens because the opening of the chicken wire bends back to the original narrowness as the fish gets inside the openings. Whereas traps of contemporary have many shapes as well as sizes and are made up of many materials.

Types of Traps People Use to Catch Fish

People used fishing traps made up of woods and fibre on the past days. But nowadays fishing traps are made up of aluminium and other materials as well.

Using the fishing traps entirely depends on the behaviour as well as the condition of the local fish. If you can place the trap correctly, the trap will be very useful.

There are two types of Fishing Traps. One is the Portable Traps, which consists of a shape of a pot or bottle. To be precise, the second one is the Fixed and Semi-Fixed Structures Fishing trap. And there are many traps under these two types of traps.

Do you know about them? If no, then don’t worry. You are not alone. Well! There are lots of people who don’t know about it. So let’s get to know about those Fishing Traps:

Basic Bottle Trap 

This type of fishing traps has a shape like a bottle. And at the entrance of this bottle trap, there will still be a funnel. It is a portable trap which is made up of the wire, plastic or glass.

Sometimes weaved from the braches are also used. This bottle fishing trap often contain bait.


Crab Traps

Crab Traps are used to catch the crabs. This trap is a cage that has and openings. And this openings let the crab enter but can’t get rid of that cage once they enter the cage, and eventually, they get bait.

Crab Traps

Eel Traps

These traps are also as like as the bottle traps, but the difference is the length which is a bit longer. And Eel Traps are built by the weaving of the stems of the climbing plants.


Katiska Trap 

This fishing trap is made using chicken wire and is very much collapsible as well as rigid trap. Katiska Trap is used in Finland. People who love fishing and takes fishing as a hobby, they primarily use the Katiska trap.


Lobster Pot

Fishing Trap named Lobster Pot was built using the two parts of the wire as well as the wood. This fishing trap is used to catch the lobster.

Also, the crayfish which is very rare. The first part of this fishing trap is the bait whereas the second part catches the lobster and traps it.


Octopus Trap 

The Octopus Trap is used mainly in Japan, Mediterranean also some other regions as well. This trap contains a clay pot which becomes the target of the octopuses as they think it like a home when the trap is under the water.

So when you pull the trap slowly, the octopuses remains there and that is how octopuses get traps. Even no baits are needed as well.

Soda Bottle Trap 

As you can see the name that is Soda Bottle Trap, thus it is also made up of a soda bottle. You may be surprised. But it is true. The soda bottle trap contains a funnel on top of the bottle.

The top part of the container should be cut off, and the tube should be placed there, cutting the vertical lines which were going downwards.

Well! These are the usual traps which of people can make by their instruments. Still, people are building them and using them as well though more advanced fishing trap is out to the market now.

But again, some people want to make their fishing trap. But they don’t know how to make them. Let’s get to know how to make a Fishing Trap.


Steps to Build a Fishing Trap For The Big Fishes

People who catch random aquatic species they use the Fishing trap a lot. Some of them may love to catch aquatic species whereas some of their jobs are to catch fish and sell them. Though you already know that to catch fish or aquatic species, you must need the use of the Fishing Trap.

Some people buy readymade traps from the market, but some of them love you to use their fishing by building them.

Are you one of them as well? Don’t you know how to make a Fishing Trap? If no, then nothing to worry. Follow the steps I mentioned down below:

Thinking About Your Needs

Take a decision first about what size fish you are about to catch before you start making a fish trap. The size of the traps directly varies on the size of the fish you want to pick.

The small fishes like the Minnows, Pan Fish etc. can get caught by the 12 inches by 24 inches trap.

But to catch the large fishes like the Catfish, Suckers and Crap etc. will take a larger trap. But one thing you must take care of is that you must maintain the taller length of the trap less than the water depth.

Make a Shape for the Trap

Most of the Fishing Trap shapes built by a rectangular shape. Those traps are made up of the 1:2:4 height, width as well as the length in ratio. But sometimes cylindrical traps also gives good feedback when there is no current in the water.

Decide the Material You Want To Use On The Trap

In Alabama, the craftsman uses the best traps to catch the catfish. Those traps are also made by themselves and using the White Oak Strips, Galvanized Steel or using Copper Wire; they build the Trap.

It is very much easy to create a trap with the use of a wire mesh fabric or else the poultry netting.

If you want to catch the minnows, you can use hardware cloth with ¼ or else ½ inch mesh. But for the Suckers or the carp go for the chicken wire which is less expensive.

Then Cut the 12 Pieces of the Lumber to Make a Frame like Box

Approximately to build a rectangular trap, you need four pieces of the lumber for the length and four sections for the width of the trap.

You must also need four parts for the height as well. Larger or the Smaller Traps depends on the requirements of, the longer as well as, the shorter pieces of the lumber.

Create the Box Then

Now gather together all the 12 parts of the lumber and arrange them in a shape of a cube. Start with creating two squares along with smaller lengths which will have similar pieces in size. And those must be placed in parallel with one another.

So after that, when you are complete with nailing the two squares together. Later on, join them with the other four longer pieces made up wood. In short, built it like a box frame.

Cut the Mesh of Wire So That You Can Wrap It around the Box

You must stay sure to overlap at the steams. A vast sheet of wire of about 6 feet long and 4 feet in wide must be required for the 12 inch by 24 inches by the 48-inch trap.

Wrap the Wire Mesh around the Longer Sides of the Box

Make sure you can create 90-degree corners. These corners will be around of each slat of that pieces of the wood. And you will do it by folding the mesh around the corner facing outside of the frame.

You can use the ‘snap ties’ made up of plastic to tie up the two edges of the sheet together. Or you can also use the wire of light gauge.

For One End of the Box Cut another Piece of Fabric Wire

Secure the sheet on the spot or place using the same ties or the wire you used on the box before. The larger or, the smaller trap will require the fabrics of wire same of its width and height.

Make a Funnel to Place It on the Other End of the Box

Use the wire mesh to make a giant funnel, and the opening should attach to the slats of the box. The opportunity must be significant enough for the fish you are targeting, or you want to catch.

And eventually, the fish when you will leave the trap inside the water, the fish will swim and get inside it but can’t escape.

These are the ways you can make a Fishing Trap to catch the Big Fish You Want. As I told you before that, many peoples love fishing.

But those of you who use their build fishing trap and do fishing, it feels great. Over here I clearly stated some steps to make a fishing trap by your own.

Final Thought 

Lots of people want to go fishing on a day with excellent weather, sitting beside a river, enjoying the moment as well as they enjoy the fishing.

But it feels great when you do fishing using your built fishing trap. But there are still some people who want to make a fishing trap but don’t know how.

This article is precisely for them. You can see that I have briefly described each step with a soft understanding language so that anyone can understand and follow the procedure.

I hoped you like this content and built your Fishing Trap very quickly following the steps. 

Thank You.

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