How to Make a Push Up Bra at Home?

Every woman should be aware of how important is to know how to pick the right bra for herself. It is not easy at all and very often you really need some advice and need to now some tips and tricks about that.

Even though, you may know some of the most essential rules, still going to the stores and buying the bras can be difficult and may not give you the result you had hoped to get.

It is really frustrating, because it is an everyday needs, it is annoying and can make you feel unpleasant all day, which is devastating.

We are all different, we have different structures, we have different shapes and types of bodies, we have different styles and tastes, but still we can all classify ourselves into some groups in general.

It is the same when it comes to bras. There are many of them, not all of them work for all kinds of breasts, but when you find your own type, that feels as good as it looks on you, it is the dream match.

But what if all types of bras that you can find in your nearest stores are not good for you? What if you think that you do not belong to any of the groups? You have read all of the tips from everywhere, took all advices, tried every trick and still the struggle is real.

They simply are not working. Is it frustrating enough to stop wearing a bra? Isn’t it even worse?

Some women feel really comfortable not wearing a bra, but as we said, it is a matter of taste and it is really very personal. Contrary on that, many women can’t think of going out without a bra.

They say that it makes them feel like they are walking around naked and get all of the attention that they would not want to have.

These kind of ladies say that wearing a bra makes them feel more comfortable and all nice and neat. This sounds like a minor problem, it is a subject that is underrated and it has to be spoken more often, to help the ones that have this kind of issue because the struggle is big and for them, the everyday life is much harder.

So, how can you solve this problem? Bras in stores are not good for you and you still feel uncomfortable without a bra? Ever think of doing it yourself? Can you imagine making your own bra at home? Sounds complicated? It is not. We have the solution if you are a push up bra lover.

How to make a push up bra at home?

For those who are not very good with needles, pins, threads and everything, there is one easy way to get almost the same effect as making a whole push up bra cup.

What do you need?

  • The first thing that you will need in this trick is a regular bra with your size number and cup size.
  • needle
  • thread
  • bra paddings

Take one bra pad, see whether is left or right and decide which cup is the match. Once you find it, place it in the inner side of the cup, right above the underwire. Sew it just there using the needle and thread.

This will help your breasts look bigger, if that is what you wanted, also, the bra pads are so soft that you will feel more comfortable wearing them and not feeling the pressure of the underwire.

If you are pro and you have all the sewing materials, you can make your own bra cup.

First step

First, you have to but push up bra underwire, because this type of underwire is a bit smaller than the one on the regular bra. Second, bra paddings. And of course, fabric bra material.

Cut cup pieces out of the fabric material, also cut cup shaped pieces out of foam. Keep the stitching allocation along the underwire line, but remove the actual cup stitching allocation.

Now, using a single layer layout, you should cut the pieces of foam as a layer which would be double to shift. Once you done that, the next step is to do the cookie piece cutting four times and then cutting the inner pocket lining.

Enough cutting.

Second step

To sew the foam lining, you need to bitt and stitch the edges. They need to be really pushed together very hard, so that you will get the effect and avoid the gap. Going further you will notice that the cup is getting the shape it should have.

Now is the time where you take the cookie pocket lining piece and stitch it down the upper edge stitching allocation. This piece should be putted against the inside of that lining of foam.

Next step – pinning it in so that the stitching allocation hangs over the foam on the outer side and the inner one is pas the edge that is previously butted of the piece of the sup that is outside.

It is better to use a zig zag that is longer and wider for better securing and put everything in place. When you are done doing all of this, then you should have almost ready to use formed bra cup.

To bartack the edge that lays in the upper part of the bra cup, use a small zig-zag. Stitch just the part where is the stitching allocation, for better security and to prevent of the pieces falling apart after you put the cookies in.

For the cookies you will need foam with two layers. With an overlock stitch, stitch the two layers together. Then sew the first and the second piece of the lace cup together, pushing the stitching allocations towards the topstitch from the edge and the side cup.  

Third step

Next thing you have to do is taking the lace cup pieces and lay them on the foam cup and make sure there are no wrinkles while you are stretching them over.

When you get to the point where they are all smooth, pin them and if you see any excess that goes out of the edges, just cut it down with the scissors.

Then, using a 2.0 width and length zig – zag, stitch the upper edge of the lace cum to the foam lace, closer to the edge.

Repeat carefully the same process to get the second cup of your homemade push up bra.

If you feel insecure in yourself about all of this doing just on your own, you can take some guidance from some more experienced person or you can just go to seamstress and give her the instructions, so following them, a brand new homemade push up bra can be made.

Final Words

one very important thing in the beginning is to do the right measuring, because if that is wrong, the bra will not work for you again.

Do it with a cloth measuring tape. Place it on your waist then slightly take it higher where it reaches your chest. That is the size of your chest. And that number is relevant for the bra size but it has nothing to do with the cups.

To measure what kind of cups you need, you need to place the cloth measuring tape around one of the breasts. Repeat it to get the number of the other one, although they are almost the same, still there may be a small difference in numbers.

Do not forget that the comfort and feeling good is the best feeling, so why would you continue your suffering with still wearing bras that are no good for you. Here is the solution, here are the instruction, and there must not be excuses.

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