How To Make a Wooden Beach Chair

How to Make a Wooden Beach Chair? [ DIY Wooden Beach Chair ]


Wooden Beach chair usually known by the name of deck chair is a kind of seat made by assembling the different type of woods.

It consists of a wooden frame and a limited strip of vinyl or other synthetic fibers also some fabrics can also be used for its manufacturing. 

This textile performs the function of a backrest or seat for the folding chair.

A person named John Cham of US invented this comfortable chair in 1855 at the same time a British man John Thomas Moore also created these “steamer chairs” in the 1860’s, so it remains a mystery that was first to manufacture this piece of wood US or UK.


To design a deck chair of the best quality, you will need the following set of items.

Apparatus and equipment needed:

  • Table Saw
  • Pillar Saw
  • Disc Sander
  • Bandsaw
  • Router
  • Router table
  • Edge Beading Router Cutter
  • Abrasive Sheets
  • 22 mm Forstner Bit
  • 4 x Parallel Jaw Clamps
  • 2 x G Clamps
  • 7mm Wood Twist Drill Bit
  • 12mm Forstner Bit
  • Ax minster Precision Square
  • Table Measure
  • Protractor
  • Marking Gauge
  • Bradawl
  • Outdoor Finishing Oil
  • Hammer
  • Pencil

Stuff (usable items):

  1. A drawing of Beach chair created by an experienced person
  2. 4 x Beech Wood Dowelling 498 x 22m
  3. 6 x Bolts of Steel preferably stainless steel
  4. 6 x locking bolts of steel
  5. 6 x washers’ also made of a Stainless Steel
  6. Standard Size Beach Chair Fabric
  7.  Beech Wood same as described in the drawing
  8.  Beech Wood dowelling 600 x 22 mm
  9.  Filling spikes

Practical work:

Step 1:

With the help of the table saw cut pieces of wood as described in the drawing. The length of each lump of timber should be 22mm wide. Try to avoid any length errors.

Step 2:

By using marking gauge mark holes in the 22 mm dowels as mentioned in the sketch. You can take bradawl to make holes in the center. Make clean and adequately measured holes.

Step 3:

Set the depth of pillar drill to 12 mm which is half of the drop of timber. Take a 22mm Forstner bit and drill the holes. The drilling machine should not vibrate while making holes this can cause weak and disfigured holes.

Step 4:

With the help of mark each 8mm hole as described in the structure. Any fault in the measurement can bogus all the chair to try to keep it as much as precise as you can.

Step 5:

First of all, take a 14 mm Forstner and countersink and the holes should be marked. With the help of a pillar drill make more significant holes in the pre-marked area. The depth of holes should be equal to the whole profundity of the wooden bit.

Step 6:

Now you have to replace the tip of the Forstner with a more significant lead of 10mm. So you can quickly drill all through the wooden block. Hold the wooden scrap tightly so it cannot move during drilling.

Step 7:

With the help of router or you can use router table in place of router pass all the wooden lumps through the beading cutter. That will soften the edges of wooden scraps. So you can have a smoother structure of deck chair.


Step 8:

Take two average sized wooden segments and with the help of pencil mark three reclining slots. These slots must be at 120mm, 220mm, and 320mm restively on the chunk. Repeatedly Measure the slits to avoid any delusion.

Step 9:

Now you have to make the beginning slots on the chunk of wood. This task is quickly and cleanly done by using a 22mm Forstner bit drill.

Step 10:

Set a protractor to 17 degrees and mark the few remaining parts of the wooden slit. That helps you gaining accuracy in the frame of the chair as described in the drawing.

Step 11:

Now by using a sharp band saw cut all the remaining and unmarked slits of woods to pieces. Remember the parts should not be too tiny or either too big for the use.

Step 12:

Take a bobbin sander (an instrument that is used to give a smooth and gentle touch to the wooden accessories) and by using it make all the rough edges of the wood chunks smooth.

Step 13:

By using a saw cut down the dowels at 2 x 460 mm, 2 x 500 mm and 1 x 523 mm. Now you need to give a finishing touch to the wooden segments is done by using a bottle of finishing oil.

Step 14:

Wait for the drying of wooden slits. After the drying process is done wisely examine the whole frame and make sure that each part is at its position and fits correctly.

Step 15:

Now gather all the wooden sections and make a beach chair frame out of it. By using a glue muster up all the pieces of woods. Now you will have a practical outline of a chair as given in the drawing.

Step 16:

Take a hammer, dowel, nuts of 6mm, stainless steel nails, bolts, and washers. By using the hammer rally and the previously created wooden frames together.

Step 17:

Lay down the wooden frame of streamer chair horizontally on a beach where you can easily measure the length of the framework of a beach chair. Now cut down the piece of fabric which is equal to the measurement of a deck chair.

Step 18:

By the help of upholstery, stack put vinyl or fabric on the wooden structure of deck chair. After this, your chair will be ready to use on either a beach or a sea ship.

Advantages of Beach Chair

A beach chair is also known as deck chair has numerous as given below:


A Comfortable Sitting for Out Doors

A beach chair provides the best sitting option in the outdoors. Whenever you are frustrated with the routine work of indoors, you can take a nap on it and can relax your body and mind.

In summers, you lay down after a swimming pool or can make it to the seaside or beach.

In winters it provides the best option of sun bath which positively affects’s the health. Whenever there is a family get together, one can sit beside the barbeque grills or the broiler.

Swells the Vision of home 

A chair like this gives a very luxurious look to the viewer. It acts as a fantastic decoration piece it enhances the beauty of your home not only you, but others will also admire this kind of extraordinary ornamental items.

It is an excellent source of attraction for a buyer if you are selling your house. Deck chairs and other maintained outdoor items are a source of appreciation for buyers and any other who visits your home.

Very Friendly to Carry

One of the trending features of beach chair is it is easily carried to the beaches, and there is no need of a truck or the back of the car to handle it a single person can easily sustain it.

All this is due to its lightweight and its ability to fold it is very low on mass so even a boy of 14 to 15 years can easily lift it.

Another bonus feature of this chair is that it can easily congest just as a (sofa come bed) so it takes very shallow space and provides you a massive amount of area for other things.

Easily Affordable

In the new era, nearly every kind of facility is present for life. One can have almost every joy of living with money.

But cost does not matter in this case Deck-chair has a unique quality as it is very cheap and nearly every middle-class man can easily buy this luxury of life.

There is no need to pay a handsome amount or to sell anything to have it.


The Beach chair is the inventory of the 19th century. At the same time, it was invented in two different countries known as the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

It gives the user the option of folding it and take it anywhere he or she wants. Deck Chairs are most commonly used on beaches and seasides, so that’s why they are also called Beach Chairs. 

They are very comfortable for sitting and taking a nap. It is effortless to carry. You have to fold it and make it anywhere you want.

Moreover, it very affordable and cheap there is no need to pay so much money for the Beach Chair.

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