Difference Between Mountain Bike and Road Bike

Nowadays we live in a modern world where we have almost everything, our life is easier than before, we have the high technology, a good transport, and you can get anywhere because only the sky is the limit. Everything sounds perfect, but there is one key fact that can make worthless everything we said before.

The air pollution. There are many features that are polluting the air constantly and intensively every day. All the things said before in a good contest, can be said in bad too.

Here is why, we said that we live in a modern world and the good thing about it is that everything is easier,

so one of the things is that we could travel the world thanks to the good transport, but this is one of the worse things that could happen too. That is one of the main reasons for the air pollution. We must raise the awareness and try to do something more about it.

We have one planet! As we said there are many factors with bad affection on our planet and we should at least stop doing the bad things or more, start helping the planet. Riding a bike instead driving a car is one of the essential things we should start to do immediately.

Why you should ride a bike

  • Because it is good for your health little cardio every day will keep your organism healthy.
  • Because you will be fit, There is no person that does not like to be fit
  • Because you will not pollute the air as if you would drive your car
  • You will help yourself and the others to breathe better air


How many times have you asked yourself whether you should go to work with your car or bike? How many times have you choose the car over the bike? Don’t you think that this is the right time to stop doing that and start to do something good for you self and your environment? It is, for the better for all.

So making the decision is the biggest issue, but after that, follows another one – buying a bike. There are many people that have the same dilemma. And the real question is which one is better a mountain or a road bike. Mountain bike lovers will say that mountain bikes are better, the road bike lovers will say the opposite.

So whom should you trust? There are many articles on the internet where you can read and take some advice about what kind of bike you should ride, but after all, the decision has to be made by you, and if you are still not sure, you can make a mistake buying the wrong type of bicycle for you.

The first very important rule before buying a new bike is that you should think about what you want to do with your bike. So, will it be country riding, riding when going to work, riding in mountains, etc.

Having made this decision, and half of your dilemmas will be gone because on this depends what kind of bike is for you.

Differences Between Mountain and Road Bike

Fanatic bike lovers and riders see the differences in a second and can recognize if a bike is a mountain or a road bike. For those who can’t recognize it, here is our help: The wheels. Those are the most instant difference between road and mountain bikes.

The wheels of the mountain bikes comes with options of 26 inch 29 and always feature tires with raised lugs which for loose soil act like teeth, they dig in and provide traction.

The wheels of a road bike are narrower and have no lugs, which helps with providing enough grip and control. Road bike as they love to say is built for speed.

It is better for smooth pavements because of its design. So, it is made to be lightweight. Road bikes have thing wheels and thin tires, more precisely – 700c-sized wheels which are better for increasing the speed and reducing the rolling resistance.

So if you like the speed, this is the right kind of bike for you. The position of the bike rider on a road bike is kind of aggressive, it is forward leaning but it is better for the aerodynamics and the transfer of the power on to the pedals.

Carbon fiber and titanium are the materials that the frame is made of and that is because it has to be really very strong but also light and rigid.

So as the name says – if you like a bike for riding it on the road, a light but speedy one, the right choice for you is the road bike. Mountain bike or a bike for going off-road.

Mountain bike vs road bike

These kind of bikes are made to conquer off-road terrain like snow, dirt, mud, gravel, etc. Mountain bikes has tick tires, the bike itself is a tough, it has strong wheels that can help in resisting the damage from impact. The frames are different from those on the road bike.

The frame of this bike is made of aluminum, titanium, steel and carbon fiber. The wheels has a special system called suspension system that helps the wheels with absorbing the vibration and the impact of the rough trail.

The position of the body of the rider on a mountain bike is upright, which is better for the control and balance. These bikes has flat handlebars, they feature suspension in front or on both wheels, depending on whether the bike is a hardtail mountain bike or full-suspension mountain bike.  

The other good thing about riding a mountain bike is because you will ride it in the mountains – obviously, and the best thing about that is that there are no cars.

How to choose the right type of bike for you?

Well as we said, the decision is all yours and you will have to answer the essential question – what for you need the bike?

The mountain is much more comfortable because the position of the body of the mountain bike rider is more comfortable, not that aggressively lean on as the case of the road bikes, Also, mountain bikes are better off road transcribe to pavement and bike paths, which are making them very popular and usual choice for those who love to ride casually.  


The only problem is that it will never go as fast as the road bike, but, sometimes that is not a bad thing, because a high speed can be dangerous. Again, the riding position and the shock absorption work of holes and brakes.

On the other hand, of you still love the speed, you are not afraid of it and you love to ride a faster bike because of that, then a road bike would be the right choice for you.

Also, these kind of road bikes are better to ride on pavements, so that means that they are ideal for going to work or going downtown to make some everyday things done. They are good because are designed to make easier the pedaling because of their light weight. And because of that, they are faster and also are easily to be controlled.

Comparison between road and mountain bikes

Road bike will allow you to cover much more ground in less time with less energy. If you are looking to get out and explore your local surroundings, there is no better way.

Just make sure that you have some way of getting back if you destroy a wheel or suffer some other misfortune. And although your backpack might be practical, you might get some funny looks on the regulars, so stick with the saddle back instead.


Having the latest 11 speed group sets internally routed drop a post and a hydraulic disc barkers is great. But if you start riding a high-end top-spec mountain bike trough the slop and grime in winter, you’ll soon end up spending more time in the shed that you will on the road.

The trail road bikes short of the pro peloton at least are generally more simple machines. Mountain biking is a child of a seventies, so still has a relatively youthful complexion.

If you prefer your sport with deeper seated routes, and steeped with more historic accolades you might enjoy the Heritage Road Cycling has on offer.

So, now that you know the features and everything about the two types of bikes, the only thing you need to do is just make your decision and see which one you would prefer.

Are you keen on no car road and mountain driving, or more like pavement fast driving? See what your priorities are, so that you can make your decision easier.

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