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Good foods and barbeque are now using interchangeably. If you are a barbeque lover, then you don’t have to any doubt about you. The soothing mouth taste of BBQ has originated a long time before.

However, to make a great barbeque, you need the right hand and a good grill. Unless that the whole barbeque party is going to be messed up.

So I want to introduce to you a good grill that will make the bonding with you for a lifetime. The name of the grill is Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB.

In this ballpark Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB review, I will try to dig deeper of its features and functionalities so that you can get the benefit. So let’s get started with the Napoleon Prestige 500 reviews.

The word barbeque came from Caribbean word Taino. Barbeque or BBQ is a cooking method itself. The method is that you have to use a grill and put the meats on it.

Barbeque cooks the meat by smoking and indirect heat. Before doing barbeque, you have marinade the meats with preferred ingredients. It includes baking, smoking, roasting, and grilling.

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Perfect Burners

You may use many grills before. Most of the common problem among the gas grills is that the grills don’t heat evenly.

For example, you are grilling two briskets, and the heat is not spreading evenly to both of the briskets.

Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB grills make the exception. It heats so consistently, and it has well-constructed burners.


It has four 12,000 BTU main burner along with an 18,000 BTU rotisserie burner and 14,000 BTU IR (Infrared) burner.

Each of the main burners has its own ignition, and it connects to the front and back. The IR burner works so well that you can make any steak with ease.

I have told before that when you will use the grill you will notice that it cooks the food better. Ok, the burners are not the only one to make you feel like this.

The burners are there to give you the test of a pro BBQ maker. You will fit with the charcoal grill so easily. Moreover, the balance of the heat and size of the burners are perfect.

You can also tune the temperature with comfort. Only its best quality burners make it possible.

Grilling Areas

As you already know, the Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB has eight burners. Therefore, they have larger grilling space than any other grills. It is definitely a great thing for the BBQ lovers. Now they can BBQ more than before.

Another thing that makes people love to get behind this is its lifelong promise. Most grilling products have its warranty for a limited period.

However, Napoleon is here to tight the binding with you for a long time. They will replace the burners for free for the first ten years and half of the price for the rest of the life.

They cover the other components for two years of this grill. However, no other grill product will offer you this much warranties for sure.


Features and Specification of Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB

  • The dimension of the grill is 26.4 x 31.9 x 31.9 inches. It is the standard size of the grill.
  • Whole grill’s material is stainless steel cooking grids. It means the grill will last for many years.
  • It has IR sizzle zone side burner.
  • It has total six burners. It contains four main burners, one rotisserie burner, and an IR burner. The total BTU is 78,500.
  • The burners come with crossover lighting and condiment trays.
  • The overall weight of the grill is 192 lbs. It is quite heavy.
  • It also contains an IR rear rotisserie burner.
  • The grill allows you to cook in 8 different ways. You can make 30 burgers at the same time over on the main burner and eight burgers on the IR side burner. It gives many amenities than any other grill.
  • It is the cheaper grill on the market.

Customer Reviews and Score

The Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB Grill is a fantastic product. It has such qualities that made it one of the emerging BBQ grills on various marketplaces.

Unfortunately, it is shocking that this product has fewer reviews on Amazon. Apart from the number of reviews, if you see inside the reviews, most of them are positive reviews.

Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB Grill positive reviews prove that to buy a quality product you don’t need to see the number of reviews but to see the ratings.

When it comes about rating and positive reviews, there are almost 80% are the positive reviews. That is quite well to trust on a product.

Most of the people liked the unique features of this grill. It proves that those unique features are worthy of purchasing the product.

A product without a great compliment, we can’t consider it as a good product. You can apply the same principle measuring the quality of this product. Lots of people who love to go out frequently for BBQ have said that this is one of the best products they have ever met.

Especially people who tested other grills on the market put this Napoleon Prestige grill on their top list.

Most of the customers have praised this grill and about its burners, evenly heat and many more. Moreover, other reviewers have the same tone as my Napoleon Prestige 500 reviews.

Even a great product like Ferrari has drawbacks. The Napoleon Prestige grill is no difference.

Although many people praised this grill’s many features, some of the customers also had issues with this. One of the customers got an issue with the burner’s control.

However as long no other customers had the same problems, it can be assumed that particular customer may have faced the problem with the burner’s control.Over 80 percent of the total customers have commended this product, so I think it is a good deal. It proves this grill has excellence. Overall, the product is perfect for the BBQ lovers.

How to use Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB?

How to Cook Steak on an Infrared Grill?

You need a perfect cut to make the ideal steak. Cut the meat 1-inch thick. It will keep the meat moist and juicy. Before you place the meat on the grill, preheat it for a while.

Now put the steak by using the Infrared sizzle zone and keep it for 2 minutes. Do it for each side of the steak. You can now serve it. Alternatively, you can continue cooking for more 5-10 minutes.

Should I worry about the raw meat is touching the vegetables?

Because the vegetables are cooked at an equal temperature as the meat on a kabob, cross-contamination between vegetables and meat isn’t a problem.

When you finish preparing the kabobs, they cook immediately, so that the threat is low.

You have to make sure that diners are hungry and do not eat raw vegetables, which may come in contact with the juice of raw meat. It is the best idea to cut the meat and the vegetables on different cutting board.

What is the best way to Marinade?

You should marinate the meat in a sealed container and put it in the fridge to make it cold. If you need to use raw meat, then separate an amount of raw meat from the marinade.

If you the marinade touched raw meat or poultry, you must boil the marinade to make it bacteria free.

Always remember you should also wash the brushes or utensils before using it if they made contact with any raw meat or poultry.

How long will it take to BBQ 20 lb of meat?

20 pounds! It is an excellent piece of meat. However, the weight of the meat is less significant in the cooking of the grill, but rather the thickness, i.e., the distance from the outside of the meat to the center (where the saliva).

Taking into account the previous point, make your first attempt a little trial and error. I like my rare, so I usually would for about 60 minutes at high heat (my general guide is 60 minutes for rare, 90 minutes for medium and 2 hrs + for good).


Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB has many other features you will find out once you start BBQ using it. For example, the sear burner and grill surface work too good.

All the features and positive reviews talk for its quality and reliability. For any BBQ lovers, it is a must-have product for them. The burners give all the satisfaction they would need.

I know my Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB review seems to exaggerate. However, after using it, you will also agree with me. Its 80,000 BTU burners made it one of the best grills in the industry.

It will not let you down. You will love Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB grill. You will amaze with its feature and performance. It is a long life grill. You won’t have to buy any other grill for years.

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