Netgear Smart Wifi Router Review

Netgear Smart Wifi Router Review


In my vigorous search for the best router, I discovered how far Netgear has gone with perfecting on their production. Netgear makes an extensive line of networking products which include wired and wireless devices.

Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router AC1750 is undoubtedly one of their best wireless router. This router is one amazing device, created with your satisfaction in mind.

It boasts some of the best features and qualities imaginable. Its Wi-Fi speed and range are much better than I had anticipated before I tried it out. It is a true piece of innovation that will transform the life of any user who only wants the best for this life.

Wireless Speed and Range

Homes are created in all ranges, shapes, and sizes. With the powerful antennas that this router has, it provides efficient Wi-Fi coverage to the entire home no matter what size or shape it has.  The speed is quite remarkable for an 802.11n router.

As you will notice, the 1750 Mbps is more than sufficient for all your home usage including movies and gaming. The Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router AC1750 offers 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance that is stronger at long range than it is at short range.

So long as you are not expecting too much from a router that falls within this category, this device performs just fine. The good wireless range is attributed to the innovative design of the router.

Build and Design

Netgear has used in this router the same exterior design as the one in the popular R7000 AC1900 nighthawk even though it is not from this series. The build and design are one of the qualities that earn this router huge liking from users who have tried it out.

If you haven’t seen it practically, I’m sure you will love it too when you do. Its design is quite impressive, with its unique glossy body that gives it a sleek look.

Every feature stays perfectly in place to give it the typical router design but with a little more beauty to it. The three high antennas stem from behind, and they perform so efficiently. They also support Beamforming.

Improvements and Sharing

Netgear has made some changes and improvement to their Genie router management system. This router has a user-friendly GUI, allowing you to log in and manage your router locally or remotely right from the internet.

With the Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router, sharing across your network is so much easy and a lot more enjoyable. You get to enjoy everything from sharing a USB printer to accessing stored music and photos. You can also keep everything safe by making use of the included free ReadySHARE Vault software that is for backing up Windows-based PCs.

This router supports AirPrint for Printers.

With all these improvements and innovative features, this routers passes as a true piece of technology that is needed today.

Easy To Use and Maintain

The Netgear Genie app allows you to easily monitor, connect and control your home network from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac. It lets you share and stream videos, music or pictures and set up parental controls and much more.

The Genie app does not work when you connect it to the guest network. It also doesn’t work with a repeater or wireless extender. It is a useful app especially if you want to monitor or perform maintenance and to troubleshoot the router.

You get the opportunity to enjoy your new Wi-Fi router faster than ever before. Netgear also makes sure the installation and management are simple and easy so that you can connect faster and stay that way.


The Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router offers a variety of features that helps you maintain the security of your network. Maintaining high security across your network helps enhance your privacy, and that of your family whenever you/they are online.

The router protects the security of the user by preventing publishing or by just limiting access for the guests and kids. Some of the features that contribute to the routers security feature include parental control, guest network access, secure Wi-Fi connections, personal FTP server, and VPN support.

The parental controls manage web filtering and accessibility by devices or profiles. Guest network access separate and secure access for guests. Your security while online is guaranteed, which means you don’t have to worry.

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  • Offers extensive Wi-Fi range
  • Next-generation Wi-Fi at Gigabit speed
  • Reliable and convenient network
  • High powered antennas
  • Easy and secure remote access with VPN


  • It stops working too early

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum range this router can reach?

A: I have a 6000 sq ft, two storey house and my router provide excellent reception everywhere inside my house. I also get decent reception outside the house.

Q: I constantly reset my router. Is that normal? Will buying the Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router AC1750 solve my situation?

A: If your router requires you to set it constantly, getting a new router will solve your situation. I have never experienced such a problem with my Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router AC1750.

Q: I have up to 13 devices in my house, and I’m wondering if Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router AC1750 can serve them all. Can it?

A: Of course it can. This router should serve more than thirteen devices perfectly without any problem. It is a high-end router that works flawlessly once you set it up.

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Final Verdict

There are so many reasons Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router comes out as the best router you can get at its price range. In fact, it is even better than most expensive models on the market.

You know how frustrating it can be to lose connections. This router saves you from such frustrating moments, thanks to its ingenious engineering and reliable construction.

If you are looking to buy a new router, I would recommend this model to you. It provides value for the money, and it provides a secure network. What more do you need?

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