New Balance Men’s MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe Review For 2021

It can be quite easy for the men to like different sports and even form cheering squads anonymously just for the satisfaction of it.

On the other hand, deciding to engage in personal exercise with the right outfits including shoes isn’t as easy.

Not even the games you may be watching could be enough motivation when it comes to such decisions. One thing you may be missing to put all this together is the need for that perfect shoe to get you going.

Remember exercising is not just about stretching and simple jumping up and down, it requires one to be vigorous and consistent.

Perfect shoe with incredible stability and support just like the MXC 5000 cross country flat shoe is what you need.

Having the correct shoe whether spiked or flat determines you break through as well as experience.

Choose a wrong shoe, and you won’t escape getting hurt from injuries in the worst scenarios.

But even experiencing just a little discomfort is terrible especially during the initial stages at its demotivates rather than encourage.

A Tip for a good start for you would be finding out about the sports shoe with the best outer sole just like you will have if you choose the MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe.

Do not hesitate anymore to start the real exercises you have been doing in your imagination as the flat cross-country shoe won’t disappoint.

Below is a detailed narration to explore the many benefits you will enjoy by having the MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe.

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Has Great Stability and Support

This shoe has got a lot of flexibility on how its designed to meet the various needs of individual users.

The flat cross-country shoe has excellent support and its lightweight for anyone interested in light walking exercise.


Its sole has additional cushions to offer you sufficient support for your heels and the rest of the feet.

It however crucial that you get to purchase that shoe size that fits you well with some extra front space to allow your feet to roll freely rather than bending.

That ensures that while you engage in vigorous sporting activities, your feet won’t experience friction which might make you toes to swell.

The facts that this shoe has got rubber soles is enough for you to be confident while wearing them. Rubber soles are a great ingredient for shock absorbing during exercising creating more comfort for continuity.

Rubber soles also ensure that you are easily able to maintain balance on the tracking surface making this shoe a user-friendly one.

If you aim for wanting this shoe goes beyond the regular jogging to activities like playing football and baseball, then you need the MXC5000 spiked shoe.

Spikes are merely outcrops from the shoe under sole to give your feet greater balance and longevity.

For this shoe depending on your preferences, they may come with the spikes fitted already and ready for the track.

This shoe has an amazingly made midsole to full support middle fit and help reduce the tension that might build in between.

While out to purchase your sporting shoe, a shoe that can adequately support your middle feet will help to eliminate pains and aches that might come later after the activities.

Getting the MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe is an assurance that you won’t experience such pains.

Gives excellent performance, durable and resilient

This new balance men’s shoe is made using a perfect rubber sole treat for long distance runners and one can always be assured of high performance.

That is because working with this shoe offers exceptional stability, for instance, the upper part is designed with a burrito material to help keep the feet intact.

The mouth of the shoe is fitted with comfort and soft material to allow the ankle movements with ease. That is primarily an essential aspect for someone who is going to spend long hours wearing this shoe.

This shoe has an outer sole made from blown rubber that facilitates perfect traction on any solid surface.

The spikes found on the outer soles of this shoe does not pause any added weight or stiffness to the shoe thus making it reliable and efficient for all kinds of sporting activities.

Having this shoe is a perfect description of a real sportsman, it ensures that you get the right stride, from the ankle to the toe and minimized tension for your whole feet.

MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe features and specifications

  • It has a burrito construction on the upper design to facilitate a perfect fit while protecting the feet.
  • It has a user-friendly design for use on barefoot made of breathable material with a lightweight touch.
  • The spikes making the outer sole have a TPU outline.
  • The spikes found in this inner shoe sole have a standard size of a quarter an inch.
  • It is made using a non-sew in clothes designing and able to withstand all kind of weather.
  • This shoe is made of two types of soles namely the reality midsole and dynaride outsole

Customer reviews and score

The MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe is quite a fantastic spot shoe for all whether as an amateur sports person or an expert. It gives the user a variety of options with lots of comforts.

Using this shoe will not all improve your performance but also instill in you aggression and speed as a real athlete.

A lot of other customers agree with me looking back at the shoe scores and rating on Amazon.

Out of the 7reviews recorded on the platform, this shoe received 86% five-star ratings with a 14% 3-star rating.

Most of the happy users said that this shoe if a great fit even for the children as it gives excellent stability and lightweight for ease of movement.

Kids can quickly run and play with this shoe without any cause for alarm even for long hours.

The size shown on the products list is the real size you will receive when purchasing this shoe. That makes it convenient for easy shopping and shipping.

Other customers loved the fact that the shoe has got different designs especially the colors. It therefore easy for one to decide on the shoe with their favorite color which is a significant factor for most sportsmen.

From the reviews, customers were also pleased with the fact that this shoe function well for the xc athletes without any challenges.

The customers were able to run well on the track, keeping balance with high speed and flexibility according to their feedback.

However, a few reviews from customers pointed out the underside issue found while using this kind of shoe.

They complained that using the shoe during the rainy season make it weaken and would tear very fast.

This made the customers to be dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the material used in making the shoe and level of durability.

How to use MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe

Question: what is the material used to makes the spikes found on this shoe?

Answer: The MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe has its outer sole designed with rubber blown spikes. The material used in making those spikes is hard rubber. The purpose of the spikes is to help give more strength and stability.

It also ensures ease of movement while on track with the high level of performance. The spikes found on this shoe have a standardized size of a quarter an inch to make it easy for the user to move or sprint.

Rubber also help to absorb shock experienced during the racing activities.

Question: Can one use this shoe for light walking?

Answer: Yes, this shoe has various designs made to fit various needs of the users. For someone who wants to walk with the shoe for light activities, the lightweight cross count flat shoe will do just fine.

The flat shoe is also perfect for use with a person who may have had past injuries as it doesn’t strain the body tissues.

This shoe ensures that the user can get great stability as it has a comfortable inner sole.

Question: what is the best way to make an order for a perfect fit for your feet?

Answer: This shoe does not have any exaggerations in the shoe sizes. You will receive the exact order size you make.

You don’t need to create an order for a larger size than your feet as this shoe is made with lots of accuracies as long as you are aware of your shoe size.

Before making the purchase, read the product specification thoroughly so that the right shoe size is delivered to you. Inquire more about the size variations and determine the purpose for your purchase for the best fit.


From all the above information, there are no doubts that picking the MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe is a thoughtful decision. This shoe will act as a source of motivation to take up more challenges whether as an athlete or not.

Using this shoe will give you nothing less than comfort, speed, and high performance. Traditionally this is the essential ingredients for a winning sportsman. Why should you go less?

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