Nike Air Max Goadome Review For 2021

When was the last time you wanted to get hiking boots? If it was a few months ago, you need not prepare yourself for looking into a lot of innovations.

If it’s a few years, I suggest you, my friend, to be more vigilant as lightweight boots are now becoming so popular that heavyweight pairs will unsurprisingly become a thing of the past.

Even a midweight pair like Nike Air Max Goadome Men’s Boot comes advertised as lightweight. Don’t blame Nike as the brand is just trying to fit the inclination toward weight efficiency, and trust me, nothing more than that.

Hiking boots are designed to provide excellent support for ankles and feet. People with a consistent need for protection and stability often tend to these boots as they don’t want to get injured or twisted ankles.

The Air Max Boot comes nothing short of these qualities, but there are still a few more things you would want to know about the boots.

In this Nike Air Max Goadome review, I’ll make you aware of what makes this product a favorite choice and what stands on its way to being the best of all hiking boots.

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Full-grain leather feeling like a second skin

These boots use full grain leather, meaning that it boasts the most durable and strongest of the original cowhides. Made from the hide’s top layer, the leather is not easy to crack or tear.


Even, it is hard to peel. I’ve been using my pair for over a year, and last week, I checked every inch of it. Thanks to Nike! The boot does not bear any negative mark on it.

I’m amazed at the boots’ breathability that surely has something to do with its beauty. My feet don’t get sweaty; no matter how long they’re in contact with the inside.

My mentor once told me that a leather boot wouldn’t wear out so soon; instead, it would develop a patina over time. Truly spoken! I can see that its beauty somehow augmented over the months.

To my surprise, it looks more fashionable now, and I feel like investing in the right thing. Apart from breathability, the waterproof property is well spoken of as it allows me to enjoy the day-to-day wet crossings on different hiking tours.

One thing I should admit the boots do not present me a challenge to clean or keep it in good shape. Although I’m not sure how many times I cleaned/washed it, I can tell it is not more than four times a year. For your information, I’m an occasional hiker pursuing the activity 60-70 times a year.

Unique sole shape and lug pattern for excellent traction

As I place my foot on a rock or a trail, I love to feel it stays put. This product has a statement to make with its uniquely tailored lug pattern and durable rubber sole.

The rubber is incredibly sticky making the boots a great companion on dry rock, wet trails, damp snow, and mud. Everywhere I set my foot on; I never feel any loss of traction.

I came to believe the brilliance of the air-sole technology that adds great value to the midsole that is ready to yield first-rate edging performance in loose grounds.

The cushioned midsole offered great comfort when I tested the boot against hard surfaces, especially on a climbing adventure.

Nike Air Max Goadome Boot Features and Specifications

  • The overall manufacturing process of the boots represents Nike’s renovated technology to facilitate hikers’ passion and performance.
  • Full-grain leather offers a luxurious and smooth surface while retaining all the possible textures of the natural hide. The delight of durability is not lost either.
  • The Air-Sole technology used in the midsole uses a flexible yet tough bag full of pressurized air that stays beneath the heel and forefoot and protects tendons and joints helping absorb forces/impacts.
  • The shaft rises all the way above the feet and meets a convenient stop that is ideal for a hiking boot.
  • The rubber sole if not very luxurious offers great stickiness, an essential quality when it comes to traction.
  • The rugged bottom diffuses a sign of nimbleness in the design and shape of the boots.


Customer Reviews and Score

It’s more of a tricky part to present a precise view of what customers exactly think about the boot. In this part, I’m going to offer you a statistical representation of the product’s popularity over time.

It has bagged 321 customer reviews with an outstanding 4.3 overall rating to date. Enviable to most of its competitors, right?

What most of its happy buyers talk about positively is the comfort it delivers to their feet during hiking and walking adventures. It is noticeable that many customers admire its durability which is, in my opinion too, a big selling point.

As revealed in any detailed Nike Air Max Goadome review, the durability of these boots is not a relative idea; rather its appeal is well understood after years of abuse from hard surfaces like asphalt ground and concrete floors.

I believe in this quality as mine is still doing good while some of my friends’ pairs are still in shape after a couple of years.

Some of these customers have spoken highly of the boot’s breathability while a few seemed to be very optimistic about its waterproofness.

I know a few personnel in the law enforcement agencies whose remarks about the boots are positive.

One of my neighbors who is a delivery driver once talked about the comfort the shoe gave him for extended periods, say eight active hours. He was quite happy.

Some customers who seemed to be impressed by the look and feel raised an argument against the boot’s durability as the front soles ripped open quite disgustingly over the period of six months.

This issue may be overlooked by the fans of Nike boots, but I think there’s an intangible line between the durability factor and usage behaviors.

How to use Nike Air Max Goadome Men’s Boot?

How can I choose the right size when my feet fall between two sizes?

Nike has taken care of the matter carefully as the brand manufactures boots care about people who might have an intriguing size of the feet.

If your feet measure between two slightly different sizes, it is recommended that you choose the smaller of the two if you love to have a tighter fit.

Similarly, you can choose the larger of the two sizes if you want to walk with a looser fit.

What specific size are the boots?

When it comes to an international or universal sizing standard, the boots can be a little short of your desire. Sizes may vary depending on the country they’re manufactured for.

However, a sizing guide is available to help buyers choose the correct size. Please be advised that all sizes listed in the guide are US sizes.

How can I take care of my boots?

Although the boots require maintenance less frequently than what many other pairs do, you should be cautious and patient as you’re dealing with a full-grained leather product.

The insole is removable. So, you can take it out and leave it to dry. Consider leaving your boots to dry for a day before a significant walking adventure.

Sometimes, stuffing the boots with old/unused newspaper proves to be a very effective method for drying wet boots.

You should clean the boots using only the products recommended by the brand since the products typically open the pores leaving the leather without protection.

It results in water absorption. So, before you prepare for the next hiking day, you need to impregnate the boots so that the pores are closed and water-repellent features are restored.

You can use any standard leather impregnation method to treat these waterproof boots. You must avoid using an impregnation method that uses creosote (tar) as one of its ingredients because you surely want to protect the environment from harmful elements.

How can I prevent the ripping of the sole if it occurs?

Sometimes, it might occur due to the user’s uneven footing actions while sometimes, the fault might lie in the boots’ design/construction. Either way, you should take good cares of the boots.

You can also try correcting your footsteps using the advice from a podiatrist if you’re sure your feet are primarily responsible.

With all these suggestions in mind, you can keep your boots in its peak form for years and boast having a pair of reliable foot companions from a prestigious brand like Nike.


I knew my verdict is the final thing you would want at some point. Well, I’m trying to wrap up my experiences and ideas to help you get a better understanding of the boot’s worth in terms of performance and price.

The price seems okay, but I wished it with a little more appealing look since I always appreciate aesthetically stylish designs for boots that are purchased for years and not for a month or two.

However, I’m happy to sacrifice this part because I’ve got some points like the comfort and careful design to be bigger than the look alone.

In a word, you won’t regret at all if you want a pair of boots that let you keep things stabilized beneath the foot.

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