Oakley Flak 2.0 Xl Pol Black W Prizm Golf Lens Review

A bright sunny day, you and a three-wood driver are going to heat a ball from around 170 yards distance. Then you take the shot at 80 mph swing speed at a perfect loft. You are damn so sure about hitting into the hole.

Suddenly you find out that it would not be holing. It would change its direction after the first drop. Why did this thing happen?

Cause you have missed out a screwing dogleg because of your sunglass. You couldn’t be able to see the variation of the green because of the wrongheaded eyepiece.

Seriously? Can your effort and experience go to such waste? No! Never!I know this situation has occurred with all the golf players countless times.

When they miss these types of chances and say about them, they sound very frustrated. I don’t play golf (though a great fan!) but, my brother plays it.

We had to hear and face his dreadful experience severe times. However, He has not complained about his goggles for many days.

So, I asked him the reason. He told me that he had got a perfect one, a lens from Oakley. Exactly, I didn’t notice that because my brother expenses a lot on his golf lens.

He has a dozen of them. Then I asked him everything about the lens so that I can share it with you who are searching for a perfect one.

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For whom Oakley Flak 2.0 Xl Pol Black W Prizm Golf Lens is?

The full name of the glass is Oakley Flak 2.0 Xl Pol Black W Prizm Golf Lens and the product serial is OO9188-7059. The name is indeed a long one.

In my sense, as they made a variety of sunglasses, it’s entirely reasonable.


The lens is unique and slightly pricey to go with any golfer who is wanting to improve his vision can try on this Prizm golf lens. It is a double-dyed option for the golfer who has started golfing recently.

If you wish to invest in something besides your clubs and balls, invest it in your golf lens. It will ensure a clear and specific visual experience from the starting of the training.  

Things to Consider Before You Buy One

I will not advise anybody to browse a market randomly and pick up lens without considering some specific points.Before buying new glass, you must think about a couple of rough necessities.

Otherwise, you may end up with a poor and ineffective one, though you have spent a full pocket digit on it. No one wants that.

So, let’s have a look at them and get a benchmark about buying yours.

Performance: It is the most crucial factor in choosing an ideal lens. Who will ever want a sunglass without an out-blast performance?

It’s not a ringing accessory. It is an essential tool for a golf player. UV protection advantage, proper light transmission function; all should be considered while purchasing your golf lens.

Polarized or not polarized; what would be better for you, think about that too! You are spending your money not to own a useless one.

Comfort: In most of the cases, people forget to watch out for the comfortability checks while buying a sunglass. In fact, most of them go for the style or color only. But it’s the most stupid work of all.

You can’t just be crazy over fashion. You have to smart also.Smart people always construe with comfort. They give priorities to comfort over other matters.

So, check for the cushioning option over the nosepiece and earpiece of your lens; don’t have a puppy love over the design.

Size: A bigger size golf lens can create pretty much hazard during the match, so can does a smaller size glass. So, a properly fitted golf glass is evident for a golfer.

Many sunglass companies manufacture a lens which may be very much useful, but they do not cover all the size range.

If you are willing to order a lens from some online place, you must check the size chart provided by the company. Then select the appropriate size for you.

Style: Yes, style matters! Style stays in the fourth row of picking out a lens.Go for Performance first, then comfort, size and lastly stop there with style.

A study on some players has shown that 60% of player get nervous during plays because of the confident and smart look of the opponents.

Like this, having a stylish and unique lens can change the game, can’t it?

Oakley Flak 2.0 Xl Pol Black W Prizm Golf Lens: I did some research about Oakleys’ lens series and found out that the Flak series of the sunglasses was quite distinct from the other series.

It’s a combo pack, though I found both advantages and a few limitations of it.

It will be wiser if I share them with you.


  • Enclosed conventional lenses can magnify the visual objects.
  • Sharp and clear sight.
  • UVA, UVC, and another injurious ray resistant.
  • Lens kit can be attached.
  • Customizable.
  • Rocking color.
  • Exceptional shape.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Interchangeable lenses.


  • Non-polarized.
  • Expensive.
  • Small size.
  • Suitable to low to the medium light condition.

Features and Specialties

Oakley is a trustworthy and prominent sports equipment maker since 1975. Their products are exclusive and durable. The Flak series is another success among the eyewear productions.


2.0 Xl Pol Black W Prizm Golf Lens from Flak collection has specialties and unique functions. Its perfect light transmission capability and golf lens attachment have made it thoroughgoing for the persons who have to work in the bright daylight. They are multidimensional and overpowered.

Enhanced Vision

There is always a high chance of dark vision for the Prizm lenses.However, in the case of Prizm Golf Lens from Flak collection of Oakley will change your persuasion.

Oakley has overcome the obstruct and made a Prizm lens which enables clear as well as sharp sights for the users. The Prizm colorant increases the hue and reduces the brightness of circumferential visions.

They have used hyperspectral imaging technology in designing the glass. It allows the wearer to spot and avoid the flat terrain areas. Because you will see all, you have been left out. No uneven texture and the bumpy ground will be missed.

It increases the red and yellow hue of the green color and allows you to locate the slightest difference of the grass field. Consequently, you will be able to see fringe or fairways transitions.

Long lifespan

I must have to say one thing about this lens that they are way more durable. Rough sand to sharp nails, nothing will scratch the glass. Its plastic body has adverted with a high-tech formula which has makes it abrasion proof. It is hard and robust.

You can buy this golf lens and forget about buying a second one for years if you are not into changing your accessories from time to time.I have told you before that this lens is a little bit expensive, but the lifespan of the lens minimizes its cost.

If you buy something else spending the same amount money, that may break or get scratch. However, you will not find the same scenario like this one.

Precise light transmission

One of its significant advantages is accurate light trespassing. They reduce the light transmission to 30%-35%.

This light transmission range has made it stand out from the rest. It cuts out the unnecessary light beam and sharpens the edges of objects which allow you to see the tiniest variation in the contrast of any color.

It also blocks every type of harmful rays of the sun; UV, UVC, UVB rays and blue rays under 400 nm length. This filtration saves your eyes from getting any nerve defection and disturbed eyesight


This sunglass has a versatile use. Though it is launched for golf players, many tennis players and bikers are using it. Maybe its color transmission rate has it that much handy.

As it works in medium bright light, regular work guy also prefers using it. People with Myopia who can’t see distant objects can use this sunglass too because he or she can optimize prescribed lenses to it.

So, we can call the lens as a dream lens for the people with bad eyesight.Your weakness should never come on the road of your fashion.

Trendsetting Model

Flak series of Oakey sis quite distinct from the model of past collections. They are a bit trendy and have a unique shape which makes them more fashionable and jauntier.

The tint color and polished black lens have given it an unbeatable dimension. The rectangular frame has a slight curve on the bottom which makes it different from other. A handy frame case is also provided with the lens.


High definition and advanced visual clearance have necessitated the Oakley Flak 2.0 glasses to the new level. It is unique, dynamic and swanky; the best golf glasses -me and my brother have ever seen.

You can try out it too in the retailer shop and take an ultimate decision on spending your money on Oakley Flak 2.0 Xl Pol Black W Prizm Golf Lens.

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