On Guard 8020 Mastiff Bike Lock

On Guard 8020 Mastiff Bike Lock Review


The present-day society is full of ill- motive people like bike thieves that we would feel no pain doing away with. That’s why you need a bike security lock system to keep your bike safe.

On Guard 8020 Mastiff Bike Lock Review

I am a city goods delivery person, and I had my first bike stolen just three days after starting my job. What followed was the toughest month in my life. I had to look for another job and buy a second bike. After losing my first bike, I felt the pinch, and I upgraded the lock system to the on guard 8020 once I bought my second bike.

Since buying this lock system, everything has been easy. If I knew, I should have bought this locking system before with my first bike and would not have gone through such trouble. One thing is for sure. I don’t intend to throw away this lock system

X2 Double-Bolt Locking Mechanism

This lock mechanism is one of the easiest to operate. In fact, you won’t spend much time locking or unlocking. I once had a lock that would make me spend about five minutes just unlocking. Sometimes you might be in a hurry, and you would prefer a quicker mechanism to unlock. If you are looking for such mechanism, you found your perfect match

It’s also worthy to note that the lock cannot be opened by other keys except the designated one. What is the use of a lock mechanism that can be opened by other similar keys? Even if they thieve decided to try unlocking, it would be impossible to do so.

Titanium Enforced Square Steel Chain For Protection Against Saws And Cutters

The material used to make this chain is of the highest quality. The titanium enforces steel chain is so strong and sturdy that cutting it would be a nightmare for thieves. Thieves are getting sophisticated each day. They even have invested on wire cutters specifically to deal with some weak cable locks.

But I can guarantee you when they see the steel chain on your bike they won’t bother trying will go on to the next bike on a weaker chain.Understandably, the steel makes the chain heavy but it’s up to you to choose between weight and security.

Long Chain To Wrap Around Most Poles And Fit Both Bike Wheels Through Without Removal

The chain is long enough to fit on both bike wheels and the poles. Other chains are not so long and it’s hard to fit them on a pole, so bike users wrap them between the wheel and the seat tube.

I find this hilarious because some bike thieves have pickups and will carry your entire bike into their vehicle and go to unlock it somewhere else. For this reason, I recommend a long chain like the on guard 8020.

Nylon Chain Cover Protects Painted Surfaces

You can tell that the manufacturers of these bikes have experience when handling bikes. This is because of this feature. The nylon chain helps protect the bike’s painted parts.  Some bikers like me want our bikes as attractive as possible.

Chains attached to the bike tubes cause friction and the paint start peeling off, making the bike look old and worn out. With the nylon cover on this chain, I am no longer worried about my bike’s color wearing out. This is why I commend the chain’s manufacturers.

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  • Water and heat resistant chain covers
  • Reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder for additional security
  • Chains and square section bar protect against attack from saws and cutters
  • Locks are vinyl coated, and large diameter of ultra-hardened steel shackles makes it durable
  • Has an anti-theft program as a backup


  • May not perform well in cold winter, lock has been known to freeze
  • It is heavy


Q: How much does this lock weigh?

A: This lock weighs around 9 pounds.

Q: Does this model come with the theft replacement guarantee?

A: Yes it does. They are also willing to replace whatever is stolen as long as chain is used properly.

Q: Can the on-guard mastiff 8020 withstand hacksaw attack and bolt cutters?

A: Absolutely can withstand both.Locks are bolt cut resistant too.

Q: Can you put the padlock through any links except the end?

A: Yes you could, it’s wielded schedule 90 chain with a fabric cover.

Final Verdict

This review gives you a clue on the capability of this locking system. I am sure you will find this article helpful just like this tool. You don’t have to wait until you lose your bike to purchase this lock, do you?

Be shrewd, get this lock system and you won’t have to worry about anything including bike thieves. I am a witness that this lock system works. So get one.

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