Onguard Bulldog Ls U-Lock

Onguard Bulldog Ls U-Lock Review – Extra Security & Portability


After purchasing a bike, whether it’s mountain bike, road bike or hybrid bike, the next step is to find means to secure it when you are away. There are a number of people out there who will take an unlocked bike as a chance from heaven to own one. They will never hesitate to think about the pain that you will undergo.

Onguard Bulldog Ls U-Lock Review

Someone said prevention is better than cure. I agree with him one hundred percent. In this case, there may be no cure but to buy another bike. There are a variety of safety locks in the market. One of these many locks is the Onguard Bulldog Ls U-Lock.

Onguard Bulldog Ls U-Lockhas features that make it outstanding. The lock has proven that burglars have nothing on it. It is impossible to vandalize the lock. Experts have tried, I have tried as well, and it is impossible.


The only reason you are probably looking for a U-lock is that you have had security issues with cables before. Onguard Bulldog Ls U-Lockreview has several features that make it tamper proof.

The shackle is from hardened steel t that makes it extra difficult to cut using a hacksaw for example. The design incorporates a centered keyhole and specially molded caps that are pry resistant. A dual lock down mechanism ensures there is no weak point.


The design of the Onguard Bulldog Ls U-Lockallows for easy clipping on the frame of the bike. So you will not have to use a backpack to carry the lock with you. The mounting bracket is strong enough that it will not feel the impact of the terrain. In other words, the lock will not come loose and get lost. Onguard uses a smart design for the lock.


Just as advertised the lock features snap lock and quick release.  The lock has a U shape that fits on the crossbar both at the same time. To lock you just have to lock the double locks down into place. There are a total of 5 extra keys.

One of the keys has a micro-light. The micro-light illuminates to show the position of the keyhole. The key helps a great deal in the dark. You do not have to carry a flashlight to unlock. So you can still use both hands.


Just above I have mentioned the extra five keys. You can share the lock as a family. With one key circumstance forces you to keep the key in a specific place. The key might get lost, and the lock will become waste, lost money.

The Onguard Bulldog Ls U-Lockoffers multiple mounting options. The multiple mounting options are because it uses a long shackle. The rubber coating on the shackle and crossbar keeps the paint intact.

Value For Money

Onguard Bulldog is an incredible lock that is inexpensive. You will not part with a lot of dollars, but it will protect you from losing an asset. Some prefer cables saying they are cheaper. Do not make that mistake pal.

You might leave to regret that day you passed over an Onguard Bulldog ls u-lock for a cable. Plus I have no questions about the durability of the cable. It will be a reliable security solution and will stand the test of time.


  • Reliable
  • Pry resistant
  • 5 laser cut keys
  • 63 out of 100 security rating
  • Dual lock down mechanism
  • Hardened steel shackle


  • The included cable is poor


Q: Does the U-lock have an accompanying cable?

A: Yeah, but the cable is not as awesome as the lock.

Q: How sure am I that the lock will not knock off some paint?

A: The shackle and crossbars have an excellent rubber coating that protects the paint.

Q: What does the 63 security rating imply?

A: It is a scale for measuring the strength of the locks out of a hundred, locks with higher ratings are more secure.

Final Verdict

The Onguard Bulldog lS u-lock review is a security assurance. People always carry out a test on whether it can stand the hacksaw. My son had an instance where several bikes were stolen. Guess the bikes that were left?

The ones that were secured using a U-lock.Onguard Bulldog ls u-lock is budget friendly and rises to the occasion just as you would require it to do. Get this one, whether you have an expensive bike or only $500 hybrid bike, every single one of them deserves to be protected.

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