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It is very irritating to carry different machinery for the same tasks. Such as happens in the cutlery works in the kitchen we use a different knife, and for cutting wooden logs, there is a different one.

That is a very bit of a headache for the user. But the Ontario knife company which is located in Franklinville, New York has provided a permanent solution for this nasty problem in the form of Ontario Sp8 Machete.

It is a very sharp and luxurious survival knife. Military troops commonly use it. That is the reason for the US army to buy this machete. It falls into the category of the specs.

It is crafted very skillfully for multi-tasking it can use in the kitchen for cutting vegetables and fruits, but its uses not finishes here it can be used for the massive amount of other useful outdoor activities such as for cutting woods.

Ontario SP8 crafts with an excellent and sharp stainless-steel blade which is coated with black color. It consists of a comfortable grip which is made of Kraton. This material prevents the slipping of hands while under use.

Ontario Sp8 Machete is one the most excellent knife ever created due to its glamorous sharpness and structure it has made a significant place in the hearts of cutlery lovers.

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Safe to Use

A knife is commonly used in the kitchen for cutting vegetables and fruits. But Ontario SP8 Machete gives the user the advantage of using it for multiple tasks.

Due to its sharp-edged blade, it can be used for cutting things like ropes and also in the military for the self-defense of a troop.


Commonly a sharp knife is usually avoided as it can cause harm to you as it can leave a slash if you have a little misjudgment while dealing with knives.

But the grip of this machete is designed in such a way that it cannot slip through hands of the user.

This grip is made of the excellent porous material Kraton which has the extraordinary property of sticking. So, it adheres tightly to the hands of the user which leaves no chance of an accident during the use.

The blade of Ontario SP8 Machete is hardened to 57-59 HRC which makes it undefeatable in the cutlery industry and makes it the best survival machete.

Moreover, it has a leather holding, so you pack it in the cover after the use which makes it more comfortable and reliable to use. That is why Ontario SP8 Machete is the best option among all the knives available in the stores and markets.


One of the main problems with handling a cutlery item is that the more significant is its use, the higher will be the size of the knife.

For instance, we use an ordinary knife whose size is about 8 to 10-inch in size for our kitchen and household use, but we cannot use this for cutting wooden logs for that purpose we have to use an axe.

Ontario SP8 Machete has crushed these troubles of yours. It has an axe like structure which is sharp enough to cut a small wooden log, but the mean feature of this machete is that it is almost six times smaller than an axe so one can easily carry it single-handedly.

Due to its curved and honed edges, it increases the accuracy of work and saves the time of the user by giving high performance.

Also, it helps the user to get the correct shape and measurement of the object on which he/she is using it which have’s great importance at work.


If you use a razor-sharped machete like Ontario SP8 machete, it will save you from a lot of hard work and also you will gain a quality work at the end.

This machete can be used for domestic as well as outdoor use which also is one more promising advantage of the Ontario SP8 Machete.

Ontario SP8 Machete Features and Specifications

  • It is no doubt the best survival machete in any unpleasant and deadly circumstances.
  • This best survival machete is made of 100% pure carbon steel.
  • The mass of this machete is 22.5 ounces which are very lightweight and makes it easy to carry.
  • It is made by the concept of next-generation So, it has a unique structure among all the knives made till now
  • It is made by the concept of next-generation So, it has a unique structure among all the knives made till now
  • This knife enables the user to carry it in his pocket as the size of the whole opened is 15 inch, and when it closed, it becomes 4.05 inches which are one-third of the entire volume.
  • This survival machete can be used for household and also for the outdoor purposes.
  • It has proved one the most compatible survival weapon for the military when they are out of ammo.
  • Ontario SP8 machete has the fantastic looks and is a source of attraction for others.
  • This best survival machete made by one of the world’s leading cutlery industry known as Ontario Knives.
  • It is waterproof and rustproof.

Customer reviews and score

Ontario SP8 Machete is a powerful and helping tool for the peoples who are in some trouble or are going on an adventure. It is an excellent cutlery item which is very sharp and works perfectly.

No other knife can do this work what this machete is doing alone. You will presume that that’s only my prediction about this gadget let me clear you a point here.

It is just not only me, but thousands of the customers of this knife have given the positive response which you can check by yourself at Amazon.

It has got 278 positive views in just a couple of days some people are admiring its sharpness, and some are appreciating the compatibility.

That is why Ontario SP8 Machete has rated it high, which is a big success for the manufacturers of this inventory. But it is a common thing that every humanmade item has the advantages and as well as drawbacks.

Same as in this case some buyers have a complaint about its design because it has a different sort of design than any other knife.

Also, some costumers complain that this machete is very harmful because of its sharpness.

But there are only a few of them who said these things. As per my prediction, there is very much possiblities that these users failed to handle Ontario SP8 Machete correctly and precisely

How to Use the Ontario SP8 Machete?

Just having the Ontario SP8 Machete is not enough for accurate and precise results you must know that how to handle this knife accurately. Following steps will help you to deal with this survival machete

How to handle and Use the Ontario Knife?

Not only the machete but every knife requires its user to hold it rightly. If you are not keeping it accurately, then this can cause huge trouble. You may get severely wounded by this machete.

So, it is vital to learn the correct method of handling Ontario SP8 Machete. First of all, hold the grip of the Machete in your right hand in upright position and then perform your task.

How to conserve this survival machete to retain the sharpness of the blade?

When you have done your work, for example, you are chopping the vegetables with it after the chopping is complete.

Thoroughly wash the blade of the machete and make sure at there is no grain or piece of the Vegetables on the Blade. Always wash Ontario SP8 Machete with warm water this ease your task.

What can be the safety precautions while keeping that Ontario Knife in Kitchen?

It described previously that this knife is very sharp and dangerous for untrained peoples.

So, it is vital to pack it or should be hanging over some stand where any amateur or children cannot get it. It may sound ugly, but it is crucial for the safety of yours and others.


The material that is mentioned above after reading it you might think that I have overstated the qualities of Ontario SP8 Machete. But not even a single line from above is a lie.

I advise you to at least once buy this item, and you will get the all of it as the best survival machete.

You can take this item with you while you are hunting, camping, cutting woods or in an environment of violence it will be the best survival machete.

That’s why the military steadily uses it. If you are a knife lover, this best survival machete will be the most fantastic addition to your collection.

One more thing you should know is that Ontario SP8 Machete is a very affordable piece of knife $ 43.58 is its price which is very suitable for a multitasking tool like this.

You can order it online and, in the meantime, it will at the distance of your footsteps. There is no extra taxes and charges on it. You can dig with it, chop with it, hammer with it and also you can cut with it.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone or laptop and order this beautiful cutlery item for you. Hurry up the stock of Ontario Knife is less.

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