How To Play Women Lacrosse – Basic Rules For 2021

The game takes places between 12 players on each team. Each unit has eleven playing members and one goalie to defend. Each player uses a lacrosse stick, which has two parts.

The lower part is the shaft, which to hold the stick. The upper end is the head; its role is to catch, throw and make shoot to the opponent’s post.

Typically, a rubber ball used for the game. The theme of the play is to score goals against another team. Each goal is counted as a point when the ball went passes the goal post of the other side.​

One match has two twenty-five minutes halves. Ten minutes break is given between two halves to the players to rest and make further strategies.

When the two halves are over, the team which is leading in scores is considered as a winning team.

Lacrosse is originated from native peoples of the Americas. Their women play that game.

The modern lacrosse was initially started playing in St. Leonards’ School of St. Andrew, the city of Scotland.

Equipment Required for the Play

Lacrosse Stick

First thing is the Lacrosse stick which is used to handle the ball. It has two parts, the lower shaft to control and upper head to catch and throw the ball.


Lacrosse Ball

A solid rubber ball with as a standard size which is handled by the stick. It is called Lacrosse Ball.

Kit and Safety Equipment

Team uniform kit, gloves, playing shoes, mouth protection guard, and face guard goggles. All these types of equipment are wearied for the protection of the body and face to avoid any injury.

The goalkeeper has some extra protection in his gear because her duty is to face the direct attacks from the opponents.

Positions and Roles

Two teams of twelve players on each side take their positions on the field. The two team captains decide their ends by a coin toss, and the captain, who won the toss can choose his desired side of the area.

The Side is switched with the opposing after the halftime. Positions of the players are decided according to where that player can best contribute on the ground.

There are unlimited substitutions for each team in most of the leagues. So, they can switch players multiple times. The primary position of the game is given as:

Attacking Players 

They play the role of front-line players in the formation, and usually the primary goal scorers of the team. Commonly they are tagged as the 1st attacker, 2nd attacker, and 3rd Home.

They keep their offensive position to attack the opponents. The primary duty is to deliver goals for their teams and show aggression to another team, to keep the pressure.

Usually, there are three to four attacks in a formation. They can vary as the situation of the game requires.



The midfield consists of five players, and they control the tempo of the match. They are the primary structural player of the team’s formation.

They cover the entire length of the ground with two defensive wing, two attacking wings, and one center player.

They play the most important role in the formation, as they facilitate the attackers and the defensive side and they mostly pass the ball.

Defensive Players 

The defense of women lacrosse consists of three players. They have positions of Cover Point, Point, and 3rd Man. They remain in the lower part of the formation, near the goalie and defense against the opponents’ attacks.

After stopping the offense from the opponents, they give the ball to the midfielders.


The goalkeeper or goalie is the player who is behind defenders and his purpose is to stop the attack. He has to keep his position inside crease of the goalpost.

He is the only team member who can touch the ball by his hand. But that is valid as long as he is in the crease. The goalkeeper also possesses a very significant part in the team of Lacrosse.

Instructions to Play

The game begins with the draw. The draw takes places at the start of each half. Each of the team goes to their side. The center positions of each group come forward and hold their sticks with their hand.

One hand is kept at the waist of the ballhandler and other near the head. That facilitates the player in maintaining the balance if the stick.

At the time of the draw, all other team players are expected to be of the center circle, and they are not permitted to enter the draw circle until the referee starts the match.


If the “violation of the draw” occurs two times in the match, the referee again starts the game with the throw. The referee places the ball between them and signals to start the game, with the help of the whistle signal.

After the start signal, each player tries to take the possession on the ball. They move their sticks back and forward to catch and throw the ball. Their primary focus is to shoot the ball in opponent’s nets and score more points.

Various Terms in the Match and Their Uses

Throw : The throw occurs when fouls from both sides or the play is stopped by the trapped ball or due to other reasons. One team is not given favor in the throw.

So, one player from each side comes forward, the ball is thrown up by the officials, and these two players try to take charge over the lacrosse ball and pass to their teammates, and the play progresses.

Stand: The stand position is also directed by the referee, with the help of the whistle. At the stand signal, every player has to remain stationary at his place until the referee restarts the game again or they have to stay steady until the redirections from the officials.

Out of Play : When the ball went out of the playing area, the referee will signal to stop the game.

Again, the players will not change their positions and the player who was nearest to the ball (at the time it went out of bound) will gain the possession

Trapped Ball: Trapped ball term is used when the ball is trapped or stick to the goalkeeper’s pad, cloth or the playing stick. The goalkeeper gets the control over the ball, and the other players have to stop that attack and the goes back to their defensive formation.

The goalkeeper will pass the ball to his team’s defenders the regular play will start. The trapped ball rule is only for the goalkeeper. If it happens to other players, the match restarts with the throw.

The goalkeeper has ten seconds to keep the ball. Before that, he has to either pass the ball or run along with it.

If she leaves the crease with the ball, she cannot re-enter the crease with the ball. To come back to her position, she has to pass the ball to another player.

Free Position 

It is awarded to a team when a team plays a foul during the match. The Free position is taken from Eight meters from the goalie’s crease. Given as the Major and Minor fouls.

At Major fouls, other players remain four meters behind that player which is taking the free position. And in minor fouls, they stay four meters away by his side.

The officials give the ball to the Free position player’s and start the play. He can run with the ball, pass the ball to other players and shoot the ball in opponent’s nets to score the goal.


Major and Minor fouls happen in a women lacrosse when the violations of game rules arise. That commonly awarded as a free position to the other team.

Major Fouls

Minor fouls also result in a free position to the other team.  When the player uses her hand to stop the ball on the ground, the player kicks the ball with his foot and involves his hand to take the ball; that results as minor foul.

Also, when the opponent player entered the crease when the goalkeeper got the ball in, and he is in the trapped position, the Minor foul given to the other team.

Minor Fouls

Minor fouls also result in a free position to the other team.  When the player uses her hand to stop the ball on the ground, the player kicks the ball with his foot and involves his hand to take the ball, a minor foul is given.

Also, when the opponent player enters the crease when the goalkeeper got the ball in and he is in the trapped position, the Minor foul is given to the other team.


The women lacrosse game’s most important aspect is its association with women. As mostly, women play this game. That is beneficial for the health.

The modern women are mostly suffering from weak bone issues and lack of vitamin D contents in their bones. So, the games can help them to recover from there diseases.

Lacrosse is a physically and mentally healthy activity. With a little safety precautionary measures, there are low odds of getting injured during the game.

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