How to Wear a Push Up Bra With Small Breasts

Are you aware how careful you should be when it comes to choosing the right bra for you? Do you know how to wear it? Many women don’t pay too much attention to it and struggle little by little every day. Don’t be one of them. Need some tips? Learn how it is done properly. When it comes to bras, you must know the first and most basic rule about them, before you go and stand in the line of the store, ready to buy you must try the bra on. There are differences in the shape and size and even if you know your size number and cup, still you can’t just buy a bra just like that. This is the strict rule that you have to stick to.

Different stock sells different types of bras. Not trying it on is a huge and the most common mistake that many women do. Laziness and the difficulty of trying them on must not be the excuse. Let’s be real, it takes you a few minutes to try them on, which is not a big amount of time. But if you buy it without trying, hoping that it will fit well and it does not – then your breasts will struggle for months. For choosing the best push up bra for you, you should consider many factors. First of all, it has to be comfortable. It always comes first and before the looks. You can make your push up bra of your own as well. Not all of them come with wiring or straps and they may be expensive.

Push up bras – Best Bras for Small Breasts

Push up bras are the best for those women that have small breasts and they are willing to make them appear bigger. These kind of bras includes certain amount of padding and their design helps to push them into the best position so that they can be comfortable as well. They are revolutionary because they can make you breasts go from the smallest to the biggest size cup. So if that is what you want, a push up bra could be your best friend. It is a tool that can help you boosting your self-confidence and can make your appearance completely different if that is your will. We all know that no matter the size, breasts are beautiful in every way, still if you do not like their looks, you should try this little trick and feel happy about them. The different styles and types of bras for the A cup: a padded bandeau, a non-padded bandeau, a soft cup bra, a lacy bralette, a pullover sports bra, etc. These kind of bras are the best for small breasts because they lift, reshape and even sculpt them, support the chest and create curves. Believe it or not, you are lucky to have smaller breasts because you don’t have to worry about the bounce and its pain, the back pain or if they are too much shown. Also, you have bigger choice and wider range of options.

First Step

What to do before you go to buy a push up bra? The most important thing is to determine your size. The first step you need to take is to measure your chest and your breasts. The best thing to do that is with a cloth measuring tape. Place it under your bust and or just bring it around the back, under the armpits and place it in front of your breasts. Don’t forget to exhale so that you get the proper measurement. If the number that you get is odd, then you should round up the cloth measuring tape to the even number that is the most near. Again, when you determine your size and you decide what the style that you want is, choose a bra that not only looks but it also feels great on you.

Second Step

Next step is to determine the size of the cup with the measuring tape. Wrap it up over the part of the breast that is the fullest and try not to make it too tight. The cup size is determined by each inch, such as: A cup – one inch, B cup – two inch, etc.

How to choose the best bra only for you? Before you go to the store, you have to make your decision about the structure. Those with padding will make your breasts look larger, the underwire helps with lifting, but if you want to – you can have them both. Decide whether you want a strapless bra, one strap, two, razorback, etc. Also, you have to match it to your clothes that you own.

How to wear a push up bra with small breasts?

The number of women that have never learned how to wear this types of bras is high. Although it is similar to the regular bra, still some may need to learn some tips about how it is done the right way. If you are one of them, you should follow these easy steps:

  1. Place the back part of the bra in front of you, below your waist so that you can hook the band most easily. Once you hook it, turn it around on the right place and take it upwards. It is very important to know for push up bras that the breasts need to sit on the top of the padding or the underwire, so that they look and feel nice. To get the breasts right there where they should be in the cup, you should lean down a bit.
  2. Hook it the most comfortable. If everything is properly done, then your breast fill fit perfectly with not spilling out of the bra sides. So you should not wear it too tight, but don’t too loose, either.
  3. If you can lift up your arms and don’t feel uncomfortable and your breasts are not slipping out of the bra, then you’ve reached the perfection.
  4. When you are sure that the breast on the right position, you should adjust the straps (if there are any). You can manipulate them, but remember that they should lay flat against your skin, not dig into it and they should not be twisted.
  5. The band across the back should never be in a position different then horizontal. If it’s not horizontal, then it still has to be adjusted or it is not the right bra for you.
  6. Once again check the position of your breast and arrange them really good to prevent yourself from a double cleavage you need to arrange your breasts to prevent double cleavage.
  7. When you do everything properly, you’re ready to wear your new, beautiful push up bra.

What to wear with push up bras?

These bras enhance the shape of your breasts, so wearing them with some V-neck tops or dresses is the best way. If you are not that brave or don’t want to reveal that much, then low scoop neck tops could be the best combination with your push up bra.


  • Do not wear push up bras for a long period of time. Because of their tighter fitting, sometimes they can become uncomfortable, even though you’ve had chosen the right one for you. If you start to feel like that, you should take it off and give it a day off. Wear your regular bra for a while and then you will be able to wear the push up bra again.
  • If you have those times of trouble with the uncomfortable bra, there is always another option. There are some cotton or silicone fillers that can be inserted into your regular bra, so that you get almost the same effect like the one of wearing the push up bra.
  • It is very important that your bra looks natural on you. If the cups are too stiff, then they can look very hard.
  • No matter how strange it sounds to you, it is a fact that breasts change their shape and size through the years, so after a while, if you feel like you can’t find the perfect bra as you once did, try to do above  steps again.


Knowing how to wear something is very important for our own good, our health and the comfort. It is a fact that applies to all kinds of clothes, but this one is the most important. Not knowing how to wear a bra can be devastating and exhausting. It is a banal, but yet annoying and irritating problem that can ruin your day. Don’t let that happen to you. Follow these few basic steps and they can help you ease your everyday life and at the same time, will help you look good and feel beautiful.

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