Can I Put Charcoal/Charcoal+Wood in a Fire Pit?

You can put charcoal or charcoal and wood together in a fire pit. If you intend to cook in your fire pit, charcoal will burn faster and produce more heat. Also, combining charcoal and firewood gives you enough warmth and flavor from the charcoal and wood to cook almost anything you desire.


Can I Put Charcoals in the Fire Pit?

Yes, charcoal can be put in a fire pit. Charcoal is a different type of wood that has been burned in an oxygen-deprived area, yet it burns more and gives a good amount of heat. Also, charcoal adds a stunning addition to any backyard or patio. People love adding charcoal because it is affordable, easily lighted, provides a considerate amount of heat, and does not produce any foul odor in the food. 

The correct way to use charcoal in a fire pit

First, arrange the charcoals evenly across the hole before lighting the fire. Secondly, add a few fire starters, burying two or three under the coals. Make sure to use the specified lighter fuel and to use it with caution. Some forms of charcoal contain lighter fluid; in this case, you can light it using matches. Finally, you can use a little amount of additional flammable liquid or kindling, such as newspaper, to help the coals begin going.

As a beginner, you might wonder about choosing the right charcoal to burn, and here is our short and simple guide for which type to buy:

Lump Charcoal: This is formed from blackened and burnt pure hardwood firewood. Heat is more powerful, and food tastes better since it is chemical-free.

Pressed Charcoal: This type is regular charcoal you can get at any grocery store. They combine small pieces of wood with other materials, and the addition of chemical binders and igniters allows it to burn faster and for a longer time.

Charcoal pressed with smoky woods: When you grill, you will benefit from using wood and charcoal together. Smoking woods such as hickory are mixed into the charcoal to give it a smoky flavor.

Can I use Charcoal and Wood Mix in a Fire Pit?

Yes, you can burn both charcoal and wood mix together in a fire pit. The significant benefit of combining charcoal and firewood is that you will have enough heating and flavors from charcoal and wood to cook almost anything. Grilled chicken, steaks, and fish are all examples. A few additional wood pieces will give everyone a lovely smokey flavor. When it burns, the natural wood smoke infiltrates the dishes you prepare, boosting their exquisite taste.

The right way to use charcoal and firewood in a fire pit:

Make a large mound of charcoal wood at the bottom of the campfire. If you wish to have a BBQ, ensure any other old fire trash and ash are gone, and then arrange your grilling grate. After at least nine to ten minutes, place a few pieces of wood on top of the coals and light them. The other lumber will add heat and flavor to the food you’re cooking over the fire.

Wood or charcoal, Which is better fuel for a fire pit?

Deciding between wood or charcoal entirely depends on you. Because some experts think combining wood and charcoal yields the ideal medium, when you combine wood and charcoal for fire, you will get a smoky flavor and the cooking power of charcoal. But from the user experience, it is easier and faster to start a fire using charcoal than it is with wood. Plain wood burns faster than charcoal, but the smoky flavor is more robust because the wood remains intact.

Is charcoal the same as coal?

“No.” Charcoal is the impure state of carbon, and it is produced by burning firewoods in an enclosed oxygen-deprived place. Furthermore, humans have a long history of producing charcoal under mud ovens from ancient times. In contrast, coal is a natural resource formed over millions of years. 

The differences between coal and charcoal:





    Naturally produced

Artificially manufactured



          Not a mineral


  Denser and less porous

Less dense and more porous

Energy efficiency

Less energy efficient and burns lesser than charcoal

More fuel efficient and burns longer

Safety Tips to Follow

If you are planning to use charcoal or charcoal+wood in your fire pit, these safety tips might come in handy:

  1. Never leave the fire pit unattended.
  1. Before you light the fire pit, check for high winds.
  1. Allow enough space between the fire pit and other structures. Look for overhanging tree branches or flying dry leaves
  1. You should always supervise the kids when using a fire pit.
  1. As charcoal or wood both produce flying embers, it is better to use a smoke screen to prevent the embers from fling and catching fire disasters.
  1. Remember that regular intake of charcoal-grilled foods increases cancer risk, so make a healthy routine to avoid health damage.
  1. Always keep fire extinguishers, sand, water, etc., nearby the fire pit.

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