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5 Best Fat Tire Bikes in 2018 – Ride Bike With Fun!

Usually, in the world of biking, you can choose between something that is built for the road or something that is made for the mountain. While both of these classifications are fun, what happens if you

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Best Cyclocross Bike for 2018 – A Buyers Guide with Pros & Cons!

When you go to buy a bike, there are so many different options on the market and some people are beginning to opt for a cyclocross bike. If that sounds like you but you don’t know exactly what you should

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Best Hybrid Bikes For Men & Women – 2018 Top Picks By Expert Riders!

Are you looking for an all purpose bike that you can ride on a wide range of terrains? A best hybrid bike is the right way to go. Hybrid bikes mash up the characteristics of mountain bikes and road

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Best Road Bikes For All Budget ($300 to $1500) in 2018

Biking is probably the greatest game changer that brought class and noiseless means of movement around us. The better part is that it doesn't cause pollution to our beautiful environment. It provides

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5 Best Electric Bikes in 2018 – Which One Should You Choose?

For me riding a bike is a way of life. I used to ride all the time; I even commuted to work several days a week to save on gas. However, I recently got injured, and my knee can’t take steep hills anymore.

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