Rowing Machine Benefits For 2021

Exercise is always the first priority to stay healthy and fit. For a newbie, it is always exciting to choose an exercise program. You can use the rowing machine for exercise, this is the best way to improve your health.

Anyone of any age can easily do this exercise as it has less impact and keeps the body fit.   So you can say a rowing machine benefits a lot in our body.

Workouts With a Rowing Machine

What is a rowing machine actually is? This exercise equipment is designed as same way like rowing a boat in the water. This is the best workout for full body.

But regular rowing is not possible. There are some variations in this exercise, through this, you can make your exercise effective. Let’s check out the different rowing machine exercise:


Simple Rowing:

Newbies avoid this machine as it is really unknown to many like how it works. There is some technique to use this machine or else you will suffer from injury. The simple rowing machine has three types of exercise position:

  • The Catch:  In this position, you have to sit on the rower machine and keep your knees bend. Then you have to put your feet in the hold. Now spread your arm and strongly hold the handle. Don’t bend your back and keep your abs tight.
  • The Drive:  In this exercise, you have to push your leg and keep them straight, you have to pull the handle with your stretched hand at the same time.
  • The Finish:  In this exercise, you have to make your straight leg in a 45-degree angle. You have to lean back when you are doing this angle. Don’t bend your arms. After some time go back to your original position.

Power Curls:

If you have biceps, power curl will be best for you. Your core will be challenged as the finish pose will be there when you are doing this exercise.

  • You have to do simple rowing exercise 3 times. Hold the finish position.
  • Bend your elbow, and the handle will be towards your chin. Now uncurl.
  • When you are in finish position, do four curls.
  • You have to repeat the exercise 5-8 times.

Side Rows:

This exercise will work with your arm muscle and waistline. The pressure on the chest will increase during the exercise.

  • You have to stay in the catch position and try to keep your back straight.
  • Keep your leg straight and push.
  • Lean back and pull the handle with the arm on the left side.
  • Do pulling eight times on every side.

Extreme Rowing:

With this exercise, your body’s cardio effect will increase. Extreme rowing will reduce the resistant intensity, and the speed of the rowing will increase. You can category this exercise in aerobic exercise and will help to burn extra calories.

You need to do these exercise, but you will not need to get back in the first position. When you are in the drive position, grow the speed of rowing.

You can do as many as you can. You can increase your speed per your requirement.

Long Distance:

In this process you can work with your strength, increasing resistance and activity of cardio rate. This exercise is to be done slowly.

When you are in finish position, you have to bend the elbow. You can pull the handle back and make sure you are on your back.

Simple Rowing With Exercises:

This exercise is fully workout. You have to do aerobic exercise while rowing.

  • You can do rowing for one time or 12 times.
  • After that do 8-time walking squats.
  • Again go for 12-time rowing then eight squats.
  • Again go for rowing and then plank twists.

Rowing machine benefits

Benefits of Rowing Machine

You can guess this rowing machine is greatly helpful to burn calories and give your body a better shape. But to make this happen, you have to follow proper technique to do exercise.

Start this exercise gradually to get used with the machine exercises. It will take time, but it is worth it. Let’s talk about the benefits of rowing machine:

Breathing improvement:

With the help of this exercise you can improve your breathing. When you are in catch position, you will have to inhale breath, and when you are pulling the handle, then you will have to exhale.

Body fitness:

This rowing machine is helpful to build muscle, toning and losing weight. Your body stamina will increase for this rowing machine. Your muscle of upper and lower body will get developed for this machine.

For an aerobic exercise in this machine makes your lung work properly and heart pumps well.

Active Aerobic Exercise:

Aerobic exercise is the best fitness program for any age and any body type.  If you do aerobic exercise regularly, you will enjoy weight loss, full energy, super energy and amazing immune system. When you are working out, the hormone Endorphins gets released.

For this, you will stay in a happy mood, and you will have a good sleep. In this machine, all of your body muscle works out, and heart rate gets active. All these make a good effect on your body.

Weight Loss:

Regular workout with rowing machine helps to burn calories, increase energy and tone up muscles. Every day you can burn 600 calories within one hour with this rowing machine. It is better than any gym machine that is available in the market.

But you have to have a balanced diet when you are exercising on this rowing machine. By this, your weight loss journey will be a successful one.


Upper-Body Exercises:

Don’t think this machine works only with your lower part of the body; your upper part will also get a good shape. Your lats of the lower back, trapezii of upper back and the rhomboids of shoulder get a proper workout with this machine.

Why is this important? Well, this exercise will keep your back and shoulder strong and pain-free. You will not have any back pain. Also, your bicep, abs, and pecs get to develop and turn into the strongest core.

Your hand and wrist will get strong, and if you climb or do yoga, this features will be a plus point for your activity.

Lower-Body exercise:

Now about the exercise of the lower part of the body, the rowing machine is a perfect exercise machine. Your leg and glutes will get stronger, and there will be no fat there. For this, your legs will look amazing.

With this exercise, your leg calorie will burn fast. You will feel a great improvement in balance and flexibility. Your muscle strength and body tone will be super strong.

Low-Impact Cardio:

Joint problem or overweight body is not fit for high impact exercises. It will worsen the situation more. This rowing machine is perfect for those type of body. For some yoga, walking, hiking and running are not suitable. For them rowing machine exercise is proper.

The effect is natural and puts limited stress on the joints. Let me give an example of the stationary bike, knees after surgery will get healed and strong after riding this bike. You will not feel any pain.

For back strain, you have to use proper rowing form. For this, your leg will do the all workout without giving pressure on your back.

Increased Stamina:

Sometimes we feel that our energy level is too low, at that time we don’t feel to do any work. The main problem is you are not doing physical activity properly.

While doing exercise with a rowing machine, you will feel tired for some days, but gradually you will get used to it.

In the long run, you will enjoy benefit from regular exercise and your energy level will improve. The rowing exercise is cardiac and works with every muscle.

For having regular exercise, your energy level will get strong, and your metabolism will get a boost.


Don’t think that this rowing machine will not give you the feeling of rowing a real boat on the water. The feelings and workout are the same. This machine is suitable for your home use. You can use it in your basement or one of your room easily.

Exercise with this machine will give you a unique feeling. It is a challenge that you will not have this feeling with other exercise machines.


Amazingly, this exercise machine is not as expensive as it seems. You will not have to compromise with the quality for the cost. They really come at an affordable price with excellent quality.

Once you have a rowing machine in your home, your extra money for gym purpose will get saved. You can use the money for another purpose.

Easy to Practice:

When you step into the gym for the first time, you will get puzzled and afraid to see the exercise machines. You may get little confused to start exercise or not. You don’t have to be; this rowing machine is easy to do exercise with and perfect for all ages.

But you have to know the proper techniques to do exercise with the rowing machine. It will help you to do exercise in less time without getting any injury.

When you are in this machine, make sure your feet are on stirrups strongly fastened, and your shins are in 90-degree angle to the floor.

If you keep your back straight, core engaged then you can row smoothly like you are on the water. You will love this exercise a lot.


Don’t do that exercise that makes you irritate or you don’t enjoy. You have to enjoy the exercise you usually do. It is better to have an exercise plan that will help you to get success. With the rowing machine, your exercise journey will be fine.

In this exercise, your entire body will work, and you will enjoy it. When you are doing exercise play your favorite music or show on the TV.

This will distract your mind, and you can do your exercise without getting bored. When you get an expert with this exercise, you will feel your energy level high, and you are in good health.

So, you can guess the rowing machine benefits is no match with other exercise benefits. When you are in a hurry but badly need a 30 minutes exercise, then hop in this rowing machine.

You can also get your mood to enlighten with this exercise machine. You will feel so light after shredding those extra pounds and leaving all the stresses. And lastly, rowing is fun!

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