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Ask yourself and your buddies about the biggest concerns in their daily life. I bet fitness finds its spot on everyone’s list. So, it’s no wonder that you would want to enjoy versatility while working on your daily fitness plan.

Did you ever use one exercise tool that delivers in several ways like helping improve physical balance, recover from muscular injury, correct posture, and alleviate pain?

Maybe, you’re wondering if I’m joking. Nope, I ain’t! Today, I’m going to share my insights into one such fitness companion RumbleRoller Massage Roller. Let’s see if we can positively end your quest for a versatile exercise tool that pays off.

It’s not surprising that a gym-goer suffers from overactive muscles at times. Regular exercises if not done right might cause painful physical issues that require massage before or after the workout session.

If you’re one of the fitness lovers, maintaining mobility and having the arrangement to relax muscles should be on top of your list.

 A massage roller works for most people if the pains aren’t too critical to heal, and this specific item demands the attention of those seeking an alternative to a human therapist.

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For whom the product is?

The product’s name makes it easy for us to learn what RumbleRoller intends to offer its customers through this roller. It won’t be wrong if you consider it an alternative to your massage therapist.

While this product is ideal for personal fitness trainers and professional massage therapists, people with a regular need for deep-tissue massage are also among the target customers.

Those with chronic aches and pain, sore shoulders, low back pain, or contracted areas like a stiff upper back and neck often require this special care.

Did you feel leg muscle tightness the last time you took a brief stroll? If it’s a yes, you’re going to need a massage aid like this one.


Things to Consider Before You Buy One

You’re still reading. So, I take that you’re serious about going deep into the ‘roller’ thing and weighing your options. Remember that a foam roller has very particular purposes to serve, and yours should be among them. You might not want the luxury of hiring a massage therapist or waiting for an appointment.

Either way, a foam roller can be of help. But, any choice isn’t a choice at all, especially when you want to receive the actual benefits of a massage roller. So, let’s get you started with the basics of choosing the right product.

  • Frequency and densityUnderstanding the correlation between is the key to getting the right roller. How often will the roller be in use – frequently or occasionally? The higher the density of a roller, the more suitable it is for frequent uses and the need for comfort. If you didn’t use one before, I recommend you a standard roller that features a medium density and some stiffness. Once you’ve become used to it; you may consider going for a higher density. For people, too busy to take a massage daily, a foam roller with a little density works fine.
  • MaterialFoam rollers are typically made of three materials, such as polyethylene, reinforced plastic, and Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Each has different features and drawbacks to offer. Rollers with a PVC or EVA core last long and yield more intensity than the rest. Polyethylene foam rollers feel soft with the likelihood to warp over time. Reinforced plastic tends to be moderately dense and durable.
  • SizeThere are three different sizing options, such as full size, mid-size, and compact/standard. Most people seem to like a standard size while professionals prefer a full-size roller to the others. Absolute beginners may also rely on the large size. I got a small roller after gathering some experience with the thing because I was always afraid of losing my stay. The small one is my favorite when I have to hang around with friends or relatives for some time. Let’s be more specific about the size.Long rollers may measure 36-inch long and be good for larger body areas, like the back, hamstrings, and quads. Short rollers are around 24-inch long and suitable for smaller body parts like arms, calves, etc. physical trainers suggest that users get a standard roller that comes with a 5-6-inch diameter because this measurement allows for a controlled and conducive rolling experience.
  • SurfaceHere comes the debate ‘smooth vs. textured’. Smooth surfaces are great when you’re just about to learn how to roll. With less intensity than the textured ones, these are ideal for beginners and do not cost much. However, I fall in love with the protrusions on my first roller’s surface because my trainer taught me that they could get me some deep, intense massage so that I could cope with the stiffness of some of my muscles. A textured or ridged surface comes with bumps and knobs designed to target the affected physical areas that need an intense massage. Ridged surfaces may vary depending on their levels of intensity. I must acknowledge that mine is a fine example of a high-intensity roller.

As RumbleRoller claims, some of their selling points are the safety and convenience. Tagged with compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), the roller boasts a true concentration on its properties tailored to the benefits of users’ health and hygiene.

Are all these enough for you to conclude that the item is worth your money? I know some precise points would be nice. So, keep reading.


  • It’s resistant to abrasion and tear.
  • Its high-density EVA core makes it resilient.
  • The high-profile bumps ensure deep penetration into the muscles.
  • All sizes are equally designed (Similar spacing and bump size).
  • The surface is water-proof with antimicrobial properties.
  • The latex-free build makes it safe for people with skin allergies.


  • The blue roller may not stay as soft as it should after a week of heavy use.
  • It comes at a steep price.

Features and Benefits:

You might be looking for an analytical discussion on the product’s features and associated benefits while reading this Rumble Roller review. Here it is.


The perfect alternative to a massage therapist

The bumps on the surface are designed to be firm without sacrificing flexibility. If you ask me about the manufacturer’s claim that the bumps are much like the thumbs of a therapist, I would say they didn’t lie. As you start rolling over them, they keep kneading your body contours stretching your soft tissues gently in various directions. Some brief sessions of this practice may bring you relief of some common muscular aches.

Great conformity

Unlike a 6-inch diameter roller, this one doesn’t suffer the mismatch between a large contact patch (between the body and the roller) and a small amount of compression, meaning that you have no worries about the difficulty targeting particular areas or the effects of the massage. It surpasses the performance of a PVC pipe, or a small, hard roller by being designed to work equally well around the bony protrusions like the pelvis, scapula, and spine. So, more serious users like athletes may benefit from using this roller.

Thoughtful design

The surface is, in my opinion, carefully shaped to address the needs of people with a wide variety of muscular issues and aches. You may get the feeling that the bumps are a way firmer than your muscle tissues. Yes, you’re right but not entirely. The bumps won’t crush your bones. As the bumps contact any of your bony parts or spine, they quickly deflect out of the way. Thanks to the maker to give this a serious thought!

Added flexibility

It is easy to intensify your massaging action with the roller as you can do it by simply switching from a back-and-forth motion to a side-to-side movement. The asymmetric bumps flex fast and smoothly in one direction and deliver a swabbing pressure in the form of massage. 

As I rocked side to side and tried to reach the end of the roller, its bumps became somewhat stiffer and caused me disturbances to the muscles. The next day, my instructor showed me how to get this right. So, you’ve got to get the hang of rolling massaging actions to enjoy this much flexibility. You should follow this practice only after being advised by someone knowledgeable that a deep digging pressure is required.


This product comes with all the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line massage but at a price higher than many of its competitors. I felt great when my skin contacted with the roller the first time, but my experience wasn’t very decisive until I consulted my trusted trainer. 

So, the price and the beginners’ mistakes might make you suffer a little. Oh, by the way, there’s a possible solution to the ‘blue roller’ issue! Getting the extra firm black piece should help you stay benefitted from the deep-tissue massage. After all, the roller has all the boon to add great value to your money, no matter if you’re a seasoned user or just at the point of doing foam rolling.

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