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Can you imagine taking your morning jogging on a chilly morning moments after a heavy rain power because you have a game in the afternoon, then all over sudden your sneakers become uncomfortable because they are allowing water to pass through.

Besides the wetness, you realize that your soles are all slippery and you are struggling so much to remain stable.

Wow! You got a serious problem right there. Its definitely a very annoying and disappointing morning that no one would wish to experience.

The good news is that the Saucony kilkenny shoes have your perfect solution. Read this full Saucony kilkenny XC5 Spike Review

Having this shoe during your favorite sport is an assurance of your flight to victory. You value comfort and style; it has it all.

Your friends will marvel at it as this shoe makes your feet to look appealing and classy with its varied color design and features. This shoe is the king of sport! Whether you use it for road racing, sprints, football, tennis or as part of your daily clad, there are substantial benefits to choose this shoe as compared to other types out there.

Talking about quality, comfort, durability, and class, this is the footgear for you! You do not need to look elsewhere, sit back relax as the information about this shoe unfolds.For road runners, Saucony offers you an immediate solution. The spikes also follow the same concept; the four spikes are plastic made hence making them light and athletics favorites. Combining all these, the sturdiest shoe emerges what you get.Saucony brands keep evolving, bringing out the effort put into delivering such quality lines.

When you grab your Saucony Kilkenny XC5 spike, be sure of comfort, class, and confidence!

Bottom-line is that user gets value especially when it comes to performance and durability of the shoe

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Sufficient for use in different seasons on a variety of surfaces:

The design of the Saucony range considered the various conditions of shoe usage. Particularly with Saucony Kilkenny XC5, the sure provides dynamism in usage, for example, its spikes are removable for adaptability in different environments.

Therefore, this shoe works well in mud, trails, tracks, and pavements. Resilient, toughness and more resilience, the shoe conquers many courses!


As for the color variations, this footgear comes in more than one color. In fact, Kilkenny XC5 is available in citron, purple and red color. Of course, that is an excellent balance for gender sensitivity.Saucony Kilkenny XC5 Spike comes with a quality synthetic material. The material used for making the shoe is lightweight. In any sport, no one wishes to drag behind as a result of sturdy shoes. That is not what you get with this footgear.

Flexibility for user needs:

The product comes in two versions just for your comfort. One version is the spiked soled while the other is the flat one. The justification for these two options is mainly flexibility.

The primary goal for the considerations of these options is the high need for improved sporting coupled with attractive designs.

Also, with the arches, indoor gamers become more relaxed and composed when using the shoes. The spike version has a light mesh and four pins. Regarding the weight, no need for worry, the shoe is amazingly light.

Long gone is the era when players used any shoes available to them, in the present days’ unique specifications is what athletes go for.On the other hand, those with flat soles are an excellent choice for customers who would like to engage in lighter exercises or running.

They necessarily do not need the spikes; they find it comfortable to use the cross-country flat soles of the Saucony Kilkenny shoes.

Flat bottoms are also perfect for people with previous leg injuries as they do not exert any pressure on the feet when they wear these shoes.Sleek is another word to describe the shoe! During design, the style was in the mind of the makers, particularly for this product. That means, when you get yours it matches your other attires perfectly.


Saucony kilkenny XC5 Spike Review | Features and Specifications:

  • Removable spikes aid in adapting the shoe to various conditions.
  • Light upper design with minimal heaviness which usually averages at 5.9 oz of weight.
  • For this shoe, the material used is 100% synthetic to guarantee lightness.
  • The shoe comes with laces since it is principally a sports footgear for easy fitting.
  • The heel height for the Saucony Kilkenny XC5 is 0.75 inch for swift movement during play.
  • The XC5 comes in vibrant colors like citron, red and purple.
  • Free shipping services for these shoes for any buy from Amazon.
  • The right length is dynamic and comes in different foot sizes; it is a right fit for your dimensions.
  • Cleats are reinforced with a detached metal for strength.
  • shoe is available in an extensive range of UPC.

Customer reviews and scores

Saucony Kilkenny XC5 now has more than 500 consumer reviews in the diverse class of shoes. Going by customer reviews, the ratings will stun you.

The women’s XC5 rates at four out of five, meaning that the majority of clients are satisfied with the product.

Customers noted the grip as a strong point for these shoes! Whether it is the one with spikes or not, each received a strong recommendation.

For the one without spikes, the coarse texture ensures a grip that is much-needed when playing your match.

For cross-country runners, the textured one is a favorite owing to the sheer weight that promotes swiftness and reduces the effect of drag during the race.

Customers note the flexibility of these hoes as a plus. The removable spikes are a useful feature that enables a player to use the shoes both outdoors an also indoors.Coaches have also highlighted comfort as a key strength for this shoe type.

They emphasized the lightweight and fitting sizes as the reason why they would continue recommending to their players.

Many coaches liked the shoe for use at long-distance marathons. Also, the shoe design helps in fitting nicely for people and the unique ungulae be it big or smaller feet.

Dynamism, also, is repeatedly reiterated by users. As an example, the Saucony Kilkenny XC5 is adapted for on and off trails whereby performance you get that guarantee of reliability!

Whether it is for use at sprints or marathons, the choice is yours. In the reviews, they noted availability of Saucony Kilkenny XC5 in different sizes.

Ranges stated by customers started from size five upwards. Most buyers are happy with the different sizes. The spike shoes come with a particular gadget for unscrewing the spikes. So for and a little more flexibility, you are already sorted with the wrench gadget in place.

Apart from the wrench, the shoes come with a small bag that has a key that athletes genuinely love.One customer says that she is always nervous when buying the following pair. Amazed by the constant improvements in style, her eagerness for new editions makes her anxious.

The good thing, this customer agrees the upgrades always bring value and comfort. Another customer shares his wife’s experience about her using the shoe weekly in the gym; he notes minimal wear and tears even with aggressive use.

He promises to buy her another pair soon. The durability of the shoe overall is unquestioned by all the customers who enjoyed using the product.However, not all are happy. The reason a few are not pleased is the shoe size numbering system differs between the US and UK.

Therefore, customers from across borders get confused with the US footwear sizes.Another setback identified about this shoe is that the spikes are easily falling off when used vigorously in wet seasons.

Water seems to weaken the spikes grip and might cause injuries if the spikes fall off unnoticed.

How to use Sauconykilkenny XC5 Spike

  • Question: Do the spikes vary in sizes?
  • Answer: The Saucony Kilkenny shoes come with standardized spikes for the specific shoes purchased. One has to beware of the kind of surface he is going to use at the time of purchase for best usage.
  • Question: When is it suitable to use the flat Saucony Kilkenny shoes or the spiked ones
  • Answer: Flat Saucony Kilkenny shoes work well for light exercises. On the other hand, spiked Saucony Kilkenny shoes got spikes underneath for maximum traction and are mostly used by expert athletes.
  • Question: Can one wear these shoes like other conventional sports shoes or for trekking?
  • Answer: Do not go for the spiked ones when you still have got effects of a past injury. Otherwise, Saucony shoes are comfortable as long as you can walk well in them whether flat or spiked.


This shoe is called the king of sport! Whether you use it for road racing, sprints, football, tennis or as part of your daily clad, there are substantial benefits to choose this shoe as compared to other types out there. The shoe is a multipurpose one when used for short runs or long races; it consistently delivers for the racer. The same is true for outcomes from other sports. Saucony Kilkenny XC5 never disappoints.Bottom-line is that user gets value especially when it comes to performance and durability of the shoe.

Comfort is assured with this shoe as well especially when there is that competitive race, Saucony cross-country spikes, and the light synthetic material is friendly to your feet.

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