Seiko Solar Watch Problems Overall Review – For 2021

Don’t you hate it when the watches run out of battery? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to have a watch that runs by the solar power? Most of us do not have the right tools to replace a battery, and this is why we need to visit the local shops for changing the watch batteries. Solar watches do not have this problem as these get the energy from the sun.

The mechanism and construction of solar watches are different from that of the standard battery watches. Many companies are making solar watches right now, but Seiko is the first watchmaker that came up with the solar batteries as well as solar watches.

The watches these days run in three ways, the batteries, solar energy or manual winding. The solar watches by Seiko are made with a layer of PV or photovoltaic cell on the front side of the watch. The PV collects sunlight throughout the day and uses the stored power to function the watch.

The small PVs are like the large ones that we use in the home. So, you must be wondering how Seiko watches convert sunlight into energy? The process is straightforward. When the sunlight hits the PV cells of the watch, the electrons travel the wire that gathers these in the cell to work as the power.

The Seiko solar watches also come with batteries but the battery different from that of the general ones. The batteries are not rechargeable, so these do not need to be changed or replaced after a particular time.


Seiko Solar Watch

The best thing about the Seiko watches, they are very eco-friendly. The designs of the new watches by Seiko are beautiful. These come with the latest technology but are available in both classic and modern design.

Solar watches by Seiko are top-notch, and they are in use for quite a long time. A lot of people these days prefer these watches over the traditional watches. Watching all the good reviews online, even I bought a pair for myself.

I was pleased with the time of using it. I used to wear it all the time and always used to get compliments from my friends, family members and colleagues. But, there are some issues which I came across during my journey with this solar watch.

There have been many complaints against this watch from other users as well. So, let see what issues you might face after buying Seiko solar watches.



Both of the solar watches by Seiko are available for both men and women. One of the biggest issues of this watch is the price. While most of the traditional watches we use come as cheap as 30 to 40 dollars but the starting price of the Seiko Solar watches start from 150 dollars.

So, if your budget is not more than 150 dollars, then it would be difficult for you to buy one. Of course, solar energy watches are built in a very sophisticated way and are made of leather and high-quality materials and machines, so it is natural to have high prices.

If the watches are specially built for outdoors or sports, then the price will be more. However, it becomes a bit difficult for everyone to use such a pricey watch.

As these watches claim to be eco-friendly, so the price should be a bit less so everyone can use that. If you have a tight budget, then it is not wise to go for the Seiko solar watches.


most of the solar watches by Seiko do not have the large casing. A lot of the clients have complained that they do not get the solar watches with large dial from Seiko. They have been very disappointed with the company regarding this as well.

It appears tiny on those who have large wrists. This is an issue with the male customers because nowadays, the trend is to wear a large dial watch but Seiko does not have big dial solar watches in their store.

So, a lot of the customers went home with broken heart. So, if you are someone who loves big dial solar watch then, Seiko would not be able to provide you with one.


I have already stated the problem with the size of the dial. Here comes another issue that most of the users are facing. The colors of the dials of the Seiko solar watches are exquisite and chic especially the black dial looks sexy on the watch.

Once you take the watch out in the sun, it will shimmer brilliantly. All the watches have a very ageless appeal. There is one problem with this flawless design is the white display of date and day. This white display stands out ascetically from the dark dial and makes a horrible distraction from the stylish dial.


Although a lot of the Seiko watches come without the white day and date field most of the solar watches have this issue. Another negative component of the watch is its poor lume.

The company have surely skimped on the Lumibrite and applied to an hour and hand markers as this lasts just for a very short time before fading. This is the problem with the quantity of the lume. So, if you are purchasing a solar watch, you have to be careful about these aspects.


The solar watches are like magic. These watches run solely with the power of solar or any light energy. Even if you do not take the watch out on light for a long time, it will not wear down. However, another problem with the solar watches of Seiko is the lack of automatic movement.

The watch lacks the vintage and sophisticated appeal of the mechanical movement. Surely you cannot expect automatic movement form a solar watch, but as a user, you want the movement to be smooth. Although it might not be an issue with a lot of users, it seemed quite appalling to me.


There are many variations in the band of the Seiko solar watches. Some are made of leather, and some have chain bands. The preferences of bands differ from person to person. I prefer the watches to have chain bands and here is another issue that I pointed out with the chain band solar watches from Seiko.

Well, for the solar watches we are already subjected to spend quite a lot of money. But, what if you do not get what you have expected? How will you feel? From my point of view, I did not get what I wanted. I was heartbroken once my solar Seiko watches came to my home from the online Seiko store.

The band does not just look cheap, but it is quite jingly quality. When you wear the watch on your hand, it will not give you the luxury or expensive feel that you look for in the expensive watches.

So, if you are a bit picky about the chains or the bands of the watches, then you need to look for other options in the market. Or you can do another thing. Just before purchasing go to the store and check out the latest chain band Seiko solar watches to have a clear about it.

Low quality and durability:

When you will look on the website of Seiko they will say that they provide these solar watches for a long time but the reality is absolutely different. I bought my watch around 14 months ago and the parts are so cheap and low quality that those started to fall into pieces after a few months.

So, in a span of 14 months I had to take the solar watch to the shop for around 8 times. So, even if you have a warranty you need to think before buying the Seiko solar watch.

Careful for limited edition ones:

This is another issue, although it is very minor. This will not be applicable to you if you have not planned on buying the limited editions ones. So, one of my acquaintances bought the 100 year limited edition one and when she went to Seiko for changing the strap they informed her that the strap is no longer in store and they do not have any plan of production. So, if you have any other company apart from Seiko in mind then you can go check their collection out.

If you are into solar watches, then you need to buy the Seiko watches from the reputable shops around you. Apart from all the faults of Seiko watches, I love their design and quality.

These solar watches are expensive, so if you do not want to spend a lot of money in purchasing a watch, then the solar watches are not for you. These are just the issues clients are facing nowadays. This article is for the company as well as for the new customers so that they will know what they are buying.

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