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In our today’s world, the mobile phone took over the place of radio, alarm clocks, calendars, landline phones, and other equipment which were part of our ordinary life.

You can find all of them on a single mobile phone. 15-20 years are passed after the humanity adopted the mobile phone, but still, the mobile phone has not replaced the position of the watch.

Watches have been essential and considered as a Luxurious gadget for the people. The Zealous people like to wear branded, and expensive watches and they view it as their hobby to collect and wear watches.

They do not care about the price if their mind is settled on a particular Watch. This hobby is not specific for a fixed audience. Everyone can buy a Watch according to his pocket space.

Japan has placed an essential role in manufacturing and supplying the luxurious and exotic watches to all over the world.

Their Watches are praised all over the world, and they are a part of the dressing.

Seiko is a Japanese company, and they are serving and making watches since 1881. The product we have here today is Seiko men’s ssc017. The link for the product given below.

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Water Proof Structure

There are many watches on the market with the water-resistant property. The manufacturers provide a specific depth limit, where the Watch can operate.

Because as we go deep in the water, the pressure increases. So, the machinery would not bear that external pressure inserted by the sea.


Usually, the functional depth is between 20-100 meters. You can easily swim on the surface of the water and make small dives with this range.

But the Seiko ssc017 gives you a water pressure resistance at 200-meter depth. So, you can make a considerable deep dive into the water.

It is entirely functional, and the mechanics of the watch would not get affected 200 meters inside the sea.

The manufacturers use particular kind of steel, Nuts, and Bolts to give it that trait. So, the water cannot get inside.

This watch is also known as Seiko dive watch due to this property. It is an excellent equipment for the sports swimmers, scuba divers, and recreational divers.

If you like to take part in these activities, that gadget is for you. It is very suitable for professional marine activities and water sports.

Auto Rechargeable and Resilient

The watches that can charge themselves are few in the market. Seiko solar diver watch can Charge itself with the solar power. They have rechargeable cells which store the energy from the sun and uses it for the normal functioning of the Watch.

So, you don’t have to worry about changing the cell or stoppage of the Watch in time of need. So, you can use it fearlessly. This feature of the auto-recharging is worth your every single buck.

Another remarkable property that this elegant watch possess is its body and structure. It has a stainless-steel bracelet which keeps it safe from scratches, stains, and rust.

The bracelet has a unique silver coating, so it retains its original color for an extended period.

The watch has a double push-button safety lock which cannot break after extreme external pressure or collisions. Moreover, it has spill and scratch proof glass. It has a stable structure, and it cannot break easily.

All of these traits combine in the Seiko ssc017 watch and make it a handy, resilient and applicable watch with a modest price as compared to the other Watches in the market.


Seiko SSC017 Men’s Solar Dive Watch Features and Specifications:

There are some points which cover the specification and main features of this Product.

  • The manufacturer of the watch is a Japanese company which is known as Seiko. The company has a high reputation and status in watches industries. Their Watches are considered elite in their class.
  • The watch shows resistance against water to 200 meters depth. That is nearly equal to 660 Feet’s. Usually, a man cannot dive at that depth. That is a plus point for the customers. It is also suitable for marine divers and extreme water sports.
  • The watch has a solar-powered cell, and it recharges itself when exposed to the light. So, you do not have to change the battery at regular intervals of time.
  • It has very hard stainless-steel bracelet which is stain and rust free. A double security lock is also present to keep the watch on your wrist. One lock overlaps the other and gives extra security. Overall, the structure of the Seiko ssc017 watch is very tough.
  • The product has a 43 mm stainless steel case and a Hardlex dial glass. Seiko mostly uses the Hardlex crystal in their watches as it is scratch proof and very hard to break.
  • The manufacturers use Seiko Calibre V175 machinery in this Seiko watch. The output of this machinery is very stable, and it remains functional for a long time due to its stability.
  • Three SUB DIALS are also present in this watch. They present the 24 hours clock to count a day, 60 minutes clock to note the hour and a 60 minutes SUB DIALS to count a minute. It can also work a stopwatch if you want it to be. There is also a date position between 4 and 5 o’clock position of the main dial which shows date and time.


Customer reviews and score

The Seiko men’s ssc017 watch has very high selling rate all over the world. People like to buy it and make it a part of their collection.

Overall the product had a very favourable rating. Seiko ssc017 maintained the fame of the Seiko company to deliver standard watches for their customers from past many years.

Commonly people loved the toughness and solar rechargeable battery of the Watch.  The customers who bought the product from Amazon left reviews for their purchase.

And mostly, they are positive, and they praised the Product.

The purchasers got many compliments from their relatives for this watch due to its stylish look. They acknowledged the stability and toughness of the watch and called it resilient.

Gregory Byrd is a professional underwater diver and a buyer of this product on the website of Amazon.

He called this watch as a best under 300$ divers watch that you can purchase. Moreover, Hundreds of people bought it, and they left positive reviews.

Some of the buyers did not have a pleasant experience with this purchase. They complained about that product on the review section of the Amazon store. A buyer complained that his watch was broken with a single strike to the floor.

Another purchaser complained about the unstable machinery and it was moving freely inside. The Seiko company can claim this kind of complaints as they offer a warranty to their watches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can be a better way to wear this watch or any other?

There is no any unique technique to wear a watch. However, there are some points you must keep in mind while wearing it. Try to wear the Watch on the left wrist. It has a reasons. It is recommended by the doctors to keep the low pressure on the right wrist because it affects the normal flow of blood in the veins. Also, check the locks every time you wear a Watch.


Where can we buy this product?

The Seiko company distributes the product all over the world. You can physically visit any authorized Seiko watches outlet in the market or malls.

You need to tell them the model number, which is ssc017, and they will show it to you. You can also Buy it from the Amazon website.

To whom this product is for?

This watch can be a part of your regular day dressing as it has a very stylish look. The deep-water divers, scuba divers, and recreational divers can also use it while driving.

It can also stick to the hand of the sports swimmers with zero worries of breaking the dial during extreme swimming.

How can we keep it safe?

Try to keep the watch away from mud and dust. Also, try to keep it away from the water until you need to take it with you.

It shows resistance to the water, but it is better to use it in a dry place to keep it functional for long-term use. Do not take it over 200-meter depth inside Sea.


Seiko watches company has a legacy of manufacturing and distribution of watches all over the world. Their name tag is only enough to sell a watch successfully.

The Seiko ssc017 has a class in itself. It has a very moderate price, and any watch lover can buy it from its nearest approach. It can be used by the professionals, divers, and sportsman.

The properties like stainless steel body, glare resistant, scratch resistant glass, auto charging, sturdy structure, elegant color and deep diving resistance to the dial are all enclosed in a single watch at a price of only 250$.

Which is comparatively low to other similar Watches with these range of characteristics.

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