What is the Best Shape and Size For a Fire Pit?

The best size of a fire pit can be 30-44 inches in diameter and about  10-12 inches tall, providing sufficient fire space. And the best shape for a fire pit is considered round because it can accommodate and provide heat to more people at a time than a square or rectangular fire pit. Also, the seating arrangements around a round fire pit are pretty gathering-friendly and create an excellent focal point for the patio.


A fire pit is not always about fire, heat, and safety—the size of its plays a significant role in the ambiance and artistic side of the patio. You may consider the positive and negative measures of different types of fire pits before installing the right one for you.

Bigger Fire Pits:

Pros of a bigger fire pit:

Cons of a bigger fire pit:

Smaller Fire Pits:

Pros of a small fire pit:

Cons of a small fire pit:

Medium Size Fire Pits:

Pros of a medium fire pit:

Cons of a medium fire pit:

How to Identify the Correct Fire Pit Size for Your House?

The size of the fire pit should be determined by the location you want to place the fire pit. A homeowner with a tiny space cannot hope to install a six-foot-wide fire pit since it will disrupt the balance and harmony of the landscape. People can usually choose a three-foot-wide fire pit for more intimate events. On the other hand, building a five-foot fire pit makes perfect sense if you want to entertain more guests in a formal or structured atmosphere. However, if you have a tiny, little patio less than 6 feet that you want to decorate with a fire pit, go for a two-foot portable fire pit, or a chiminea can be a good option.

Is a Bigger Fire Pit Better?

A bigger firepit is preferable when you have a more oversized backyard and want a permanent piece for aesthetics for your patio. With a big firepit, you can entertain more people around the fire. It also keeps more people warm than a smaller firepit would. People may stand further away from the fire and yet be toasty if you have a giant firepit. When using a smaller firepit, your guests need to be closer to the fire to experience the warmth. If you know you’ll be entertaining a large group around your campfire, a more extensive option is your best bet. Yet, it would help if you considered that bigger fire pits need a little more effort to clean and maintain.

Is a Smaller Fire Pit Better?

You have to consider a smaller firepit if you have a small backyard or patio. It would be ideal if you had a firepit that would fit your area. Of course, if you intend to move your firepit, a smaller, portable model will be lighter and easier to transport. Placing an enormous fire pit on a smaller patio will ruin the beauty and aesthetics of the deck. Also, it might create problems in holding one more two people.

What Shape of Fire Pit is the Best?

The shape of your fire pit is an essential factor in the overall effect it will have. The fire pit comes in different geometric shapes, for example, square, round, rectangular, etc. The shape selection should be based on your patio or backyard scenario. The round shape is more intimidating, and for one solution, as many people can be amused by a round fire pit as it will provide warmth all around it. Rectangular or square is good also, but the seating arrangements do not give a broad view like round fire pits.

Pros and Cons of Different Shapes of Fire Pit:

Square Fire pit:

Pros of a square fit:

Cons of a square fire pit:

Round Fire pit:

Pros of a round fire pit:

Cons of a round fire pit:

Rectangle Fire Pit:

Pros of a rectangular fire pit:

Cons of a rectangular fire pit:

D-Shaped fire pit:

Pros of D-shaped fire pit:

Cons of a D-shaped fire pit:

Do the shape of the fire pit matter?

A functional and aesthetic fire pit might be round, square, or even rectangular in design. In reality, the shape is unimportant as long as there is flat, level ground and appropriate seating. The amount of heat provided may vary in different shaped fire pits. You should know that most of the market’s wood-burning and propane fire pits are circular or oval. However, square and rectangular gas fire pits are becoming increasingly popular due to their minimalistic design.

Carson Brown 30” Square Gas Fire Table

Carson Brown 30” Square Gas Fire Table

How Big Should a fire pit area be?

A fire pit is not usually more than five feet, and the area around it should be calculated regarding the size of the fire pit. It should have four to six feet of patio on all sides.

Square fire pit seating area dimension Calculation

Square fire pits have four sides, on which the seating area can be designed. The seating area dimension should be calculated based on the size of the fire pit. Calculate the measurement of your seating area by measuring your fire pit dimension and multiplying it by two. For example, if your fire pit is four feet wide, the whole area should be eight feet wide. The general seating area should be three feet away if the fire pit is about four or five. If your fire pit is two or three feet wide, the seating area should be a distance of two feet. 

Final Thoughts

The shape and size of a fire pit entirely depend on your existing patio and the place’s interior design. So, checking the available size and doing a pre-buying check is good before you install an actual fire pit. Nonetheless, you can call an interior designer or expert to find the right type of fire pit for you.

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