How to Sharpen Electric Fillet Knife Blades

A knife is a tool that is a must-have for all. From daily users to hunters need a knife to use. There are types of knives. The best knife is the sharp knife. When your knife is sharp, your work will be fast.

But after many uses, it is evident that you will get a dull blade. Some knife gets slowly dull and some quick.  It mainly depends on use and storage. To make these dull knives sharp. You have to use a knife sharpener.

Now the best knife sharpener is the electric knife sharpener. They are cool. Your sharpening will be done quickly, and it is easy. If you are new with electric sharpener here, I will tell you about how to sharpen electric fillet knife blades. Stay tuned.

Do electric knives need to sharpen?

Yes, some people ask to avoid sharpening an electric knife blade as they don’t need and can’t be sharper. But it is not true. I agree that electric knife blade is not like the regular knife blade. They stay sharp as the blade of the electric knife is serrated.


The thing is, this blade needs to be sharpened after the specified time. Not only for keeping sharp but also keep the blade in the most exceptional condition.

Electric knife sharpener

Sharpening knives keep the knife well and active. If you keep your knife sharp, your knife will give you support for a long time. The sharpening process is not a hard thing, but there is the difference between sharpening the standard knife and the electric knife.

You can do manually sharpening or take an electric sharpener to sharpen your knife.  You will find many types of sharpening tools in the market that will do the job. But you have to know how to pick the best one that will sharpen your electric knife blade correctly.

The best thing will be if you get a sharpener that has both electric and serrated knives sharpening option, then it is the best tool for your kitchen. Look for the sharpening tool that will help your sharpening time quick and easy. Remember if the sharpener is right, then don’t worry about the budget. It is worth it.

How to choose the best electric sharpener

Here I have given some points that will help you to pick up the electric sharpener:

  • A sharpener with grit stones is the best sharpening tool. The grit measures abrasiveness.
  • The angle guide of a good sharpener needs to be comfortable to operate, accurate and adjustable. If a sharpener has various blade angel, then it is better.
  • Pick the sharpening tool that has two kinds of sharpening stage. The varieties are harsh abrasiveness and more excellent abrasive. The harsh abrasiveness is for sharpening the dull knives, and the finer abrasives are for polishing the sharp ones.
  • Safety feature should be the top priority. Some sharpening tools don’t bother about safety, and the result is a cutting finger. The best sharpener has special guards that keep your finger safe while sharpening your blunt knife.
  • Check the tools that have rubber grip handle and rubber slip that are non-slip.
  • If the model has the order of sharpening stage like one stage is for sharpening and the other stage is for polishing, then it is just perfect knife sharpener.
  • The versatile knife sharpener is highly recommended. This type of sharpener allows straight and serrated knife. Check if it can handle alloy, stainless steel, and carbon. If the answer is yes then don’t waste your time to look for more knife sharpener, take it.

How to sharpen the blades

Before going for sharpening the blades, separate the blades at first. Then sharp them one at a time. Then you have to take the flat side of the blade and match with the carbide. You have to start slowly by giving less pressure.

While doing the process remember to cut the electric source of your electric knife. This is for your safety. When you know the electric source is off then started your sharpening process. Just hold the knife strongly when you are sharpening the knife.


When you are sharpening the serrated blade, stay careful. Slide the blade up and down until you reach the tip of the knife. While sharpening, make sure the metal rod of the sharpener stays in the similar serration. For a serrated knife blade, you have to sharp each serrated part. You can also sharp the knife blade manually.

With manual sharpener, the consistency and angle control are comfortable and perfect than an electric sharpener. In a manual sharpener, there is two sharpening disk. Just insert the knife blade in the coarsest disk and hold the knife while you are pulling through in the disk. Continue the process when you get a sharp blade.

When you are sharpening a blunt knife, you will face the problem. Using a manual sharpener, you have to do all the sharpening process manually, and in an electric knife sharpener, the process is automatic.

Remember while following any process, you have to ensure safety. Choosing between manual and electric knife sharpener:

When you get an option to choose between the two sharpeners, then it may get little confusion. But it depends on your personal preference. You have to know that manual sharpener takes a lot of time to sharpen your blade.

It needs patience. On the other hand, electric sharpener needs no time, and the sharpening process is fast and quick. But one thing is you cannot carry the machine anywhere you want as it is used on electric and not every place has the electric option.

Both sharpeners are useful, pick the one that suits you.


Knives are the primary tool of a kitchen. Whatever you do, you need a knife. You cannot work with a blunt knife. It will cost you time, and sometimes accident may occur. So you need a knife sharpener to keep your knife sharp. If you have electric knife sharpener than no worries. Here is the article you will know how to sharpen electric fillet knife blades. It is easy and quick.

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