Top 10 Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas In 2021

Are you worried that your bathroom is too small to accommodate the perfect contemporary layouts?

Don’t worry. There is always a solution to every daunting difficulty.

You can still create style and glamour in your bathroom without making it any smaller. In fact, it might even look wider than you thought when the decoration is done.

This guide suggests the right vanity to help you live more extensive than your tiny footage and to help you solve the problem.

Though bathroom designing can be challenging, designing a small bathroom is particularly more challenging.

If you use them precisely as shown in this guide, these small bathroom vanity ideas offer big style without overtaking the room.

   Perfect Positioning

Choosing the most efficient place to put your vanity will help you save much space and still keep your small bathroom attractive and spacious. One of the best places to install the dressing table is in the corner.

The most obvious reason for putting it in this particular section is that it will help you take advantage of every inch of your bathroom floor space.


Similarly, placing it at the corner provides storage options on two walls. A recessed cabinet positioned into a sidewall is an excellent way to utilize space that is susceptible to being overlooked.

Offsetting a sink in the vanity is even a smarter idea because it will create a broader region of open counter space.

   Add Mirrors

The best vanity design is that which maintains maximum attraction of the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, adding a mirror on the wall can double the look and feel.

This is especially effective above a vanity or along one wall of a narrow bathroom.

Having a mirror extend across the wall of your bath instead of just the vanity can also add space to the lavatory and even enable it to accommodate two people at ago.

Mirrors also reflect light perfectly, so you get more brightness and light well distributed from the windows or light fixtures across the whole bathroom.

Likewise, a light-colored isolated cabinet with mirrored doors can work correctly for your small bathroom space.

With its behind-doors and open shelves, the bathroom vanity also provides plenty of room for keeping your linens.

   Thoughtfully Designed Vanity

Your bathroom’s deficiency of ample space doesn’t mean it has to lack style too. Add glamour to the room with a furniture-style vanity tucked into a recessed nook and line it with a beautiful tile.

It will give your small bathroom a sophisticated look that may make you forget its littleness.


Likewise, a dresser-like vanity has lots of storage space to offer with its drawers that are designed to keep toiletries and towels safe and clean. Better still, you can install a vanity with just one shelf.

Since pedestal invention has became smarter, you can get a pedestal style that has only a single shelf but can still hold a substantial number of towels.

Some of these cabinets even have a basket for toilet papers and other paraphernalia.

   Wall-Hanging Vanity

Be a little more creative and make your vanity look like it floats. If you do so, you will have created more space while adding style to your bathroom at the same time.

A size able uninterrupted stretch of flooring typically creates the illusion of more space.

You can get this look in a small bathroom by installing a wall-hanging vanity that seems to float above the floor. It will not only help your bathroom look bigger visually, but it also frees up some space at the bottom for small items.

You can complete the beautiful look with a large mirror installed above the floating unit to reflect the area and further deceive the eye into thinking that the bathroom is much larger than it is.

   Wall-Mounted Faucet

In a small bathroom, anything creative can work in making the interior fit more items than it would with a standard design. One of the most excellent ways to utilize that small nook in your bathroom is by equipping it with a made-to-fit vanity.

Wall-mounted faucets give room for a narrow sink/ vanity and this makes your bathroom spacious.

A wall mounted plumbing works well in a small region where there might otherwise not fit a sink or fixture. You can also install the faucet in an old-fashioned design and still get the best result imaginable.

No need for you to worry about it because this design works anywhere. Correspondingly, you can set up new towel hooks on the wall to help add personality and to keep washcloths close without consuming valuable counter space.

   Make the Units Look Built-In

Because of its small size, your bathroom may lack the capacity and the luxury of a large linen closet. Alternatively, maybe you don’t have the funds for classy built-in shelving. The good news is that you can turn a small stretch of wall into a storage center.


You can begin by installing a vibrant furniture-style table with storage below it and a vessel sink with plenty of space for toiletries. Then you can add a small shelf above the structure for extra room.

Consequently, flank the vanity with two depository-rich bookcases. To complete the entire unit and give it a thoroughly contemporary look, you should add molding to its top and bottom to make it look built in.

   L-Shaped Design

You can manipulate the shape of your vanity to create more space in your small bathroom or to utilize that space better. The trick behind an L-shape vanity butted up against a wall is that it maximizes limited floor space is an attractive and fashionable manner.

You can add to the design a bowl-shaped vessel sink and a corner-mounted faucet to help free up the counter space for soaps and toiletries.

After you have installed a clean-lined item with a part that is open area beneath it, you should add to a towel rack to help hide the storage baskets or other plumbing fixtures for a much-organized look.

Find the most convenient position to put the vanity, especially in a corner.

   Custom Made Unit

With the size and shape of your bathroom in mind, you can create furniture or install components tailored to fit it or to suit your desire and style.

A custom-made vanity is usually the best option for any small bathroom because you can design it to fill an awkward space’s exact dimensions. Use every bit of a nook to provide a larger countertop with enough room for essentials.

I would suggest that you also include a cabinet with several hidden drawers and shelves to help keep the place tidy and organized. Consequently, complete the look by making sure the unit has glass fronts and an oversized mirror above it to for visual expansion.

   Curved or Round

A tight space always looks better with vanities that assumes unique shapes. A curved vanity would be a perfect piece to add to your small bathroom because it takes up less square footage compared to other forms.

Its curves make it seem more petite and delicate, hence suitable for a small bathroom. Small spaces can also make sharp corners and point hazardous to the hips.

In such a situation, you should opt for a rounded style vanity, and there will be no more bruised hips. Similarly, a vanity with a curved shape opens up plenty of storage space underneath.

If you use a smaller sink with it, more countertop will be kept open for toiletries. Besides, the curves of a vanity add a sophisticated, feminine touch to the furnishings.

It generally gives the vanity a smooth, friendly look that sharp pointed corners don’t have. You can mimic the shape of the base by choosing a round sink.

You can also put up a wall-mount faucet to provide more room for a usable-size vessel.

   Scaled-Down Dimension

If you have a small powder room, select a cabinet that is specially designed for minimal space. The vanity you choose should have doors that can offer the much-needed space.

It should also have a scaled-down dimension that can fit better into a tight area. An innovative vanity design can look slender bust offer so much storage space inside.

Your small bathroom needs a furniture-look piece with slim legs. Such a design tends to be more appealing to the eye when space is limited. It makes furniture take up the little space possible but provide the maximum storage area possible.

Final Verdict

Designing a small bathroom and decorating it may seem so difficult if you don’t know the right way to approach it. However, with a few simple steps, you can make the room look much more extensive than its actual size.

A correctly installed or positioned bathroom vanity may provide an excellent way to utilize the minimal space intelligently and resultantly save you from the stress of occupying a small area.

The above mentioned are the ten most common bathroom vanity ideas to explore and try out in your small bathroom.

They will give your room a contemporary look and make it ooze style and glamour.

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