Spike Size Chart – Choose the Right Track Spike for You

Do you know if you don’t exercise regularly, you can be in danger of many diseases? Diseases like diabetics, heart problem, and fat body are the most common problem all over the world.

That’s why experts recommend for any adult to walk or run on a daily basis. So, you can take advantage of sprint running for this purpose.

You can take part in cross country running competition. You will have multiple benefits by doing this. 

If you are keen for cross country or sprint running, knowledge of track spikes is a must.

For this reason, in this article, I am going to tell you all about the track spikes. Moreover, you will find the spike size chart to choose the right track spike for you.

Types of Spikes

In sprint running, the types of spikes are essential for better running. For this reason, you need to make sure you are choosing the right kind of spikes.

Below, I will discuss two types of spikes though there are other types of spikes. The reason is these are the most common spike.


Pyramid Spikes

Pyramid Spikes are one of the common types of spikes in the track field. Most of the people use this Pyramid Spike in the track for the first time. The specialty of these spikes is that you can use this on grass and rubber.

Moreover, Pyramid Spikes are ideal for your daily field tracking. So, the experts recommend that you should use this spikes of 1/4” length for the dry cross country race.

Pyramid Spikes are not as sharp as a needle. One thing to remember, you should be careful and always follow the manual before using these spikes. Otherwise, you can face difficulties.


Needle Spikes

It is another common type of spike in the sprint. For this type of spikes, you have to use this if you are a lighter runner. In other words, you need to use this for light running.

And this kind of spikes is slimmer than the Pyramid Spikes. The thin spikes help the shoe to go into deep and thus make sure you to light running.

The Needle Spikes can have longer size like 1/4” and 3/8” but they are not very common for the sprint. You can use this spikes on dirt and cross county running.


Tips for Choosing Track Spikes

Most of the people make simple mistakes when buying the track spikes. For this reason, they have to change the spikes later.

Even in many cases, they end up with serious injuries. That’s why you should keep in mind some points before you buy track spikes.

Shoe Plates

Make no mistake; it’s the shoe plate that is the most important for track running. You should have a hard spike plate.

So, before buying sprint shoes, it’s always a good idea to know about the different types of shoe plate that exist.

As a sprinter, you will get less chance to put your legs on the ground. Moreover, you have to put tremendous force on your legs. In this situation, harder spike plates come into a good play.

Harder plates promise to tackle the intense pressure while you run. It includes better running, faster running, comfortable running, etc.

Besides that, you get access to great running speed. And do you know what the best part about harder spike plate is? It is excellent for reactivity.

Another advantage of a harder plate is that it is long lasting. On the other hand, if you don’t use a harder plate or use rubber plate, you may have to give up speed.

It is one of the mistakes most of the sprinter make for their first running on the track. You can use it for your 800m sprint running. And you can use a rubber plate for the 400m without any problems.

Numbers and Types of Pins

When buying track spike shoes, you are bound to hear about pyramid spike, needle spikes, and even Christmas tree spikes. But what should you put your money on?

A higher number of pins are supposedly better. Also, the type of pins is vital for a good performance on the track.

However, it does not give you a real picture of how a track spike may perform. Why? Well, not all pins are designed for all type of track.

Here, higher numbers mean better shoes. The more pins you have, the more you will run faster. The reason behind it is the higher number of pins helps you to have more contact with the track. Thus, it helps you to run faster.

In effect, a spike that uses pyramid spikes will be more advanced than a shoe with needle spikes. In fact, there might be instances where needle spikes might fare better than pyramid spikes. It depends on the type of track though.

In a nutshell, choose such a shoe that has a significant number of spike pins. Moreover, select a minimum number of 8 pin holes in the shoe. Also, ask the expert to choose the right spike pin type.

Size of Toe Box

Toe size is one of the crucial factors for sprint running. In my experience, a toe box of small size is problematic for sprint running. When you have a little toe box, it will hurt you like as the women’s heel shoes.

Before buying the shoe, you need to consider the toe size so that it fits with your foot size. If you buy a small size toe box, it will hurt your foot.

A sprint shoe that has a narrow toe box could be slightly uncomfortable to run. Also, keep in mind that it may damage your foot for a long time.

Most of the people make a mistake in this issue. They buy without concern of the toe size. For this reason, they need to change or buy a new one.

While running, you will feel that your toe is not adjusting to the right place. And you cannot run well in that situation. It becomes a real pain. And it is very uncomfortable.

Not only this, you will hurt your foot for the rest of the day. As tight toe box may cause injury of your foot, that’s why you should buy sprint shoe that has ample toe box.

Many of the sprint shoe brands have a narrow toe box like Nike. So, try before you buy them.

Track Spike Size Chart

You will find there are different brands including Nike and Adidas are selling track spikes. I am going to show the spike size chart of these two brands:

Nike Track Spikes


Sizes > 5.5


Nike Zoom Superfly Elite -18 Sprint Spikes

Black, White, Volt

6, 7.5, 9, 9.5, 10 & 11.5

You can use this spike for all distances. You can use this for 100 to 400m. The spike plate 3d generative technology.

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite– 17 Sprint Spikes

Olympic Multicolored

9 and 13 only

Worn by 2016 Olympic winner. It also has 3d generative spike plate that makes 4X stiffness. It has permanent stainless steel spikes. It is uarenteed for a full season. It has limited colors.

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite– 17 Sprint Spikes

Black, Blue and Orange

7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 and 11 only

Another sprint spike that wore by 2016 Olympics winner. It has 3d generative spike plate that makes 4X stiffness. It is uarenteed for a full season.

New Nike Zoom JaFly 3 Sprint Spikes

Black and White

5.5, 6, 7.5 and 10 only

It is a light synthetic shoe. It has flywire panels that ensure a perfect fit. It is ideal for 100m to 400m sprint running.

New Nike Zoom JaFly 3 Sprint Spikes

Blue and Crimson

9.5 and 10 only

It is a perfect fit with flywire panels. It is also a light synthetic shoe. The cushion is made with Phylon midsole. You can use it for an aggressive and rigid spike.

Nike MaxCat 4 Sprint Spikes

Blue, White and Green

8.5, 9 and 10 only

It is very lightweight and is comfortable for sprinting if you are a new runner. You can use this spike for 100m to 800m sprint. You will find a similar shoe but without color options.

Nike MaxCat 4 Sprint Spikes

Olympic Multi-colored

10 only

It is also a lightweight shoe. Use this for comfortability. You can use this for 100m to 800m.

Adidas Model


Sizes > 5.5


Adizero Prime Finesse

Blue and Silver

5 only

It has a lightweight TPU shoe plate. It is specially designed for 100m to 400m sprint events.

Adidas Sprint Star ‘16



Built for performance and perfect fit. It has the Adidas new technology.

Adidas Sprint Star 4

Purple and Pink (women only)


Another shoe for excellent performance and fit. It has foam inside to make sure you can run on sprint event with the highest comfort.

Adidas Sprint Star 3

Black and Gold (for men)Purple and Ultra Glow (for women)


Great performance and fit. It is very lightweight. It will make sure you get comfort for each step on the sprint. It has foam insole and stiff outsole.


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