Stamina Air Rower Review – More Durability & Comfort

In the 21st century, you ought to keep fit for a healthy life. As fitness has awesome psychological effects, regular fitness exercises are like short-term successes. What we require in life is short term success to motivate us to go for the long term success. After a workout, I usually feel like I am up for any challenge that life brings my way.

Stamina Air Rower Review

Now back to stamina fitness equipment. Stamina brand stands for the best in fitness machines. The stamina air rower machine is one of the stamina best products that anyone can use. What do you look for in a workout machine?

There are several things that I check like comfort, safety, and a platform to monitor my progress. Your demands are what make up the Stamina air rower. Find out below why stamina is such an incredible rowing machine brand.


Storing this air rower is not a big deal all you need to do is to fold it then after folding you pull it as the manufacturer has built it with steel wheels that simply moving around for storage just by pulling it. It has sturdy steel construction rubber which acts as floor protector during storage, and the rubbers also prevent skidding.


Stamina air rower is wind resistance, and when doing a workout with it, there is a lot of comfort though it’s challenging as the workout upholstered seats and the textured grips that are designed for strength and safe grip while rowing. The foot straps are made of nylon which is adjustable and comfortable when tightening.

The footplates are large enough allowing your feet to rest comfortably in them. The rower also allows the user to control the resistance automatically as the harder and faster the user rows then a greater resistance will be faced.

As the air rower is built in with the monitor display which is multifunctional displaying the burned calories, workout speed and also time as you work out all assuring you of a comfortable workout.


Assembling this rower is simple, just take your time as the instructions on how to assemble it are clearly explained as they are all packed with this air rower, and all you need to have is a lot of working space. Some parts of the stamina air rower have also been assembled for you.


The manufacturer has built in a durable nylon rowing straps that are excellent for you, and the adjustable nylon foot straps are also durable as they are comfortable when tightening your feet.

The body of the rower is steel, and this assures you that it will last as the manufacturer has built it so well and fix the stable parts tighter. The padded seat is made of a leather material that lasts, and frame of this rower is also durable. Its pull chain is made of metal which is hard to break hence durability of this chain as you’re doing your workout.


  • Durable metal pull chain
  • Warranty (3 years)
  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • LED monitoring screen
  • Instruction manual enable for easy assembly


  • Noisy air fan
  • Oversized seat rail.
  • A 90-day parts warranty is short
  • Requires a lot of space


Q: Are the straps adjustable?

A: Yes they are adjustable to fit different feet sizes

Q: How do you track your progress?

Q: The monitor displays calories burned, workout time and the total distance you’ve covered.

Q: How do you control the resistance?

A: despite not having a resistance control function, the resistance automatically adjusts according to the force you apply.

Final Verdict

The air rower is quite remarkable for the quality it provides while working out with it. Being that it is easy to store and work with your assured of minimal problems as you are streamlining your body the way you want it as you get fit with the help of this comfortable workout device. It is highly recommended for home use as it is not hard to assemble and it is also affordable with well-designed parts.

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