Stamina Body Trac Glinder 1050 Rowing Machine Review

Do you hate every time you visit the gym and find it sweaty and stuffy? Or maybe it’s the people in that you don’t like. Me too, sometimes I find it difficult to spend my time and money going to the gym for some workouts I could do at home with the help of a good and less expensive machine.

Stamina Body Trac Glinder 1050 Rowing Machine Review

I did some calculations on the amount of money I spent on the gym monthly and realized I could save much more if I could manage to buy the Stamina Body TracGlinder 1050 rowing machine.

With this rowing machine, l found a whole array of benefits ranging from all muscle workouts to convenience regarding space, money and other benefits. I had to share this with you.

All Around Fitness

Only gym-crazed individuals know how difficult it is to find the perfect workout that utilizes all muscle groups. The stamina body TracGlinder rowing machine is one of the few rowing machines for workout that does just that.

The machine exercises the legs, back, arms, abdominals and buttocks extensively while working out. Working out on this piece of equipment involves rowing back and forth. This also helps the user build a strong back as well as giving an effective low-impact aerobic exercise to increase your metabolism

Boat rowing is one of the most common natural exercises that involve all body workout.This rowing machine is made to mimic the rowing movements. Just as its manufacturer name, stamina is what you get after using this machine.

Convenient For Limited Space Home Rowing

The Glinder rowing machine occupies a small space in your house. I remember the first time I bought it, and it could fit anywhere. I had a hard time deciding where to put it. Honestly, up to now, I haven’t quite decided where to put it.

When I feel the need to work out, I carry the whole equipment to where I feel like working out from. Recently I decided to put it in my bedroom, and I felt the bedroom is a better place as opposed to outside,

This design does not only occupy a small space but also can be folded with ease. This makes it occupy less space when not in use. I fold and put it under my bed and at times in the corner when I still need to use it in the morning.

Monitor Shows Time, Stroke Count And Calories Burned

What is the need of working out without knowing your progress? This machine helps you with that. It displays figures on the monitor that show you time done, some strokes made and calories burned.

This helps you with the workout since you can set goals regarding calorie burns and number of strokes to make. I couldn’t find a better, low cost and efficient machine for you than this piece. Other models that with the same features as this are twice the price.

Adjustable Levels Of Workout

When the exercise seems too easy, the user can feel free to adjust the resistance and make the best out of the workout. The adjustable knob makes it harder to row as a result requires more energy. This, in turn, result to more calorie burn.


  • Adjustable gas-shock resistance
  • Very sturdy with steel frame construction for durability
  • Manual resistance control knob
  • Comfortable seat
  • Folds easily for easy storage
  • Utilizes all major muscle groups


  • Clumsy to set up
  • Reader/monitor is not as accurate


Q: What is the weight limit of TracGlinder?

A: The stated weight limit is 250 pounds. It could accommodate for people above 250 but be ready to accept the rejection of warranty acclaims if anything breaks.

Q: Is the machine noisy?

A: The rowing part is silent. The only thing that makes noise is the seat moving back and forth on the bar; otherwise, it’s not very loud

Q: Is the seat adjustable? For shorter people who might not reach the pedal.

A: Your feet will reach. The seat slides up and down the bar, so all heights are accommodated.

Final Verdict

Finding such an effective workout machine is hard. I have reviewed its benefits, and I am sure the rower matches your needs and budget. This makes it an ideal workout accessory for anyone who wants to get in tip-top shape. I highly recommend it.

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