Swiss Army Knife Identification Chart For 2022

Have you ever faced trouble to choose a Swiss Army Knife? I don’t know about you, but I did. If you have suffered the same or want to buy one then, you are in the right place. Today, I am going to share a swiss army knife identification chart for you.

If you want to reveal the chart then, you have to be with me till the end of our journey. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Now that you have shown interest, I would like to inform some valuable information with you.

Did you know that there are only two trademark brands of swiss army knife? If you knew, that’s great, but if you didn’t, then you just did. I can smell that you might want to know what are the brands.

Victorinox and Wenger are the only registered trademark brands who originally builds swiss army knives. We see many brands and varieties of swiss army knives, but those are not originally swiss made without the stated brands.

The identification chart of Victorinox Swiss army knife

  • The first thing to notify is the trademark logo of the Victorinox Brand that consists of a cross and shield.
  • The containing shield logo contains five corners, and it is situated slightly off center on the outer casing which in most case is red.
  • You can find a tiny depression in the middle of the shield logo. The depression seems to be almost the same as you might see in a police badge.
  • The center of the shield is filled with red color and outlined in white.
  • A bold shaped white colored cross has placed in the middle of the actual logo. The border of the cross touched the white outline of the logo by extending a little bit.
  • Now check out the knife blade. While checking it out, find out a stamped trademark on the blade. You may find ‘Victorinox’ and ‘Swiss made’ written in uppercase letters in some of the knives. On the other hand, you will also see some knives in which the trademark will be found engraved in the base of the blade.
  • Victorinox is an authentic Swiss army knife maker. Its price range is around $17-$120 (according to the manufacturer in 2010 depending on various quality). If the price gets down much lower, that might not be an original product.

The identification chart for Wenger Swiss Army Knife

  • The logo is one of the key things that assures us the authenticity of a product. So, we have to look at the logo first. The shape of the Wenger logo is square.
  • The logo has been placed in the midpoint on the outer part of the casing between the top and middle edge.
  • The corners of the squared logo are round, and a white outline is visible. The center is filled with red color, and you will find a bold cross in the middle but no extension of the white border with an outline like Victorinox logo.
  • “Wenger Delemont Switzerland Stainless,” this trademark stamp quote will be found in an authentic Wenger knife. The stamp can be found in the bottom part of the blade which part goes into the pivot mechanism.
  • Depending on the complexity of the knife, a Wenger Swiss army knife’s price range is $13-$100 or more than that. A silly price tag questions the authenticity of the product.

Before you purchase any swiss army knife, if you follow this identification chart above, I hope no one can cheat you. However, you have to be very careful because we know the value of an authentic product, aren’t we?

Things you may don’t know about swiss army knives

Did you know every single day 34,000 pieces of swiss army knives are being manufactured? There are more to know. There is much information that might interest you, and you might never hear or read before.

The birthplace was not Switzerland but Germany

  • Isn’t it interesting that the Swiss army knives were born in Germany rather than Switzerland?
  • There was a company named Wester & CO, manufactured the knives for the first time because of the need of the Swiss army force, and according to their requirements.
  • Unfortunately, no Swiss company could handle the production of a vast number of knives for the army at that moment.
  • The Modell 1890 is the first authorized swiss army knife, made by Wester and Co. and manufactured in Germany just around 300 miles away from the border of Switzerland.

Germany couldn’t hold the production for long

  • The founder of Victorinox Karl Elsener couldn’t tolerate “Made in Germany” thing. So, in 1891 he decided to manufacture a Swiss army knife in his factory.
  • At that time, Karl had a surgical equipment production business. Then, he took over the whole production of knives in Switzerland, and they begin to stamp “Swiss Made” on the blades.

Victorinox named after the owner’s mother

  • The owner of the Victorinox company Karl Elsener named the company with the combination of his departed mother Victoria and the French word Acier inoxydable. The meaning of the French word is stainless still.
  • Fortunately, the current Victorinox company owner is one of Karl’s legacy, Karl IV. However, the company founded by Karl Elsener, and he was in charge until 1918. Then, he shifted the control to Karl Elsener II (1919- 1950). The name of Karl IV is Sean who is currently running the company.

Two most massive swiss army knives produced by Victorinox and Wenger

  • The most significant production of Victorinox is the Swiss Champ XAVT. It carries over 44 tools that can perform more than 80 functions.
  • The biggest and weighty knife, The Giant had been manufactured by Wenger in 2006. It weighs around two pounds carrying 87 tools that can perform over 120 functions.

Victorinox knives passed through hefty quality control

  • Every month Victorinox assembles around fifteen to twenty million parts in their factory. Each of the product goes through precise quality checkup. A swiss army knife has to pass seven phases of assembly. They ensure the higher quality in every stage, and that’s why it’s unique.

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife Review

The SwissChamp is a mid-range version of Victorinox pocket knife considering the price. It consists of 33 tools and features. However, you can comfortably put it inside your pocket and use it anytime you need. For the first time, it entered into the market in 1985.

At that time, the Champion model was quite popular, but the SwissChamp took its place and became the flagship model. However, it has a bunch of tools that will help you to accomplish little tasks and fit into your pocket comfortably.

Size and weight of the Knife

The 91mm Swisschamp model has a width of 33mm. That means its height is 3 ½ inch and width is 1.3 inch.  It weights around 6.53oz or 185 grams. Isn’t it pretty light considering the numbers of tools included?


The case of the knife comes in various colors and materials. The price may vary slightly according to the quality of the upper case, but the elements inside are the same. If you go to Amazon (Link), you can select from black, hardwood, hardwood WWP, classic red, ruby, and sapphire colored version.

Construction and Materials 

The structure of the SwissChamp is made of stainless still and so as the material. The assembly encased in polished ABS scale which makes it durable and last for a long time.

Warranty and Country of Origin

The Victorinox knives are originally made in Switzerland. The company provides a lifetime guarantee only if there are any flaws found in materials or artistry.

List of tools

You will find total 33 tools in this model of swiss army knife. We are describing some of the most used and favorite tools amongst these below.

  • Large and small blade: The large blade has a cutting edge of 58 mm, and the smaller one has 36 mm. Both of the blades are useful for cutting and slicing little and large objects.
  • CorkscrewIt is one of the most common tools of swiss pocket knives. It is a convenient tool for wine lovers. It will allow you to uncork the traditional wine bottles easily.
  • Can openerAnother conventional tool for opening can caps. It appeared for the first time in 1817 on the SAK, and still, it’s a convenient tool to open cans.
  • Small screwdriverAt the head of the can opener you will find the 3mm size of a screwdriver which will help you to unscrew nuts and screws.
  • ToothpickIt’s a self-explanatory tool that helps to pick foods out of the teeth.
  • Nail CleanerAt the top of Nail file there is a nail cleaner. It will help you to get rid of the gunk under your nail.
  • Ruler and magnifying glassYou will get a ruler for a general ruling or measuring purpose and 8x zooming magnifying glass to get splinters out.
  • Scissors and PliersThe scissor is very useful to cut clothes and other objects. Pliers work almost the same as scissors and have a spring that opens it.
  • Wire cutterIt has been placed under the plier to cut wires easily.
  • Multi-purpose hookYou can use the hook for multiple reasons, for example, carrying out shopping bags and so on. It can hold up to 200 lbs of weight.

There are so many of them, and each of the tools functions very well and help the user in multiple ways.


Thank you for coming to the concluding part. Above we have stated the Swiss Army knife identification chart along with some facts that you may don’t know and a review of the SwissChamp pocket knife.

I hope, it will help you to take the purchasing decision more comfortably and choose the authentic Swiss Army knife for you. Don’t forget to share this informative article with whoever wants to purchase a Swiss knife. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness.


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