Thomson Elite Seatpost Review | Most Popular Seatpost For 2021

Thomson Elite Seatpost has acquired the prestigious status because of its elegant design, functions, and unique characteristics.

This fantastic Seatpost ensures low weight and provides the intelligent design for making it super convenient to its regular users.

You will be amazed, The Thomson elite seatpost contains the two-bolt clamp, which always keeps the saddle straight and holds it perfectly.

At the same time, its two-bolt clamp allows proper adjustment of the saddle angle.

Besides, its superior design collects more respects from the users for its specific characteristics, compared to the single bolt-clamp seatposts which are available on the market.

Time to Gear up your bike with this super cool Thomson Elite Seatpost and make your all ride more convenient. Never compromise with your comfort by other cheaper brands!

In this Thomson elite seatpost review, we will discuss its constructive description and also find out the points, why it is the must-have item for the bike riders. Let’s start!Check the details here.

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Strengths of the Thomson Elite Seat post

Thomson elite dropper seatpost review will help you to get the unique characteristics of this fantastic seat posts.

At first glance, it looks like that, the Thomson setback puts the saddle further back than a standard seat post, but actually, it is entirely in the same place.


Bike Seekers gets a lot of rearward saddle movements from buying this unique seat post.Surprisingly, it looks gorgeous, which is stable and has no flex, welds and stands up. Besides, it provides the best clamp on the market.

Moreover, the clamp and the serrations make it a top performer, and you may get a lot of bang for the buck with this component as well.

Most importantly, its Construction process is so much different, and probably it is the most durable bicycle component nowadays. There is no compromise with its adjust-ability.

Meanwhile, in the Thomson elite seatpost review, we want to talk about its two bolt design clamps, which can saddle rails firmly and it has no slipping fore-aft rotationally.

So, dial it and forget about it. Besides, this seat post itself has no pressed parts.

For this reason, the shaft is usually one piece machined. As a result, it does not creak.

Moreover, its knurled finish might help the frames, where most of the vertical seat post has a slippage problem.However, Thomson seatpost do not use glue on its head to the shaft as well, and its one machine piece is made of aluminum.

So, you may think that it may weaker at the joining position of the head and the shaft.

But surprisingly, its beam is made of great-strength 7000 category aluminum, and the front and back walls are much thicker than side properties.

As a result, they are removing metal, where it is not necessary to keep it lightweight.

Model of Thomson Inline Seat post

In this Thomson elite dropper review, we will discuss its models and their merits as well.

Surprisingly, it is approximately 40% stronger than any other standard counterparts on the ultimate strength test. Thomson offers the comfortable and best durable inline seat posts as well.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Inline Seat post:First of all, the Thomson seat posts different head and tube are whole-machined, which is comes from the individual piece of great strength and durable 7000 category aluminum. For this reason, The Thomson Inline Seat post weighs is impressively light, which is only 188 grams, especially for (about 250 lengths) road bikes, at the same time, 228 grams (approximately 330 measures), which is perfect for all mountain bikes. Finally, it is clear that Thomson Elite Inline Seat post has been manufactured for the best wealth-to-weight ratio, which always provides the user’s safety and great comfort than other cheaper brands.
  • Extreme-Strong Thomson Inline Seat post:In this Thomson elite review, we will discuss the super Thomson Inline Seat post model, which is so much durable and robust. Most genuinely, The Thomson seat post organized the best bending fuse design to avert catastrophic failure as well. Unlike the comparison with other brands, Thomson seat post is the unique inline seat post, which does not provide a disastrous failure under ultimate stress. As a result, This Thomson seat post is strong and durable enough to resist the torque, which is about 350 foot-lbs as well. Notably, the layback shape is responsible for avoiding hazards for its legendary design and amplification.

Thomson elite seatpost features and specifications

In this best dropper post, you may find its unique characteristics and few of its pros and cons with detailed discussions.

  • Post and cradle are mainly constructed from 7000 category aluminum, causing lightweight.
  • It has accurate seat angle indicator with Sturdy bolt/clamp design.
  • Contains easy angle adjustment and not outrageously light but the weight is acceptable.
  • The iSpring RO system eliminates 98% of chemicals.
  • It is very sturdy and no flex at all (weigh just155).
  • Quality one-piece construction with several sizes diameter and lengths.
  • All components are 100 % genuine and American made, which ensures its brand value as well.
  • Infinite tilt, which adjustment measuring is -5° to + 29°.
  • It includes low-profile clamps with no seat interference but causing no hazard.
  • The designs and materials passed through ultimate strength tests.
  • All parts are captive and attached to the seat without disassembly.
  • It has the ultimate strength and fatigue tests performed.
  • It includes impact absorbing clamps.
  • Seat Rail Grip Length approximately 41mm (1.614″)
  • Weight (Approximate) approximately 188g (250mm)
  • The typical seat post weighs around 200g.
  • The offset seat post can be rotated 180 degrees.
  • Certified to: EN 14766 2006 MTB and DIN CERTCO: 2006 MTB
  • These seat posts come in setback angles and have no offset.

Customer reviews and score

This Thomson elite review may help you to find out the customers own preferences and their thoughts about this equipments.

Most of the bikers are happy with this seatpost because it is stronger on ultimate strength tests than the other seat posts which are available on the market.

Not only that, it is satisfactory for its lightweight. As a result, for less weight seeker, it is a perfect seat post for them. Besides, it ensures long life, strength, and durability. Interestingly, it has set back or set forward design. You will be amazed; it is lighter than most of the carbon or to seat posts.

Another surprising fact is that the scored post makes it too much more comfortable to create precise seat height adjustments.

Consumers are happy with its dimensions, which measuring 330mm long and containing 27.2 mm. diameter, but its sample weighed is just 184g, which is one plus point of it. For this reason, it is the easy post on the range, which is only 26.8mm and 250mm version with the weight just 134g.

Another positive side is that all the elements of the saddle cradle are infatuated. For this reason, it does not fall aside when you untie the thunders as well.

Meanwhile, its seatpost featuring setback angles, and indeed, it has no offset. Most of the bikers enjoy this offset seat post, which can perform nicely in 180-degree angles and also can create forward facing seat post.

You already know that it has many seat post diameters. Surprisingly, Thomson seatpost provides different lengths, measuring 250 to 410mm.

However, this Thomson elite dropper review also contains a few demerits, but most of its users are happy with its unique features, which makes it so much individual and demand-able than others.

How to use Thomson elite Seatpost?

Q: How to add new features in the Thomson Dropper?Answer: First of all, Thomson wanted to create a solid seat post, which may be utilized by riders of different disciplines.

For this reason, a user can easily accommodate frames with the build in option which is provided by the seat posts as well.

As a result, the user can supply frames with internal cable routing and external, and at the same time, it ensures infinite adjustability within the range of the stroke, with the help of saddle angle.Q: How to add more tilt. Will longer bolts help?Answer: Honestly, longer bolts will not promote more tilt. But remember, whenever the top clamp touches the front ear of the seat post, there is no further tilt available.

Besides, at the full forward angle, the adequately torqued and finally, there is enough bolt engagement with the barrel nut.

So, we highly recommend you that, do not use non-Thomson bolts on your Thomson seat post.

Q: How to flip my set back post around to use my road bike for the triathlon?Answer: In this case, you may need to turn the top clamp. After that, you need to face the front of the bike for saddle adjustment. Just do these simple steps. Have a safe journey!


Overall, from the Thomson elite seatpost review, it is clear that Thomson seatpost is one of the best and favorite Seatpost among users because it serves secure and dependable adjustments of the saddle positions as well.

Besides, Thompson seat post is straightforward, honest, and made in the USA. Moreover, it is cheaper than any other brands on the market. So, we highly recommend the riders to use this seat post for their safe journey.

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