Topeak Mountain Morph Bike Pump Review

Topeak Mountain Morph Bike Pump Review For 2020


Setting up for a mountain ride and suddenly having a flat tire in the middle of the way; what else can be more disappointing than this situation?

It indeed is a typical situation, and also, annoying at the same time. However, if you have a handy bike pump with your gears, you can get rid of this annoying situation in minutes!

So, today we’re going to talk about a bike pump which is the most fantastic bike pump I’ve used so far. I’m talking about the Topeak Mountain Morph bike pump. This pump is from the brand Topeak.

This one is a tiny bike pump that you can carry effortlessly to anywhere and fill the flat tires quickly.

Being quite an excellent item, this pump has gained immense popularity with the mtb riders. With its features like swappable pump head, fold-out foot pad, flexible hose, and many more, it has managed to be one of the most sold bike pumps around the USA and many other countries.

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Unlike most other mountain bike pumps, this Topeak Mountain Morph has changeable pump heads. The valve head of this pump accommodates Presta and Schrader valves. The valve head fits Dunlop valves too.


Your bike’s tire can either have a Presta valve or a Schrader valve. Before knowing which type of valve it is, you cannot decide to buy a pump having only one specific type of valve head.

However, if the pump has both the types of valve heads, you don’t need to worry anymore about the tire’s valve.

If you buy a new bike with the other kind of valve than your previous one, you won’t have to worry if your bike pump has changeable pump heads. So, this feature of this pump has a lot of advantages for you.

When you have to change the head for a Presta or a Schrader, you have to do a simple task. You need to unscrew a cap on the valve head and then, screw the other valve head on.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. So this way, if your bike’s tire has Presta valve and your friend’s bike has Schrader valve, you both can use the same Topeak Mountain Morph for your mtb riding.

Fold-out Foot Pad

Another key feature of the Topeak Mountain Morph is the fold-out foot pad. This bike pump that we’re talking about is only 330 millimeters long. It has a foot pad that can be folded in and out for convenience.

The pump also features a flexible hose, which many of the bike pumps don’t possess.

If you have to fill air into big tires, you cannot do the pressing while holding the pump in your hand. If the pump stands stable, you can use both your hands to pump more air fast.

So, a foot pad is necessary. And, this bike pump has a foot pad. With the help of this foot pad, you can stabilize the pump pressing it with your foot, and then pump air to the tires. 

The foot pump helps to fill air into tires in less time and also saves your energy. If this pump hadn’t this foot pad, the user would have to hold it in your hands and then press the handle. The pump won’t even stand stably on the ground without the foot-pad.

The hose also helps to keep the pump stationary while filling the air. Most bike pumps don’t come with a hose. Without a hose, it’s tough to keep the pump standing on the ground without falling.

Topeak Mountain Morph Bike Pump Features and Specifications

  • The dimension of this bike pump is 13.8 x 2.3 x 1.2 inches.
  • The pump’s weight is 250 grams.
  • The capacity of this pump is 160 PSI.
  • The Topeak Mountain Morph bike pump has plastic thumb-lock levers to lock the valve heads to the valve and avoid air leaking.
  • The pump has a centerline mount bracket which includes a Velcro strap. This strap helps you to secure the pump to the bracket.
  • The pump comprises a flexible hose to attach to valves.
  • There’s a fold-out foot pad to keep the pump inert while pumping the tires.
  • The valve head consists of two types of valve adapters- Presta and Schrader. The valve heads are swappable.
  • The material of the T-handle is dual density polymer.
  • The material of the barrel is butted aluminum.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Upon reading some key features and specifications of this product, now you must’ve understood that the Topeak Mountain Morph bike pump is an outstanding item. For mountain bike riders or any bikers, this pump can be a great portable item.

The excellence of this pump has gotten it an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 (I checked it while writing this review). 64% of the total reviews had 5-stars scores.

So, can you now figure out why this bike pump is so popular with the bikers? Most reviews about the Topeak Mountain Morph have positive comments. There are one or two drawbacks too. Of course, nothing is perfect in this world!

People praised the portability of this pump. Most Amazon customers admired the design and construction of this bike pump.

According to many customers, this pump is a lot more efficient than most other mini pumps. Though it’s a small pump, it can pump up a lot of tires in a few minutes of time.

The fold-out pad also impressed many customers. One customer said that the fact of aiding air pumping with body pressure because of this foot pad makes this pump more efficient.

He also mentioned that the big mountain bike ‘flat’ tires no longer seems depressing as this pump fills them up quickly.

However, some customers had complaints too. One major drawback most people complained about was that this bike pump doesn’t have any instruction manual about changing the valve heads.

This problem can be avoided by taking help from the experienced or watching videos online.

There are loads of tutorials available on the internet. The process of changing valve heads is trouble-free, but the beginners might need more practices.

One or two persons said that the foot pad got broken while pumping. The foot pad is made of plastic, and it’s very robust. They might’ve put a lot of body weight on the footpad while pumping.

So, go easy on the pump to avoid breaking of parts.

How to use Topeak Mountain Morph Bike Pump

Do I need an adapter for the valves of the tire?

No, you don’t need any adapters as the Topeak Mountain Morph has valve heads for both Presta and Schrader valves. So, you don’t need any adapters. You only need to change the valve heads according to the valve type your bike’s tire has.

How do I change the valve heads?

Changing the valve heads is a bit tricky procedure. The head of the pump hose possesses an adapter. To swap the valve heads, firstly, you have to change the inner rubber adapter.

There’s a ring or cap underneath the adapter. You’ve to unscrew that cap, and then, reverse both pieces. After that, screw the cap back in its place securely.

This is how you can change the valve heads to fit any Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves. If you still have any problems to understand the procedure, you can look it up on the website of Topeak. They have videos where they have demonstrated the process more clearly.

Does this pump reach 160 PSI in real?

This one is an mtb bike pump. The manufacturer details say its capacity is up to 160 PSI. However, in reality, you can reach 100 PSI effortlessly.

If you want more air pressure, you’ll need to have a lot of strength to pump up to that.  You should know that, at 100 PSI, your flat bike tire problem won’t be there anymore.

So, this is everything you need to know about the Topeak Mountain Morph Bike Pump. I assure you that you’ll love this pump!


So, this was the review of a bike pump I like using the most. Not only I but also a lot of people use this pump every day. I don’t praise this pump alone, people around the world also does.

So, if you’re thinking about buying an excellent bike pump, you might want to take a chance with the Topeak Mountain Morph!

This bike pump reduces the time of filling flat tires. It certainly has improved my mountain bike adventures. I hope you buy it and fall in love with it too, just like I did.

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